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 My Super Mario Galaxy Review

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PostSubject: My Super Mario Galaxy Review   My Super Mario Galaxy Review Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 2:03 pm

Hey guys, strickingoblivion here with a review of one of my 3 top Wii games, nintendokid133 beat me to the punch on SSBB -.- XD. Anyways, to me and several other people, this game is the greatest game ever created for the Wii. This is the Super Mario 64 meets different mario forms, meets extreme gravity effects! The game focuses around Stars, as does many other Mario's, such as Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64 and more! Anyways, as usual, there are 120 stars to collect, but instead of having secret rooms, you have these special comets which orbits certain galaxies. They may seem to come at random, but they dont.

Anyways, let's move onto the storyline. I forgot to mention that to me, this is a follow up to Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube, for reasons such as the graphics and the Characters. Yes, this game features the return of the Amazing, the Incredible... Bowser Jr. Okay, so they added in one of my least favourite characters, but the game's still incredible. Of course, the game includes Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach and Toad, aswell as Luigi!(WEEGEE!!!) But, this game features the space version of Mushroom Kingdom, a StarShip powered by, who woulda guessed, Stars. The only thing is, to increase the starship's power, you need special stars known as Grand Star's. Each house is home to about 3 or 4 Galaxies and 2 or 3 bonus galaxies. But, after getting a certain amount of stars, the Boss galaxy will appear. Beat the boss, and the Grand Star is yours.

Of course, theres the space mushroom kingdom I said about. Well, theres these things that are called 'Baby Stars', but are better known as Luma. At the start of the game, a pink Luma joins you, allowing you to do a spin move. Now, of course, theres still the Princess, known as Princess Rosalina. Now theres a little bonus with this game. If you have a save file on this game, and you have Mario Kart Wii, then after a while of playing, Rosalina is unlocked. But, we're not talking about that now are we?

So, im going to end the review here. I dont want to ruin the whole plot, if you want to know more then you'll have to get it yourself!



..................So, ill let you in on one thing. Complete the game with all 120 stars, and you'll see that the game has only just begun
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PostSubject: Re: My Super Mario Galaxy Review   My Super Mario Galaxy Review Icon_minitimeThu Oct 01, 2009 5:29 pm

Makes me proud to own Mario Galaxy lol
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My Super Mario Galaxy Review
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