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 Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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PostSubject: Dissidia: Final Fantasy   Dissidia: Final Fantasy Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 4:25 pm

what can I say? this game has everything. Wi-fi, its own soundtrack, awesome characters, awesome missions and some awesome graphics for it being a PSP game (wait what am I saying? its playstation portable so of course its good graphics) a few things I don't like about it is: 1. you have to start out on custom battle (meaning you have to move with the Joystick and use buttons for commands. basically like a fighting game) 2. the characters were kind of hard to control. 3. well while some battles were easy some were down right hard. O.k like the battle with Sephiroth (yes I know he's hard in FF VII) even though it was a 1 * mission he was tough. over all the game is fun the soundtrack was great (yay for Square Enix not forgetting 1 winged angel for it and Sin's theme from 10) the battle styles could use some working on, the graphics were good, characters very vibrant and true to their game but a little hard to control, and voice acting just was awesome. all in all if you wanted my advice on the game if you should pick it up or not. well if your a final fantasy fan but don't like the whole fighter concept then no (or the other way around) but if you like both genres (which I do) then this is a must. my rating for FF Dissidia for PSP 9.5/10
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Dissidia: Final Fantasy
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