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 The Lion and The <Censored> - a OCxHana fic

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The Lion and The <Censored> - a OCxHana fic Empty
PostSubject: The Lion and The <Censored> - a OCxHana fic   The Lion and The <Censored> - a OCxHana fic Icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 3:10 pm

This will be my first adventure into fanfiction - <Censored> is not profanity if used right. I'm using it for another reason, which that being is not profanity. Therefore, I'll be trying to upload some of this fanfiction over the next few to couple months, we'll see what happens. It all comes down to my creativity level and how much I write.

Edit 1: Thanks forum for screwing with my title! Neutral

This will be the directory post - I'll be adding links to chapters to this page:

Introduction and Chapter 1 - Soon to come!
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The Lion and The <Censored> - a OCxHana fic
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