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 A REAL REVIEW of Ocarina of Time 3D

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A REAL REVIEW of Ocarina of Time 3D Empty
PostSubject: A REAL REVIEW of Ocarina of Time 3D   A REAL REVIEW of Ocarina of Time 3D Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 1:57 am

Very funny TFG... very funny.

Trust me, THIS is a real review of Ocarina of Time 3D.


After the embarrassing launch of the 3DS, people were starting to worry about how long the 3DS would last without a truly great game in its line-up. But people had their hopes up for the announced remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was going to be a nearly identical remake with enhanced graphics and some extra replay value tidbits in there. Well, after a month of getting a chance to play the game, I am ready to share my opinions with everyone here at TheGamersBound! So, let's-a-get started!


If you aren't familiar with the story of Ocarina of Time, for one, GET OUT FROM UNDER THE ROCK YOU'VE BEEN LIVING UNDER FOR THE LAST TWO F*CKIN YEARS! You are Link, and you are living in Kokiri Forest and one strange day you are asked to see the Deku Tree. He will tell you a bunch of gibberish about you and how you will be the one to save Hyrule. You soon meet your fairy named Na'vi and you head off to save Hyrule. You eventually meet Zelda who tells you the whole story about Ganondorf and how he is planning to take over Hyrule. After a little bit of the game, you get the ability to travel through time (7 years to be exact) and then the game really starts. You must obtain all 7 medalions and defeat Ganon. And trust me it takes a LONG TIME to do that my friends. Expect at least 20-30 hours of awesome gamplay! The story is nice and fleshed out very well. Pacing is almost spot on and character development of Link is great. But you are not here for a story, YOU'RE HERE TO PLAY A GAME! So, how does it fair?


Ocarina of Time is a LONG GAME. If you are a newbie to Ocarina of Time (like me), and you are NOT planning to look at a walkthrough every five seconds, you will take a while. OoT is a game that really tests your exploration and memory skills. There will be MANY points where you don't know what to do and you'll be stuck. The only way to figure out what to do is keep trying... or look up a walkthrough, but that doesn't count. If you've played OoT and you've mastered it, the main game won't take as long. If you've got a good idea at what to do, you'll zoom through since you know what to do. The game for most people is 20 hours main game, 30 hours for a 100% run. But, Nintendo added MASTERQUEST, another version of the main game that is mirrored and is far more challenging. That is said to be MUCH longer than the main game averaging in at another 30-40 hours. Finally, Nintendo added a boss rush mode which may take you a few more hours. Overall, OoT 3D is averaging to almost 80-90 hour game. If that isn't replay value, I don't know what is...


As I mentioned previously, the game is VERY open-ended. What I mean is that there are many times where you'll probably go, "What the hell do I do now?". But, if you have the exploration skills, you will do fine. The game starts off a bit easy. You start off as Young Link and the game kind of guides you through the first three spiritual stones. I guess I should explain, you (obviously) start off as Young Link and too go forward in time you must collect the three spiritual stones to access the power of The Temple of Time. The game guides you through this and it is a bit easy. Once you get past that however, the game becomes more challenging. It starts to be a lot more challenging as it becomes more about exploring. After you get the stones, you travel 7 years in the future. The world is now in ruins thanks to Ganondorf taking over. Now, you must collect the seven medalions by traveling to the various temples. I don't wanna spoil anything for those newbies out there, but you gotta destroy Ganondorf. A DOY!

Throughout the game you use various items to make your way around the vast land of Hyrule. You of course have a sword and a shield which comes in handy throughout most of the game. You will also use items such as Bombs, The Slingshot/Bow and Arrow, The Hookshot, Deku Nuts, and many items you'll gain throughout the game's dungeons and temples like the Megaton Hammer, the Boomerang, and even an upgrade on the Hookshot; the Longshot. You will encounter many enemies to destroy and dungeons and temples to go through. You will fight bosses, meet many new characters, and explore vast areas of Hyrule. The game has many different things to do. There are many sidequests as well that you can do for extra health and the ability to hold more items. I'm not gonna tell you EVERY thing about that game, but I will say it is very in-depth.

The gameplay is FANTASTIC. If there is three words I can use to describe it, I would say UNCHANGED BUT EPIC! Y'know what they say, if it's not broken, don't you DARE fix it. Nintendo knew this, and they pretty much left the game unchanged. The game's only major change is the amazing graphics. The gameplay is so fun and so addictive that I have never been so into a DS game EVER. There's so many items to use and so many challenges you have to face. You really feel accomplished when you beat a temple and you earn that medalion. Nintendo has mastered this game up to nearly every measure, and the gameplay is the biggest and best part of the game as a whole.


Transferring a console game to a handheld game sounds very challenging, but Nintendo has done it so well and it's so simple and seamless, it blows my mind. The game makes GREAT use of the two screens with top screen being the game and the bottom screen being the inventory menu. This allows you to being items up with the press of a button. It only takes two seconds to switch items and I LOVE IT! It is so simple and it really helps me considering this was my first time playing OoT fully. The game uses the analog stick very well and it is very responsive. The button usage is well done making for some smooth gameplay overall. B is used for the sword, X and Y are item controlling buttons, R is for putting up your shield, and L is for the targeting sytem which I'll get to soon. START allows you to save WHENEVER (YES!) and of course the A button is for that nice roll to speed up movement.

The biggest control change for this game is the L Targeting system and the gyroscope system. The L Targeting system allows you to (while holding down the L button) lock on to your opponent/target and automatically have you shoot arrows or swing your sword at that enemy/target. The system is well done adding in side-stepping and back-flips to make it more fun. This makes it very easy to make your way through enemy filled rooms. Then, there's the gyroscope mode. When you take out an item like the Hookshot or the Bow, the gyroscope will allow you to move the 3DS left and right to aim said item. This can also be controlled by the analog stick, but you will like the gyro-mode. It isn't perfect however. It will be hard to aim when you are driving in a car or moving contantly because the gyroscope will get messed up. But, overall, it is a very nitpicky flaw and I am willing to get over it.


I said the one thing that was changed about the game were the graphics... and it shows my friends. Every inch of this game is pure beauty. The game looks incredibly crisp! The models look so real and the bosses in the game are so well textured. Backgrounds look beautiful anf detailed, and overall effects are just plain spectacular. Enough said!

The audio is just as great! The tunes do show age with them having the same sound as on the N64 version. But, that's what makes this game so nostalgic and memorable. You will easily get many tunes stuck in your head like Zelda's Lullaby, the Hyrule Field theme, and even Gerudo Valley. OoT's soundtrack isn't perfect, and none of the tunes are changed which is a bit dissapointing, but I still loved listening to those good ol' Zelda tunes well all love.

I'm sure many of you are also wondering, "Is the 3D any good?". Well, YES! HELL YES! This is easily the best use of the 3D technology in any 3DS game. I was willing to play through the game for a straight hour and a half with the 3D on and I didn't feel like I was gonna throw up! SCORE! The 3D is so natural and really helps the game look more real. You're gonna want to have the effects on rather than off!


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is the best port of a classic game I have ever played. The game does so well at bringing a classic game to a handheld... and for those of you who don't know... THAT IS NOT EASY! This is why Nintendo is god. They are able to take a game that is over a decade old and make it feel so fresh and new it isn't even funny. You will be hooked. The game should come with a warning label:


Whether you are a Zelda aficionado, or you are just hearing about Ocarina of Time, this is the PERFECT time to get started on Ocarina of Time. The gameplay is so fun and addictive, the controls are smooth and easy to grasp, the graphics are beautiful, and the game has tons of hours in it. The only flaws I can find are nitpicky flaws. GO GET THIS GAME! Need a good 3DS game? Buy this! This is the best 3DS game up to date and I doubt that will change for a LONG while...



Well, thanks for reading this review. If you wanna see more of me, you can check out my Youtube channel where I do Let's Plays!


Thanks for reading, leave a reply if you wanna, and subscribe to my YT page if you wanna do that too maybe... Megaman

Hey Everybody, This is Larry from Flapperdoodle! king
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A REAL REVIEW of Ocarina of Time 3D
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