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 Hey Everybody, this is Larry from Flapperdoodle!

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PostSubject: Hey Everybody, this is Larry from Flapperdoodle!   Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:23 pm

*That is my catch phrase*

Yep, I'm a Let's Player! I usually try to put up 1-2 episodes of my LP a week. I usually let's play games made by Nintendo. I switch from Wii, to GC, to VC, to WiiWare. If ya like the vids, leave a comment and subscribe! I would love it! I also usually approve ALL friend requests. I have let's played games such as Punch Out (Wii), Kirby's Adventure, Mario Party 8, BOTH Mario and Sonic Olympic Games titles, and more! Go on over to:


and go subscribe! sunny
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Hey Everybody, this is Larry from Flapperdoodle!
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