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 Final Fantasy 2: The Seven Servers of Chaos

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Final Fantasy 2: The Seven Servers of Chaos

Scene One: The Blue Blur and the Samurai

(Scene opens in a Small saloon with Spike and Jet sitting at a table a beer infront of jet and spike with a bottle of scotch and a glass Spike pours himself a glass and throws it back as Jet swigs his beer Coco sitting on the table jet sighs and looks at spike with a worried look on his face)

Jet:: Come on Spike, its not your fault Presha died....

Spike: I threw her out the Fucking window Jet, How the HELL does that not count as me not killing her....lost 5 million woolongs cause of me.....(throws back another shot of whiskey)

Jet: Takin it awefully hard for just killing a bounty arent ya Spike?

Spike: (sits up and glares at jet as coco jumps down off the table) Just What the HELL are you getting at Old Man?

Jet:(camera focuses on jets face) I'm thinking you may have had feelings for Presha Divione... (the barrel of a gun is seen aimed at jets head as he opens his eyes)

Spike: Shut The HELL up Old Man! There was Nothin between ME and PRESHA got that?!?!

Jet: (raises his hand in the air) OK OK! I take it back just don't point that thing at me!

Spike: (he aims it away from jet) Don't worry Jet the safety's on....(he pulls the trigger and it goes off camera moves to see the bartender fall over dead) Oh <censored>....

(camera flashes to the front of the saloon seeing jet and spike thrown out the cat landing on spike and running, they stand and dust themselves off spike holding the near empty whiskey bottle and his gun)

Jet: Damnit Spike thats the last bar in town! Ya got us kicked out of seven bars, and FOR WHAT? FOR YOU SHOOTIN SOMEONE! Give me the gun Spike!

Spike: <censored> off! (he turns and runs into Vash and falls on his ass vash now holding both the gun and whiskey)

Vash: Hey thanks, I was a bit parched (he throws the gun to Jet and downs the whiskey)

Spike: (stands) Thats MY Whisky Asshole! (Spike pulls back for a punch but his arm is caught by cloud who is spun aroundand wobbles a bit)

Cloud: Save the fighting for Vicious and Shadow Spike.......

Kenshin: ( and sonic walk up behind cloud) I see I'm in the right place that I am....

Sonic: Good to see things havent changed much...

Spike: Who the <censored> is this Pussy?

Kenshin: Your drunk......

Spike: And I can still kick you ass! (pulls back for a punch, turns and runs to a garbage can and vomits)

Cloud: Beautiful....everyone...this is Kenshin Himura. He is the newest member to our team...

Jet: I see...

Edward: (he and Link walk up) Him? he looks like a fruit cake....

Sonic: And your a Shrimp...

Cloud: Would you rather have Richard Simmons?

(everyone raises thier hands and shakes thier head)

Vash: Lets go in for a drink shall we?

Cloud: Yes, we can discuss the details inside....

Spike: (walks up) One problem, We got thrown out....

Kenshin: Done vomiting are you?

Spike: Shut up <censored> Face!

Cloud: Why?

Jet: Spike killed the bartender.....

Vash: Well maybe they forgot by now....

(they all walk inside following Vash)

Man 1: You aren't supposed to be in here! (he throws a punch, Vash catches his fist twists it and slams the guy on the bar face first arm behind the back)

Vash: Now you don't mind if me and my friends have a drink do you?

Man 2: Lets Get These Bastards!

Cloud: Guess they do!

(cloud grabs one guy and throws him at link who close lines him sending him to the floor, spike takes down one guy only to have five more jump him sonic appears slaming guys all around camera flashes to outside the saloon as guns go off then flashes back inside with our heros all siting at the table, bodies all over, but a bartender)

Spike: So what is this all about?

Cloud: As You may remember with our last encounter with Sephiroth and the other Weapons of destruction holders, Shadow appeared out of nowhere and in his hand was a gem....

Jet: A Chaos Emerald....

Cloud: Precisely. I did a bit of research on these and learned that when all Seven Servers of Chaos come together....

Sonic: They unlock unspeakable power....

Spike: Let cloud tell the damn story!

Cloud: (throws a paper down on the table with an emerald on it) With only one, shadow eluded us easily and with all seven...

Vash: There's no telling what he could do....

Link: So where do we find them?

Cloud: (tosses another paper down) At the History Museum in Station Square, Nevada.

Kenshin: With it in a museum it will be heavely guarded that it will....

Spike: you really need to stop that ken...

Kenshin: Kenshin...you would not like just being called Spic...that you would not....

Spike: Shut up already!

Kenshin: I appologise if my type of speaking anoys you that i do...

Spike: If you say that i do one more fuckin time I'm gonna....

Jet: Can it Spike! So Cloud how do we get the emerald?

Sonic: I can do that.

Spike: And just Why the hell are you so special?

Sonic: I know how we can get the emerald, all we need is a diversion...

Jet: Sonic? im just currious...why did they name you that?

Sonic: ( Dissappears and reappears beside cloud holding spikes wallet) Cause I'm Super fast!

Spike: You SON OF A <Censored>!

Cloud: Alright we just need to get to station square....

Sonic: One step ahead of you.... CHAOS CONTROL!

(the group disappears and the bartender looks around and yells)


Scene Two: The "Good" Doctor

(Scene opens on a roof top or parking garage overlooking vegas or "Station Square" with Shadow sttanding near the edge him muttering to himself)

Shadow: (pulls out the chaos emerald) Who am I? And how can I control this power?

(scene flashes to a flash back of shadow and maria running through the halls of a complex soldiers on thier tails they reach a dead end and a shot rings out maria falls over dead shadow is heard shouting "MARIA!" scene goes back to shadow)

Shadow: Maria..... why does this name haunt me?

Sephiroth: (walks up) Shadow...we need to talk.....

Shadow: (turns) Yea? what about?

Sephiroth: Your gem you carry.....it holds such power, what is it?

Shadow: (pulls out the emerald) It is called the Chaos Emerald, you see..... years ago there was a great war that devestated the land....many fell to the power of the emeralds till one fatefull day the God of Destruction, Chaos emerged from the master emerald and wiped out those who desired for the ill will of others by use of the emeralds..... legend has it that a little girl was able to control the god chaos and subdued him back into the master emerald.

Sephiroth: Amazing, that a few gems can hold such power..... How can we locate the other six?

Shadow: Robotnik....

Sephiroth: Who?

Shadow: Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He may have something to locate the other emeralds....

Sephiroth: lets go.


( They disappear and the scene flashes to black then back in on a small house witth the eggman symbol on the door)

Sephiroth: He lives in this dump?

Shadow: So this is were Eggman has hid himself....(rings the doorbell)

Eggman: (Voice on a loudspeaker) Damn soliciters.... GO THE <censored> AWAY!

Shadow: Doctor its me Shadow.

Eggman: Shadow! My its been years! Come in come in!

(they enter the house and the door closes flashing to the next scene)

Scene Three: The Ex-General and the Guardian

(Scene Opens on a small grass clearing spike falling down and landing on his face he stands and dusts himself off)

Spike: GOD DAMNIT YOU BLUE HAIRED <censored>! (looks around) what the.....where the hell am I?

(he walks through the clearing and sees a red headed 16 year old wearing a red GI and white gloves he looks up and stands as spike approaches)

Spike: Hey man do you know where....

Knuckles: LEAVE NOW!

Spike: Hey man I just need to know...

Knuckles (lunges and slams his fist into spikes face sending him back to the ground) Now leave or else!


(they lunge at each other and mach each other blow for blow)

Knuckles: Get Off My Island (slams spike in the gut then follows with an uppercut sending spike to the ground who rolls back and gets to his feet and throws a barage of fists sending him to the ground and pulling his gun aiming at knuckles head)

Spike: How do I get to station square!?!?!

Bubsy: (puts his gun to spikes temple) Two ways, on foot or in a bodybag....

Spike: Oh <censored>....

Bubsy: Drop the Fuckin gun and back away

Spike: (tosses his gun and goes to put his hands behind his head but disarms him and tosses the gun aside slaming his fist into the side of his face knuckles getting up and lunging at spike)


Spike: (hip tosses knuckles to the ground bubsy slaming spike and sending him to the ground, bubsy aiming the guns at spike as he stands) Look I need to get to station square to meet sonic...

Both: Sonic?

Spike: Yeah we are colecting the chaos emeralds so that shadow and sephiroth cant use them....

Knuckles: I have three of the emeralds here on my island....(he turns and sees 5 figures runnning away from the altar) oh <censored>!

(they begin to follow but Shadow Sephiroth and Vicious step from the trees)

Spike: Aw Hell (reaches for his gun but remembers it was thrown aside)

Shadow: Thanks for the emeralds knuckles


Sephiroth: See you later spike.

Vicious: I'll say hi to Presha for you!

Spike: WHAT?!?!?!


(the three disappear bubsy and knuckles look at spike)

Knuckles: How do you know shadow?

Bubsy: and how can we help?

Spike: Take me to Station Square and I'll explain everything.

(Scene flashes to the next one)

Scene Four: Plotting a Hiest

(scene opens in labratory everyone standing there save for spike)

Jet:: Whoa thats a headrush huh spike?....(looks around) Spike?

Sonic: Damn he let go.

Cloud: we can search for him later we need to focus on the chaos emerald first.

Tails: (a blond haired 15 year old boy walks up wearing a lab coat) Sonic, Who are your new friends?

Sonic: This is Cloud and his friends, they are trying to stop shadow from collecting the chaos emeralds...

Kenshin: Very impressive that this is...

Tails: Thanks I built it all myself...

Edward: you built all this? yeah fucking right.

Tails: Oh you dont believe me? ( he pulls out a small hand held radar) This will help you locate the other 6 Chaos Emeralds by catching on thier energy signitures that is nearly unreplicateable. you see by calibrating the radar by point 578 on the mechanic gigahertz.....

Edward: in english einstien.....

Tails: Emeralds power is located by this device.....

Vash: Wow... you are brilliant for such a young man...

Jet: Yea, so are you the one who created a replica of the museum's Emerald?

Tails: (pulls out the replica) Right here.

Kenshin: this will be easy that it will.

Link: Lets Storm that son of a <Censored> and take the fucking emerald!

Jet: (Tails tilts his head and jet sighs) He wasn't able to swear much in his world......

Tails: Oh.... Well lets move out and get us a chaos emerald!

(scene fades to black)

Scene Five: Agent Smith

(scene opens on a few machines then moves to a door as Eggman Sephiroth and Shadow walk in)

Eggman: Gentlemen, I would like to introduce my latest and greatest creation.... I call him Agent Smith!

Shadow: From the matrix?

Eggman: Much better than him, you see he has been programed with every weapon and martial art usage know to man. AGENT SMITH!

Smith: (walks in from an oposite door) Yes Sir?

Eggman: A demonstration..... Shadow, defeat him if you can. Smith, i want you to NOT kill shadow. but beat him down....

Shadow: (smiles) You just lost your greatst creation Doc. I'll reduce him to scrap metal!CHAOS CONTROL!

Smith: (looks around as shadow disappears and throws a right hook to his left and shadow appears slumped against the wall) Not fast enough Shadow...

Shadow: (stands) You son of a <Censored>! (pulls a gun and fires smith appearing behind him and throws him across the floor)

Smith: (smiles) scrap metal?

Shadow: (stands and lunges throwing puch after punch before getting punched and sliding across the floor) ow....bastard....

Eggman: Enough Smith (smith stands at parade rest) So shadow what do you think?

Sephiroth: Magnificent.... Cloud and his lackys will never see him coming...

Eggman: then its settled. I will help Acuire the emeralds we start tonight!

(camera flashes to the musem sign)

Scene Six: The Hiest Gets Foiled...

(Scene opens on The roof of the musem or parking garage with Cloud, Kenshin, Sonic, Vash looking over floorplans)

Cloud: Okay this is it guys the second emerald, we only have to slip in and make the switch...

Sonic: I can get us in...

Vash: Ken and I can take out the guards....

Kenshin: its Kenshin...

Vash: sorry....

Cloud: And I will switch out the Emerald....

Sonic: Lets go.. CHAOS CONTROL!

(scene fades to white then back in on them inside the building vash and kenshin check two fallen guards and see the emerald is gone)

Cloud: Its gone!

Vash: these guards are dead....

Kenshin: This one too....

Sonic: What the hell happened?

Shadow: (sephiroth and he walk out of the shadows) Seems like they got it already...

Sonic: Shadow? What the hell did you do?

Sephiroth: We did nothing, now hand us the emerald!

Cloud: We dont have it....

Shadow: Then who does?

Sonic: (glares) Shadow hand it over!

Shadow: Foolish as ever sonic.... I dont have it. SMITH! Get the emerald!

Smith: (appears behind sonic and slams him into the floor) With pleasure...

Cloud: (draws his sword) Sonic!

Vash: (and kenshin draw thier weapons as smith appeards infront of cloud and with a few blows knocks him to the floor as well, vash fires at him and smith dodges easily) What the hell!!!

(Kenshin lunges and swings his sword and smith dodges easily slaming his fist into kenshins gut droping him looking to vash)

Smith: Seems like this is the end for you Mr. Stampede...

Spike: (Slams his fist into smith's face sending him back some) Not Today Asshole!

Bubsy: (runs onscreen and both team up on smith sening him back into the wall) Tme to kick some ass and take some names!

Shadow: Damnit... they dont have it.... Smith time to go! (smith walks over to them as spike runs at them) CHAOS CONTROL!

Spike: (they disappear as spike stops before them) DAMNIT!

Sonic: (Stands and looks as the others get to thier feet) <censored>...that guy moves fast....

Presha: (Laughing is heard as she walks from the shadows) hello spike....a little present for you...(she tosses the emerald to his feet) see you soon big boy... (she steps into the shadows blowing a kiss)

Spike: Wait Presha!

Sonic: (grabs the emerald) CHAOS CONRTOL!

(Scene fades to black)

Scene Seven: The Seventh Emerald Is Found!

(scene opens on spike laying on the couch jet sitting opposite him in a chair)

Jet: Spike get over it will you?

Spike: But why would she help us?

Jet: maybe she has feelings for you too?

Spike: what do you mean too?

Jet: well its more than obvious that you (spike aims a gun at him) .....have no feelings for her whatsoever!

Spike: Dont forget it old man!

Edward: (walks in) Spike is so in love with presha...

Spike: (Turns aims his gun at edward as vash walks in) YOU WANNA DIE

Vash: No.. not really.....

Tails: Guys! I got the next emerald on the radar!

Knuckles: (walks in) we better get it...otherwise they will have a major advantage against us...they already have my three i keep on the island.....

Cloud: (walks in) What? you mean they already have four emeralds?

Spike: Yea so now we get this one and they will still have one more than us....

Sonic: Then lets move!

Cloud: This time it will be me sonic spike kenshin...

Spike: oh god not him!

Cloud: and vash.... lets move!

(cloud walks towards the camera it fading to black)

Scene Eight: Presha Switches Sides...

(scene opens on cloud walking away from the camera on the moutains with sonic spike kenshin and vash trailing him doing a lookout as cloud looks at the radar)

Cloud: Keep on your toes the have got to be around here somewhere...

Shadow: Thanks for leading us to the emerald! (he leaps down off a rock and everyone draws thier weapons)

Sonic: Not this time Shadow!

Shadow: You cut me to the quick sonic, but i guess you cant help it...

Spike: Time to die Shadow!

Vicious: (runs at spike sword drawn) And Now YOU WILL DIE!

Kenshin: (turns and blocks his attack) Die he will not!

Eggman: Your right...you all will die! SMITH!

Smith: (fires a shot spike grabing his shoulder and falling over) Enjoying the Pain Mr. Spiegal? the same pain you and the other two have caused me?

Bubsy: (pulls up on a dirt bike) Ya mean me?

(keshin and vicious begin fighting as cloud rushes shadow with sonic,vash firing at smith as bubsy helps spike up)

Smith: is that all you got?

Vash: not one hit him.....

(spike and bubsy step up spike wincing at his shoulder and both raise thier fists as vash turns and goes to help cloud)

Smith: Ah so it is gonna be that way hmm? ( appears punching bubsy aside and matches spike blow for blow)
So you are stong! (grabs spikes wound harshly and drops spike to his knees) how does it feel to know your existance on this earth is nearing its end?

Bubsy: NOT TODAY (slams into him sending him to the ground)

Spike: (Stands up holding his shoulder in great pain) Bubsy im out on this one!

Bubsy: (Nods looking at spike) Good idea Spike, I can handle ole short small and <censored> for brains!

Smith: Ah if it isn't General Babalonia....

Bubsy: I dont go by that name anymore...

Smith: You cant run from you past

Bubsy: Are we gonna talk or fight?

Smith: It will be an Honor to kill you!

(they lung at each other matching each others hits, they stop and stand dusting themselves off)

Smith: You are a more wothy opponent than i thought...

Bubsy: You still talking? I thought we was having a throw down there sparky!


Smith: Another day perhaps.....

(Cloud screams in pain and bubsy looks seeing Sephiroth pulls his sword out of him vash fires at him)

Shadow: (Stops beside Eggman) Lets Go! CHAOS CONTROL!

(they dissapear as vash runs to cloud)

Vash: Cloud! (kneels beside him as the others gather around bubsy kneels beside cloud)

Bubsy: ok lets heal this bastard. (forms a diamond with his hands and places them over clouds wound, a strobe light begins flashing for 30 seconds then stops as bubsy pulls his hands away and stands dusting his hands off) take a couple pain relievers and youll be up and around in no time.

Cloud: (sits up as if he is weak and lifts his shirt to show no wound) H-how did you.....do that...?

(bubsy grins some but stops and looks up at the camera the others following his lead all looking at the camera which flashes over to show presha walking towards them with something in her hand. camera flashes back to the group everyone but spike weapons aimed at her as he walks infront of them)

Spike: Everyone! Don't Shoot! (he walks towards presha and stops as she gets 3 feet from him and stops) Presha... what...

Presha: (Smiles some and tosses the emerald to him, he catches it) Spike im afraid this is the only emerald of theirs i could find they have them hidden all throughout the compound....

Spike: Presha why are you doing this for us?

Presha: (sighs and looks down) Spike... I want to help you all out....

Spike: ( raises an eyebrow) You do? I thought you wanted to rule the world?

Presha: (still looking down) I thought i did...but you were right....hurting so many people...it wont work...i cant do it... blood running is one thing...but killing thousands or more is too much!

Spike: (smiles some) I understand...welcome to the team Presha Divione.

Everyone else: What are you thinking spike!

Spike: (turns to them) She knows the layout of the compound and possibly what they are going to use the chaos emeralds for! if thats the case then i say we take her in as one of us!

Bubsy: Shes been working for the enemy!

Kenshin: she might turn on us that she might!

Vash: She had you chained to the wall almost naked to rape you!

Bubsy and Kenshin: What?!?!

Cloud: I say she's in!

(spike and presha smile as the others look at him then sigh and nod)

Spike: Sonic Get us home.

Sonic: (nods and smiles) Right...CHAOS CONTROL!

(With a flash of light they dissappear and camera fades to black)

Scene Nine: Regrouping

(scene opens on sephiroth vicious eggman and smith sitting at a table as shadow paces infront of them)

Shadow: I cant believe that Blood Sucker got the emerald at the museum, swiped one of our emeralds and then joins Sonic and his bunch!

Eggman: You can NEVER trust a female i always say especialy those in relations to vampires!

Sephiroth: I quite agree. But even with them holding two of our emeralds we stilll have one more then they do.

Vicious: Oh yea right we have just one more than them yet our plan cant be put into effect without the rest of them. but thats ok we have four of them.....at which part of the past now two movies did you forget THAT WE ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE FUCKING WORLD!

Shadow: Vicious! Relax!

Vicious: jesus fucking christ...

Shadow: Needless to say that this can not go unpunished.we need to get back at her and get the three emeralds from them at the same time!

Eggman: I will begin working on a new creation. Something that those pests wont see coming!

Shadow: Excelent. I will continue to try and locate sonic and his friends base.

Sephiroth: Smith and I will begin to better fortify this place.

Vicious: and what about me?

Shadow: you? go drink some tea and relax. your too damn high strung!

Vicious: What the hell do you mean high strung! the enemy now knows where we are and the layout of our base while we have no god damned clue as to where they are!

Shadow: Exactly! we can set up an ambush and take them by force and hold them hostage to get the emeralds! once we have the emeralds we can eliminate them!

Sephiroth: And with Cloud out of the way the rest of them shall fall easily!

Smith: Dont be too sure on that one..

Shadow: Why not?

Smith: they have with them General Babalonia Andrew Bobcat. Records show that he is a military genius when it comes to stratigy. he usually does missions on his own due too unique abilitys which are currently unknown.

Vicious: (sighs) Just what we need....

Eggman: then we shall have to watch out and be prepared for him!

Shadow: Right. Now lets get to work!

(camera fades to black as they stand and leave the room)

Scene Ten: Presha's Plan of Attack

(the team gather around a table and sit downas presha paces infront of a chalk board)

Presha: By now the team back at eggmans base has reallized that I have dissappeared...so i cant go back in there and tell you anything of thier current plans....

Sonic: ok. well what do they want with the seven emeralds?

Presha: (begins drawing on the board) they are creating a machine that will reverse the rotation of the earth at speeds that not even sonic could match...

Cloud: that could tear apart the very fabrics of time itself....

Presha: there by combining every dimension into one. and when that happens everyone and everything will be wiped out of exsistance....

Spike: another big bang only backwards...

Presha: correct. now we need to slip into eggmans base and destroy the machine, and collect the four remaining emeralds...

Jet: Well tell us where they are hidden...

Presha: I wish i could but un fortunately after the first two dissappeared they have been hiding them in different rooms each night. the onlyones who would know would be...

Sonic: Shadow Sephiroth and Eggman...

Presha: Precisely. I suggest a team of no more than five enter at once each heading out to the four emeralds and one to the machine located in the lowest part of eggmans base...

Cloud: Ok now what can you tell me about thier defences?

Presha: Not much... I never saw them activated but be sure Eggman has something up his sleave...

Bubsy: Fine. Me, Spike, Sonic, Knuckles, and Shrimpy here...


Bubsy: will infiltrate Eggmans headquarters and put a hurtin on thier plans.

Cloud: I'm comming with you...

Spike: Like hell you are. your staying here and getting healed up.

Cloud: Bubsy fixed me up im fine to fight!

Bubsy: no your not Cloud. give it a few days to be fully healed. there have been cases where those i healed rejected the healing and died a few days later. we need to keep an eye on you.

Presha: Right guys god speed

Sonic: we dont need his help.

Presha: you dont?

Knuckles: Hell no!

Sonic: We got Sonic Speed! CHAOS CONTROL!

(sonic spike bubsy knuckles and edward dissappears)

Jet: Cocky bastards...

(link stands and leaves silently)

Scene Eleven:The Death of Two Heros....

(scene opens looking at eggmans hideout at night as bubsy sonic spike knuckles and edward hide in the shadows of the building)

Bubsy: alright you three take the back door me and spike will take the front.

Knuckles: Spike? I thought you and me were a team Bubsy...

Bubsy: true but Spike royally kicked your ass. so we will go after smith. you three go for the emeralds and the machine.

Sonic: No sweat Bubsy!

Spike: Move out!

(sonic and the other two head for the back of the building as spike and bubsy sneak to the front door and find it unlocked)

Spike: what the hell....

Bubsy: defenetly a trap....

Spike: After you...

Bubsy: Why thank you Spike.

(both walk in and the door slams shut)

Spike: You called it....

Bubsy: A trap...

Eggman: Welcome you miserable excuses for intelegent biengs!

Spike: Egotistical prick isnt he?

Bubsy: Yea Quite full of himself I'd say....

Eggman: Shut up! Smith! Kill these tresspassers!

Smith: (walks out of the nearest door and grins* with pleasure!

Spike: (gets in a fighting stance) You ready bubsy?

Bubsy: DAMN STRAIGHT! ( both attack simotaniously smith blocking thier moves easily)

Smith: (throws them across the room) I was expecting more of a fight general.

Spike: The hell is he talking about?


(camera flashes to sonic knuckles and ed)

Sonic: (they come up to a three hall way split) Where to now?

Knuckles: We split up, we each go a different way and try and find the emeralds....

Edward: Then lets move ladies...

(camera flashes back to spike and bubsy flying across the room landing hard)

Smith: (dusting his hands off) Hmm seems i expected to much from you Babalonia. now time to finish this...

Link: (kicks in the door and steps in cocking a shotgun) SAY HELLO TO MY LIL FRIEND! (fires a shot sending smith across the room)

Spike: (both he and Bubsy get to thier feet) Nice timing lepricahn

Bubsy: Serriously.... that rat bastard was gonna fillet us....

Eggman: You think youve won dont you?

Bubsy: Well uh....yea

Eggman: Smith! Finish the job!

Smith: (stands up cracking his knuckles) Yes Sir.

Spike: He took a shot to the chest!

Bubsy: And he is still comming!

Link: (Cocks the shotgun) Then lets blow his fuckin head off!

(camera flashes to sonic walking down the hallway)

Sonic: Where the hell is the emeralds?

Shadow: (walks out of the door) So Sonic Ready to Die?

Sonic: You first Shadow! (Lunges at shadow who hits him in the face sending sonic to the ground out cold)

Shadow: Goodnight Sonic....

(scene flashes to knuckles walking down the halway and running into edward)

Knuckles: What the hell? I thought you went down the third hall way!

Edward: I did...

Knuckles: So are we going in circles?

Edward: I guess so...

(fog begins seeping into the room)

Knuckles: Knockout gas!

(both begin coughing and fall to the ground out cold Scene flashing back to Spike, Bubsy, and Link as he fires a shot sending smith back again this time his head is gone)

Eggman: No! I wont have you three defeat me so easily!

Presha: (eggman turns and runs into presha who grabs him) Its time I end this Doctor...(bites into eggmans neck his screams bieng heard throughout the complex his scream stops and she drops his body wiping blood from her lips)

Bubsy: Holy <censored>.....

Spike: Nice timing Presha...(link runs to a corner and begins throwing up)

Presha: Why thank you darling.... Now lets get the emeralds shall we?

Vicious: (he, shadow, and sephiroth stand in the way blocking thier escape) I dont think so traitor!

Shadow: I have some buisness to take care of.....you two can handle things right?

Sephiroth: Of course we can, go handle your buisness....

(shadow dissappears)

Spike: So now what your out numbered.....

Sephiroth: that may be but we have an ace up our sleave....

Vicious: Your three friends have been captured and are in air tight cells id say they have ten mins till they suffocate...

Bubsy: You bastards!

Sephiroth: two of you can race after them and try and find them. one will stay and face us...

Spike: you two go! ill handle these bastards!

Bubsy: but you....

Spike: Look you need strength to open the containers and presha to find them. i cant help you there so ill stay here and fight them! NOW GO!

(the two run off leaving spike standing there with vicious and sephiroth both swords drawn)

Sephiroth: This will be quite entertaining!

Spike: (draws his guns and begins fireing at the two as they circle him dodging bullets) TIME TO DIE!

(camera flashes outside Clouds base and shadow slipps inside cloud lying on the couch and everyone else gone camera flashes to bubsy and presha as they run into the room with the three trapped inside)

Bubsy: <censored> how do we get to them!

Presha: we have to activate the control panel!

(They run over to the panel and begin pressing buttons and the doors unlock and open both of them pulling out the three heros)

Bubsy: Come on guys we need to get outta here!

Sonic stands and walks over to a wall and presses a button the four emeralds emerging from the wall) Now we can jucie! CHAOS CONTROL!

(they dissappear and camera flashes outside of the compound where spikes scream of pain is heard)

Presha: Spike! ( she starts running back but bubsy grabs her)

Bubsy: We cant help him now.....he knew what it ment for the one who stayed behind.....Sonic get us home.....

Sonic: Right....Chaos Control....

(they dissappear and reappear infront of clouds base)

Knuckles: Finnally now we can re....

(the house blows up sending them flying back landing hard bubsy sitting up and staring wide eyed at the burning rubble that had been thier base)

Bubsy: No....... (stands and walks to the rubble seeing clouds sword sticking in the ground) CLOUD!

Scene Twelve: Revenge!

(Scene opens in a small house with bubsy, knuckles, sonic, presha, tails, kenshin, and vash sitting around the table with link and edward sitting on the couch and jet in the recliner)

Bubsy: (everyone sits in silence unsure of what to say with the fall of two great leaders) Damnit...now what do we do...Spike...Cloud....both of them gone....

Sonic: So now whos gonna be the one coming up with the brilliant plans to stop sephiroth and shadow.....

Knuckles: Well obviously it should be me...

Bubsy: The <censored> makes you think you have what it takes to lead this team?

Knuckles: (punches the air a few times) Because im the smartest, best fighter...

Sonic: cockiest dickhead....

Knuckles: ...yea cockiest....hey!

Link: well obviously he aint the sharpest piece of bread in the loaf....

Sonic: (chuckes some as knuckles seems to be getting angrier) So then who should it be?

Kenshin: (sits there sipping his tea) why not let the lady take the helm?

Jet: Let that blood running bounty from hell lead us?

Presha: do you have a problem with that?

Jet: (shakes his head) nope..just letting the ex-enemy lead the team.....not my usual style....

Sonic: (shrugs) Well she knows whats going on more than the rest of us....

Knuckles: Your all gona take orders from the girl?!?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU!?!?!?!

Presha: (grabs his shirt and pulls him close) THou art cruchy and taste good with ketchup, now shut thy mouth or thy tounge will be mine!

Knuckles: (his eyes go wide) y-y-yes m-ma'am....

Ed: (blinks as he watches this) wow so we now have a butch <Censored> as our leader.....the world must be coming to an end...

Presha: (turns facing ed and pulling her whip from her hip) You had something to say little boy?

Ed: (turns facing her which is looking away from the camera her showing her fangs, he looks at the camera again scared to death) No ma'am...

Kenshin: (camera shifts so all of the cast are on the screen kenshin leaning against the wall) So might I inquire as to what our next move is then?

Presha: (sighs) right now they think that we are vulnerable because..of our casualtys...

Knuckles: We lost our leader and the one with the best determination of us all...how can you just call that casualtys?

Bubsy: Look this is war! Right now their guard is down due to the fact that we lost Spike and Cloud. We must attack while they aren't expecting it!

Presha: So any suggestions?

Bubsy: (Camera focus' on Bubsy's face with him having a sinister look on his face) We attack tonight!

(fade to next scene)

( Scene Thirteen: True power of Chaos )

( Scene opens as Sonic, Knuckles, and Bubsy walk up to the door of sephiroths base )

Sonic: Ok we're here now what Bubsy?

Bubsy: (smiles) Now we knock... (kicks the door open and walks in)

Knuckles: Thats one hell of a knock...( he and sonic follow him inside camera changing to show them entering from inside the building. shadow stands there)

Shadow: So you managed to collect the emeralds did you? well i must thank you for bringing them to me Sonic.

Sonic: (smirks) Bring them to you? heh as if! We are here to collect the last emerald and then to wipe you all from the face of the earth!

Eggman: (walks out of a room chuckling) Oh HO HO HO you really think it will be so easy?

Sephiroth: (emerges from the shadows) On the contrary you see with out cloud or spike you are hopeless!

Eggman* which to liven things up i show you my greatest work! ( A ninja lands before them and looks up at them fiercely) Sonic Bubsy and Knuckles, meet your new playmate. Kietso! Kill them and bring me those Chaos Emeralds!

(Sonic dodges to the right only to be slammed into by shadow sending him back on his ass as knuckles heads left dodgeing sephiroths blade and bubsy smiles as the ninja gets into a fighting stance drawing a katana)

Bubsy: Playtime....( he runs at the ninja who slashes at bubsy who catches the blade but the ninja jump kicks him in the cheast sending him back) Damn...ok..your...( the ninja jump kicks him before he can finish sending him back on his back mean while shadow and sonic exchange blows at an incredible rate as knuckles dodges and blocks sephiroths sword)

Eggman: (smiles wide) Ho ho ho this is more fun than i could have hoped for!

Sonic: (he and shadow stop and pant for a momment) is...that all...you got?

Vicious: (walks out from the shadows) hmm now isnt this nice you three are outnumbered! ( knuckles dodges sephiroths sword again and the three heros find themselves side by side with each other against a wall sephiroth vicious the ninja and shadow surounding them)

Sonic: <censored>....What now!?

Eggman: ( he draws a gun and aims it at sonic) This is where you die sonic! its been a bang!

Presha: ( grabs eggman and spins him to face her) Pittiful.....(She bites his neck sucking the blood from him as it pours down his neck his final scream causes everyone to turn thier attention to her) Such puns turn my stomic...

The three heros: Presha!

Presha: guess who i found on my way here? ( she sidesteps and cloud walks into view his sword drawn)

Sephiroth: no.....Shadow i thought you took care of him!

Shadow: (Glares at sephiroth) And i did as i said i would! Cloud how are you feeling?

Cloud: Good and Ready.

Sonic: Wait! if cloud is alive and shadow and him are friends.....Shadow is on our side???

Shadow: (looks at him) Dont act so surprised sonic. think i wouldnt be on the same side that presha was on? get real!

(Sephiroth and cloud lung at each other clashing swords ad the ninja begins fighting bubsy as sonic and shadow shake hand and look at everyone else as knuckles takes on vicious)

Sonic: Shadow lets show these fools the true power of the chaos emeralds!

Shadow: (looks at sonic) Right! ( he pulls out the one he had and three of the ones sonic had and both close thier eyes as a large wind blows through the room everyone stops and looks at the two as thier hair turns to gold)

Sephiroth: All that happened is thier hair changed colors! We have been tracking down these things for a new hairstyle!!!!

Sonic and Shadow: (they open thier eyes and smirk) Chaos Control!!! (they both disappear and reappear before sephiroth both slaming into him sending him straight back into a wal shadow and sonic look at each other and knock knuckles together befor disappearing and reappearing one behind vicious and the other behind the ninja, they grab thier opponent and throw them at the other slaming the two together befor both the heros appear before the two and kick them into the wall. the two reappear in the middle of the room smiling as thie hair changes back to thier normal collors)

( presha knuckles cloud and bubsy look around at the three)

Cloud: So thats all it took to defeat them.....

Sonic: walks up to knuckles handing him the chaos emeralds) ok knuckle head i dont want to be having to save your ass again. so keep these things safe. (sonic gives him a thumbs up as shadow walks up grabbing one)

Shadow: i think ill hold on to one. it may come in handy...

Knuckles: For what? you planning on teaming up with them again? ( he points to the three against the walls)

Shadow: Not a chance in hell. sides with spike gone you all are pathetic. so i am gonna have to pick up the slack.(The other heros chuckle as the walk out of the building leaving shadow standing there he looks around one last time and sees sephiroth is gone) Oh <censored>..... Cloud!

( shadow runs outside and cloud stops and looks at him)

Cloud: Shadow what do you... ACK! (a sword is shoved through him from behind. its yanked out and cloud falls over sephiroth standing behind him with the bloody sword in his hand)

Sephiroth: I will not be beaten so easily!

Shadow: he races at sephiroth who dissappears) COWARD!!!!

Sephiroth: ( his voice echos) we will be back!!!

(shadow kneels down attempting to aide cloud as the scene fades to black)

Scene Fourteen: Submission of the World

( the scene opens in a dark room with one light hanging above a square table. sephiroth vicious the ninja and one millitary looking man are sitting down)

Sephiroth: You see General, we are at a bit of a disadvantage.... their numbers far surpass our own. we would like the help of your expertise to even the odds.

General: and whats in it for me?

Vicious: Money...

Ninja: Power....

Ren: (opens the door and walks inside the room slaming it behind her. she is now wearing all black leather two 9mms straped to her hips and sesshomaru's sword on her back) no no no those wont do at all... how about bringing the world to its knees!

Guard: where has she been through this whole movie?

Ren: (stops and draws her gun and without even glancing at the man pulls the trigger and he falls over blood driping from the bullet wound between his eyes) I was learning to do that jackass!

General: And i must say your training has come along quite well Lady Ren.

Sephiroth: Excelent. Then let us prepare for the Submission of the World!

( scene fades to black and credits begin to roll as the song Meaning of Life by Disturbed plays)

yes i know it mentions a third movie but hell i havent finished it yet....
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Final Fantasy 2: The Seven Servers of Chaos
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