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 Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction

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Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction   Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction Icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 1:29 am

This is a collab of different games and more....

Final Fantasy: And the Weapons of Destiny
Written By: Arron "Shadow T. Hedgehog" W.
Act One: The Six Weapons of Destruction

Good Charicters: Bad Characters:

Cowboy Bebop: Cowboy Bebop:
Spike Spiegal-Main Vicious-Main
Jet-Side Presha Divione-Main
Final Fantasy 7: Final Fantasy 7:
Cloud Strife-Main Sephiroth-Main
Tifa-Side Kagu-Side
Trigun: Trigun:
Vash The Stampede-Main Millions Knives-Main
Nicholas D. WolfWood-Main
Inuyasha: Inuyasha:
Inuyasha-Main Seshomaru-Main
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic-Main Shadow-Main

Scene One: Long Live the New King

(9:30 pm in the presidents office. on the set is a desk a row of windows conecting to a door to the balchony and a staircase going down into the floor, the president sits in his chair shuffling through some paper work leaving two pieces of paper on his desk one is a picture of a remote control and the other has words scribled on it. the phone buzzes and he picks it up)

President: Hello?(short pause) Ah Micheal how are you doing?(short pause) Now i hope you have good news for me?(long pause of 5 or 6 seconds) You have? Exelent! How soon?(short pause) That soon?!! Wonderful news Micheal I see a big raise and a promotion for you Micheal you mark my words! If this Transdimensionl Portal works then i will make you head of Science Research and Development. Yes Inform me as SOON as the project is finished. Good bye Mister head of the science department!
(the president then walks to the window painted of the city of midgar with the camera close up on his face)
President: Finnally Midgar...No the world! No...THE UNIVERSE WILL BE MINE! HAHAHAHA
(the camera pulls back as the president turns to see Sephiroth standing by his desk)
President: (frightened) S-Sephiroth...w-what are y-you doing here?

Sephiroth:(pulls his sword) You see mister President, there has been an unofficial poll and well it seems youve been (slashes him) CUT from the race. I will be your replacement...
(the president falls to the ground blood covering the floor just then the phone buzzed, sephiroth walks over and sits down setting his sword on the desk)
Sephiroth: This is the President speaking...(pause) well the former president couldnt cut it so i did it for him and he left me in permanent charge...any objections? if so you can come see me personally....(looks at the papers on the desk) Really...from AVALANCHE? Well well i do believe we should see this new invention....ok have it ready within ten minutes....good bye.
(camera moves to the stair case as Kagu walks up and over to sephiroth)

Kagu: So Sephiroth whats on the agenda?

Sephiroth: It seems my dear brother Cloud and his ridiculous band Avalanche have stumbled on the plans of a trans dimensional portal and as luck would have it MY new company has atteaned these documents and a parchement indicating six weapons of mass destruction that were mean to take over the world.

Kagu: Your company? So your taking over the Shinra corperation as president? (looks at the dead body) well thats the second president you've offed so far...

Sephiroth: yes your right but this time it was more profitable than getting my mother jenova, this time they provided the keys to dominating the universe, and as it would seem I hold one of the six weapons my stealthy companion.

Kagu: Your Masamune? Well Mister President...it seems celibration is in order, wait....do you have your acceptance speach ready? you know you gotta have one if your gonna be...

Sephiroth: Shut up Kagu. Celebration can wait, we need to get the holders of the remaning Five weapons.....then we can celebrate....

(phone rings and sephiroth picks it up)

Sephiroth: Yes? Ah exelent uh....Michael is it?...a raise? it doesnt matter to me micheal, you write the numbers on the check and we will discus it....bring the transdimentional portal personally Michael and we can discuss your promotion....good bye Michael.

Kagu: Your seriously gonna promote this guy?

Sephiroth: I am a man of my word Kagu.

(micheal enters the room a big grin on his face as he hands the remote to sephiroth)

Sephiroth: so you mean this is the portal?

Micheal: Yes sir its our portibal portal as we call it, just point it to a doorway and fire away...otherwise some side effects can happen.

Sephiroth: i see...excelent work Micheal, you may go....

Micheal: um sir you said i would get a promotion....and a raise....

Sephiroth: oh yes how could i forget....but i am sorry to inform you that due to recent budget cuts we must drop some dead weight...

(Sephiroth takes out his massasume and slashes Micheal who goes wide eyed and falls to the floor)

Sephiroth: Kagu plese drop the dead weight off the balchony window...and dont forget the late president Rufus...

Kagu: Of course, Long live the new President Sephiroth...

(Kagu carries the bodies one at a time and tosses them off the balchony)

Sephiroth: Its time to test the new portal Kagu... (points to a cloosed door and presses the button nothing happeing) The Damned thing doesn't even work!

Kagu: (walks over and opens the door a flashing light coming from the room) i think you need to rememer to open the door...sir...

Sephiroth: you insolent twit...i was testing your knowledge to see if you were competent enough to go with me......and your lucky your Incompitent mind was able to answer corectly or i would have slit your throat....

(they both walk through the door and shut it behind them camera fading to black then showing the title FINAL FANTASY: AND THE WEAPONS OF DESTINY)

Scene two:Sesshomaru

(The scene opens in a field with only a barn on it, Sesshomaru and a small girl Ren walk in and stop by the barn)

Ren: Lord Sesshomaru, I have not seen Master Jaken for some time....Where has he gone to?

Sesshomaru: I sent him to check on my younger brother Inuyasha, to see if Naraku has managed to dispose of him yet.

Ren: (steps before sessshomaru) OK Lord Sesshomaru

(the barn door opens Seshomaru looking at it a hand is placed on his sword a strob light inside the barn Kagu and Sephiroth step out closing the door then dusting thier sholders off)

Sesshomaru: Ren get behind me...

Kagu: (points to Seshomaru) Thats him Sephiroth, he has the second weapon of destruction....

Sesshomaru: What is the meaning of this? (pulls out his sword)

Sephiroth: Easy now my eager friend, we dont wish to fight you

Sesshomaru: Then what do you want from me?

Sephiroth: You see Sesshomaru, you hold in your hand one of the six keys to dominating the universe.

Sesshomaru: Interesting, tell me more

Sephiroth: when the wielders of the six weapons of destruction come together as phofisized by the ancents of my world, the wielders will have the power to rule the universe and noone can stop us...

Sesshomaru: I see, well that sounds most intreging. but i have two conditions, Ren here will acompany me,

Ren: Are you sure Lord Sesshomaru?

Sephiroth: As you wish, but protecting her will be your responsibility. And the second?

Sesshomaru: As it should be. And should we encounter that pathetic Inuyasha then I will be the only one to dispose of him.

Kagu: yea whatever, kill the inuyasha bloke, now we should get going we still have four more weapons to find.

(Kagu points the remote to the barn and presses the button as Sephiroth opens the door the light going again they all step thru and the door closes, camera fades to black)

Scene Three: Presha Divione and the Whips of a Vampire Princess and Vicious and the Sword of the Crow

(camera snaps open on a puddle as Preshas feet run thru then Spike, then jet camera then looks up showing all three run into the building)

Presha: I'm almost in position Vicious (Camera flashes over to a dark sillouette)

Vicious: Excelent Presha right on schedual (shows Presha run up a flight of stairs then Spike runs up fires a shot or two then continues Jet laging behind)

Jet: I'm Getting too old for this!

(Presha is seen run into a room Spike runs into the hall and fires two shots then Jet runs in)

Jet: Damnit Spike, we need her alive if we're gonna collect the Five Hundred Million Wolong bounty on her head!

Spike: Shut up and go that way and try to cut her off old man! (runs into the room that Presha entered)

(Jet goes into the side room and sees a dead end with a cat siting at the floor)

Jet: What in the hell? (tilts his head) What the hell is a cat doin in this abandoned building....

(the cat yeowls and leaps on jets face as a dog runs out from the hall and bites Jets nuts which he lets out a yell. the camera then jumps to Presha and Spike both pointing a gun at each other)

Spike: Well now it looks like I finnally caught the woman with the Five Hundred Million dollar bounty on her head.

(Presha drops her gun and the twin whips on the ground and steps forward her hands raised)

Presha: Well now Cowboy how do you know that i didnt want you to catch me? hmm?

(Spike raises the gun up higher at her pointing at her head)

Presha: Come now Spike, after all we've been through you cant trust me?

Spike: Not even a chance, now will it be the hard way again Presha or will you come the easy way for once?

(Presha walks up to Spike and puts her hands together as if she were handcuffed batting her eyelashes then uses her right hand grabs his gun and elbows him in the face sending him into the wall and throws the gun aside then pins him to the wall, she hisses then whispers in his ear)

Presha: You KNOW I just love it when you get rough with me Spike. (kisses him deeply his eyes go wide and he pushes her away)

Spike: What the HELL are you doing you crazy <Censored>!

Presha:(picks up one of her whips and turns to him) Aw now you know you enjoyed that Spike.

Spike:(gets into a fighting stance) Not even in your dreams Divione.

(Presha sends her whip at Spike he catches it on his right arm and spins into a round house punch presha using her left arm to block and jabing his ribs with her right. Spike stumbles throwing the whip aside and coming back at her with a left side kick in which she catches his foot, the camera focuses on Spikes face and then pulls out Spike flipng and sending his right foot at her in which both fall, camera then focuses on presha as blood trickles down her lip she jumps up camera then turns to Spike who gets up Presha runs and jump kicks Spike in the cheast he lands and coughs up blood)

Presha: Aww hunny did I hurt you? let Me kiss it and make it all better.

Spike: How about you kiss my ass instead!

(Spike jumps up runs at her and throws a few puches at each other both blocking the shots then Spike trips Presha and pulls a second gun on her.)

Spike: Looks like i win darling!

(camera looks at presha on the ground then at Spike a sickening slashing sound is heard and Spike's eyes go wide and he falls to the floor blood covering his back Vicious standing behind him sheathing the sword, Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, and Kagu step into the light, Vicious turns sword raised)

Vicious: Just who the hell are you all?

Sephiroth: If i am not mistaken and i rarely am, there are more bounty hunters in the facility so i suggest that you follow us if you want to be free, and then i shall unveil all.

Presha: (glances at Spike helplessly then at sephiroth) Fine...this had better be good...

Vicious: Fine lets go.

Sephiroth: (points the remote at the door and presses a button) Oh i asure you that it is a wonderous oppertunity my friend but first we need two more members to complete it...

(every one walks thru the door with the blinking strob light and close the door Jet then runs in the cat and dog heard yeowling and yelping as he closes the door and turns and sees Spike)

Jet: Spike! (runs to him and drops to his knees) Spike! Hang in there spike! (flips him over and Spike looks at him)

Spike: stop shouting old man...ill be ok...

Jet: And wheres Presha?

Spike: She got some help and her and Vicious got away,

Jet: I see, (thwaps spike on the head)


Jet: Thats for letting our retierment escape.

Spike: Jesus Jet you could have at least done what i said and come in on the side!

Jet: Well i was in a raging battle.

Spike: Damn Jet, How many were there for you to take so long?

Jet: Only two of them but they were expertly trained in thier fighting abilitiess.

(Koko comes walking in and Jet screams)

Jet: Get that monster away from me!

Spike: (picks up Koko who purrs as he pets him) expertly trained fighter huh?

Jet: Just shut up Spike! Just shut the hell up!(camera fades to white)

Scene Four: Millions Knives and the Hell's Angel Revolver

(scene opens to a green oasis with knives in a chair sipping orange juice,wearing a white suit and a gun on his right hip. two men walk up towards him one wearing black slacks, dress shoes, a white longsleved shirt, a black dress coat with cross cufflinks and the other wearing black pants with matching boots, and a red trenchcoat, and a pair of orange tinted sun glasses. Knives sits up and turns to them a big warm smile on his face as he waves)

Knives:Why hello dear brother, hello Wolfwood! Its great to see you both!

Wolfwood: Shut up Knives! It's time this world be rid of you once and for all!

Vash: We can't kill him!

Wolfwood: Are you insane man? He's killed hundreds upon thousands of men and you want a monster like him to live!?!?

Vash: What ever happened to THOU SHALL NOT KILL?

Wolfwood: It's been changed to THOU SHALL KILL NONE OTHER THAN KNIVES!

Vash: NO! We cant!

(Knives pulls his revolver and fires a shot at them then everyone dives beind something)

Wolfwood: Can we kill him now?

Vash: I said NO!

(knives hops out fireing and heads into the building the strobe light working as he enters then shuts off, vash and wolfwood enter the building finding he's gone)

Vash: No...Its not posible! He couldnt have....

Wolfwood: You see what happens? He coulda been dead but no you had to do your "thou shall not kill" and we lose our only chance to finish him!

(camera focuses on Wolfood who sends a punch at the lens then camera looks down and lands on the ground looking up faiding to black. camera snaps open at Knives busting into the door of the Shinra office, he turns to everyone and aims his gun)

Knives: What the hell? Where am I?

Sephiroth: Your right on time Mr. Milions Knives. There is no need to aim a weapon here Mr. Knives for we are all partners here.

Knives: What do you mean partners?

Sephiroth: You see, there is a prophecy that tells of six weapons that were scattered among the worlds, and when the owners of the weapons come together is is said that they shall rule the universe. (points to Knives) The Hells Angel Revolver, (points to Vicious) the Sword of the Demonic Crow, (points to Sesshomaru) the Sword of Demon Fangs,(points to Presha) the Whips of the Vampire Princess, (pulls out his sword) the Masamume, And then the last the Twin Blades of the Shadow. When all six join together nothing can stop them!

Knives: You cant be serrious. The universe?

Sephiroth:(pulls a handgun out and shoots Knives who flys back then gets up unharmed) quite serrious Mr. Knives

Vicious: True this seems far fetched but with the Transdimensional Portal, there is no world we cannot rule.

Knives: (looks at Sephiroth) When do we begin?

Sephiroth: First we must gather one last member...

Kagu: Shadow of the Twin Blades...

Sephiroth: Its Twin Blades of the Shadow....Shadow isnt his name you dipshit!

(Sephiroth aims the remote at the door and presses the button making the portal open and they all walk through)

Scene Five: The Twin Blades of the Shadow

(The scene opens in a old abandoned warehouse as the a light flashes bright and Sephiroth and his team are standing there. kagu walks forward some looking around turning back looking at sephiroth)

Kagu: So this is where we find Shadow huh?

Sephiroth: For the last time Kagu his name IS NOT SHADOW!

Kagu: (sighs) Well then how are we..

Sesshomaru: Quiet! Someone is comming!

( the others hide leaving Kagu in the open)

Kagu: I dont know why you guys are....

(a blue spikey haired guy is thrown into Kagu sending him landing hard on the ground and out of the shadows walks a Black spikey haired man carrying a daggger in each handgrining wickedly his teeth glistning in the lightas he walks towards Sonic and Kagu who both stand watching as the one clad in black leather boots jeans tshirt and a trench coat wearing finger cut gloves. sonic draws a sword and attacks shadow taking a few swipes before shadow knocks away the sword and kicks sonic sending him flying turning his attention to Kagu)

Kagu: (eyes go wide with fear) OH <censored>!

Shadow: Attempting to help that poor excuse for a human?


Shadow: (appears behind Kaguwith an evil grin on his face) Then you shall share his fate!

Sephiroth: (steps out from his hiding spot) Wait!

Shadow: ( a sickening sound is heard as Kagu's eyes go wide and blood trickles out of his mouth falling over blood covering his back obviously dead) Opps my hand must have slipped... Butter fingers you know...

Sephiroth: (smiles some) You my friend have the blackest heart i have had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes...

Shadow: (raises a brow a currious look on his face) Your not with sonic are you.....

Sephiroth: ( the others come out of thier hiding spots as sephiroth speaks calmly) Quite right. We have come in search of the one who holds the Twin Blades of the Shadow. And I must say that you have put on quite a show for us!

Presha: Are you NUTS! That psycho just slaughtered your friend Kagu!

Sephiroth: Well if he didnt i would have.

Shadow: What is it that you want mister....

Sephiroth: Please Call me Sephiroth. And you are..?

Shadow: The names Shadow Malbro.

Sephiroth: Well so the twit was right....anyways...Shadow, how would you like to rule the universe?

Shadow: I can do that without your help Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: That may be true but you see...it was prophosised by the ancients of my world that when six wielders of the Weapons of Destruction come together, there is no force that can stop them from owning the world!

Shadow: Interesting....well Sephiroth you now have my attention.....

Sephiroth: There is only one bunch who would try anything to stop us and that is Avalanche!

Vicious: Who are they?

Sephiroth: With the six Weapons of Destruction comes an opposing force, The Six Weapons of Destany. We must Get rid of Cloud and his merry bunch before they have a chance to gather the other weapon holders.

Shadow: (walks towards the camera) Then lets get busy shall we? ( camera focuses on his evil grin as it fades to black)

Scene Six: Avalanche's Duo Desision

(camera fades in on a building with the sigh 7th Heaven then flashes inside the bar with Tifa sitting on the bar, Cloud on the stool next to her, Vincent is behind the bar cleaning a glass with a small girl bouncing around dusting off the bar as Barret paces the floor infront of them)

Barret: Damnit man! We've been sitting here for two days! Sephiroth has the scrolls, And probly built the portal by now! How are we gonna stop him? (Barret throws a chair acroos the room)

Tifa: Barret Stop that! There is Got to be someway to stop him and get the scrolls back!

Vincent: ( looks up at Cloud as he sips his drink then to Tifa) No Tifa I'm afraid that without the destany scroll we cant fight sephiroth even with the Transdimensional portal...

Cloud: (walks over to a picture and reaches behind it pulling back the parchment) Yes we can, we have the destany scroll.

Barret:You mean we waisted two days when we had what we needed? Damnit man!

Tifa: Even with the scroll and the portal how do we locate them?

Vincent: The portal has a finder feature, it can locate the weapons seperate energys.

Cloud: And the scroll gives the dimension they're in. Angel Arm Revolver and the Holy Handguns of the Traveling Priest, on Gunsmoke 3020. Demonic Sword of a Half-Breed, Fuedal Japan, Earth, 1625. 9mm of the Legendary Bounty Hunter, Spike, 3572 Bebop. The Chaos Blade of the Blue Blur, Station Square 2025 And last but certanly not least, The Buster Sword of the Misguided Mercanary, Me. We need to get the rest of these guys together to stand any chance against Sephiroth.

(Vincent hands the controller to Cloud)

Vincent: We cant all go, only you and one other Cloud...we will await your arival with the saviors...

Barret: (Waves his hands in the air) YO MAN TAKE ME!

Cloud: I'll take Tifa....you two need to stay and guard 7th Heaven. We will bring the others back here and use this as our base....

Barret: This has ALWAYS been the base! And i thought we needed to stick together man, I thought we were bro's...

Cloud: Barret we can't leave Tifa here to guard this place....and would you leave these two by themselves?

Barret: Yea Vincent is creepy aint he?

Cloud: Exactly.

Vincent: I heard that you two....

Barret: AIght man, But hurry up, we dont have much time.

(Cloud aims the remote a a door and presses a button Tifa and Cloud walk thru and dissapear door closing behind them)

Barret: Are we sure we can trust Cloud to bring back the weapons? His spikey headed ass normally gets us into trouble...

Vincent: True but he did defeat Sephiroth and his sons once before....

Barret: Then how is Sephiroth alive?

(both look at the camera a blank look on thier face as camera fades to white)

Scene Seven: Gathering the Team, Bebop

(scene snaps open looking at the clear sky then pulls down to Jet and Spike walking down a street in a grassy town)

Spike: I cant believe your making me come with you when im still injured Jet....What on earth are we doing here?

Jet: I didn't make you come with me Spike you chose to tag along, and second, we are saying hello to an old friend to get a part for my arm.

Spike: when are you gonna tell me how you lost your arm and had it repaced with a piece of tin....

Jet: It is'nt tin, it's called Automail, Winry replaced my arm when i lost it working for the I.S.S.P. special forces.

Spike:The Interstellar Space Police?

Jet: The one and the same.

(they turn down an alley and Spike runs into Edward Elric)

Spike: Watch where your going you little shrimp!


Jet: Edward? Edward Elric? My you've grown. Did Winry give you the update chip for my arm?

Edward: (tosses jet the chip) Here Jet, Winry says hello.

Spike: Whoa wait a minute, you mean this shrimpy little loud mouth is your friend?

Edward: I'M NOT A SHRIMP! ( claps is hands together and sets them on the ground pulling up a sword) What do you say now jackass!

Spike:(jumps back) What in the hell?!

Jet: That is enough you two....

(Edward is seen holding a sword then seen pouring sand out of his hand)

Cop:( a cop rounds the corner and sees them pulling his gun) Put your hands up!

Spike: Damn as if <censored> weren't bad enough! (everyone raises thier hands)

Jet: Now Ed!

(Edward claps his hands seting them on the ground three sections of wall put up)

Spike: Run!

(the three run down the alley and turn the corner)

Spike: What the hell was that?

Jet: I forgot to mention that edward here is an acomplished state alchemist, otherwise called the Full Metal Alchemist, and Edward this is Spike Speigal, my partner and fellow bounty hunter on our ship Bebop.

Edward: Wow a bounty hunter? doesnt look like much....its harder to be an alchemist...

Spike: And so what? You want a cookie?

Edward: (taps his two index fingers together looking down) Might be nice...

Cloud: Spike, face me!

( the three turn and see cloud standing there buster sword in hand)

Spike: I see, looking for a fight huh?

Jet: Whoa fella we don't want no trouble.

(Ed creates two swords handing one to Spike)

Both: Speak for yourself Jet!

Jet: Well how do you like that....

(Edward and Spike run at Cloud slashing down at him, Cloud drops to one knee blocking both blades sending them backward, camera flashes to Faye and Ed in a store when her phone rings, she answers on speaker phone)

Jet: Damnit Faye get over to the alley! We got some nut with a sword here and he's trying to kill Edward and Spike!

Faye: Whats the matter Jet? Cant take him down alone?

Jet: Quit cracking jokes and get your ass over here!

Faye: Calm down old man I'm on my way (closes the phone and grabs Ed) Lets Go Ed!

(both run out of the store the cashier yelling)

Cashier: You Gotta Pay For That!

(camera flashes into the alley showing Spike fighting Cloud who knockes down Spike, Edward jumps into the fight as Faye and Ed run in Ed holding Koko and Faye aims a gun at Tifa who is aimed at Spike who is aimed at Cloud who is crossed swords with Edward as Jet aims his gun at Cloud)

Cloud: (glances around) <censored>...

Spike: So mind telling me why you tried to kill us?

Cloud: ( glances at the gun Spike is pointing at him and smiles) So it is true....(camera looks at Spike and he scratches his chin with a confused look on his face then back at Cloud) I needed to see if you were really the legendary bounty hunter Spike of Cowboy Bebop...

Faye: Spike? Legendary? As if, if ANYONES a legend it would be me!

Jet: Only if you mean the Legendary Backstabing Slut!

Faye: Look Asshole I'll let you know I caught about several...

Cloud: Shut up woman noone gives a rats ass about you.

Edward: (laughs and puts and puts a hand on Clouds shoulder) Ha Ha good one man

Cloud: (coldly) Hands off kid.

Edward: Right ( turns the sword to sand both swords gone)

ED: (pulls up a box and stands right in Clouds face holding Koko up to him) Oohh Big man...look I found a pussy!

Cloud: Get that damn cat out of my face....

Jet: So Spike is a legend hmm? Hard to believe with his weak skills he could be anything other than a dead beat bounty hunter....

Spike: Geez Jet I didn't know you cared so much about me. (Spike walks over to Ed and takes the cat) Hey i know you...(carries Koko to Jet) Hey Jet its your old friend

Jet: Get that Hell cat out of my sight Spike!(Koko yeowls)

Tifa: We dont have time to waste Cloud, we still need to get the other four people!

Cloud: (Ed hops off the box and runs off screen) Yea your right Tifa. we should start by...

Ed: (jumps on screen with an axe slaming it into the box) WHEEEE!

Cloud: (falls back on his ass) Jesus Christ!

Faye: (takes the axe) Ed dont go doing that to people! (drags Ed off screen)


Spike: (pets Koko) You were saying...uh...

Cloud: Um...er... right. Sorry, names Cloud Strife, and over there is Tifa Lockheart...

Tifa: (smiles) Nice to meet you all

Spike: Right well i'm Spike Spiegal, (points to Jet) The scardy cat there is Jet (points to Faye and Ed) The slut and the kid are Faye Valentine and Edward, or Ed for short...(points to Edward Elric) And this shrimp here is Edward Elric.

Edward: I'm Not A Shrimp!!!!

Cloud: As i was saying we need to get the four other holders of the destany weapons. We should next go to New Earth, it has two weapons on it, the Angel Arm Revolver and the Holy Handguns of the Traveling Priest and we'll we need to travel in smaller groups so we dont run into..Sephiroth...but we will talk about him later....

Jet: Faye you stay here with Ed and Spike leave that damned cat here!

(camera shows Faye with a bright light on her then shows Edwards face light up then shows Faye as Ed dances onto screen)

Ed: Ed go with Faye Ed go with Faye!

(camera shows Edward as if his heart broken with a black backdrop then shows him by Jet)

Edward: Hey maybe I should stick around with Faye and Ed, you know to keep the women safe while your gone?

Faye: (puts a gun to Edwards head) The only one needing protecting here will be you.

Spike: (walks over to Edward and picks him up in one arm coco in the other) Not a chance your handiest with us.

Edward: Put me down you over grown brainless oaf !

Jet: Spike i said Leave the cat here!

Cloud: (Opens a portal through the doorway) Lets move

Jet: Spike i mean it!

(edward reaches for faye despratly as spike carries him thru the portal)

Jet: SPIKE! I SAID LEAVE THE DAMNED CAT....SPIIIIIKE!!!! (jet follows then tifa and cloud then camera looks up at the sky fading to white)

Scene Eight: The Unexpected Stop

(Camera opens on the clear sky pulling down to a barn where Cloud, Jet, Spike, Edward, Tifa, and Coco walk out looking around)

Spike: So this is Gunsmoke?

Cloud: No.. Damnit I set the wrong location!

Tifa: So if we arent on New Earth where are we?

Cloud: The Transdimensional Portal says this is Hyrule...

Jet: Well then just reset it and we can go...

Cloud: I can't it needs time to recharge.

Tifa: So we're stuck here?

Edward: Sounds like it.

( Hoofprints are heard and everyone turns as Link climbs off the horse )

Link: Who are you guys? Are you the thieves I"ve heard about robbing the people of Hyrule?

Spike: Ok a large leprican is accusing me of robbing him....

Jet: No we are just passing thru.

Link: A likely story (pulls his sword)

Edward: A fight huh? (claps his hands and creates a sword)

Link: A Sorcerer!

Edward: A what?

Cloud: (pulls his buster sword) You are out numbered, I suggest you lay down your weapon!

Link: (looks around) You have a point....(Sheaths his sword) I am Link

Spike: (pulls out the legend of Zelda game) Your Link? I thought you couldn't speak?

Link: No I can talk just fine but those fuckheads at the Censor Office said I cuss like a fucking sailor and so they edited all my lines out of the fucking video games....those fucking ass.....

Spike: Ok we get it now shut the <censored> up before the Censor Bureau decide to cut you from the damn movie, this is after all supposed to be rated pg13 you dick (shows him the script with in big bold letters PG 13)

Link: Well <Censored> slap me and call me Susan...

Edward: (walks up and slaps link) Shut up Susan!

Link: You little <censored>, I oughta slice your fucking neck.... (Link disappears)

Spike: I warned him about the damned Censor Bureau.....

Jet: Should we leave?

Spike: No not yet he'll be back...

Link: (reappears quite shaken and spits out a soap wrapper) So much soap.....

Spike: Told ya so

Jet: (points to the camera) can we get back to the movie now?

(Links nods furiously not saying a word)

Cloud: (Pulls out a script now saying rated R and looks thru it) damnit, lost my place... (Glances at it then puts it away pulling out the portal) It’s finally recharged...

Spike: then let's get the hell outta this censor <censored> hole....

(A flash of light and they are all gone leaving the horse)

Scene Nine: Making a Pit Stop to Heaven

(scene opens in the bar Barret slugging back a beer Vincent pours himself a whiskey as Cloud, Spike, Jet, Tifa, Edward, Link, and Coco walk thru the door)

Barret: Cloud you got them already?

Cloud: No not yet but we needed to stop and drop off the rest of these guys

Spike: (sits next to Barret and looks at Vincent) I'll take a whiskey on the rocks...

Cloud: (sits on the other side of Barret as everyone else takes a seat) The same Vincent...

Barret: So who is the weapon holder?

Spike: (Slams the glass down on the bar, Vincent pouring him another glass) The name is Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop

Barret: (jumps up) This small TWIG is supposed to help us beat Sephiroth? We are royally screwed Cloud do you realize that?

Spike (slams down his glass again) So when do we get going?

Cloud: we need rest... you and I will go in the morning Spike.

Link: Hey That aint fair!

Barret: (pulls out a Legend of Zelda Video game) When the hell could he speak!

Cloud: Long story...

Jet: And what about us?

Spike: I'm sure the cat can keep you company.....

Jet: <censored> off Spike!

Cloud: Let’s get some sleep...we can go in the morning....

(Camera fades to black)

Scene Ten: Gathering the Team: The Humanoid Typhoon and the Traveling Priest

(Scene opens on a red spot pulling out to show its Vash the Stampede wearing headphones music in the background playing Dirty Harry by Gorillaz, he enters the bar and pulls off his headphones music dieing to the crowds low roar, camera moves to Wolfwood with the cross sitting beside him he waves to Vash camera looks back at Vash as he sits the bartender hands them two beers and then walks away camera shows them with cloud next to Vash and spike next to Wolfwood from behind the bar)

Wolfwood: So Vash, how is the Good Lord treating you today?

Vash: It’s been awful Wolfwood, I've been chased out of cities, shot at repeatedly, and chased by bounty hunters. I tell you I haven’t had a moment’s peace...and I've lost about thirty doughnuts because of it....I need a drink...

Wolfwood: Then my friend tonight the beers are on me Vash! (They both slug back their beers and as they set their beers down vash coughs and Wolfwood slaps him hard on the back bumping into spike spilling a drink of a prairie oyster)

Spike: (stands and throws Wolfwood to the floor) you made me spill my prairie oyster....

Vash (stands and looks at spike) Hey it wasn’t his fault!

Cloud: (smashes his beer over Vash's head) Shut up...

Wolfwood: (stands) my good man surely you realize I'm a priest...

Spike: (close lines Wolfwood and looks down at him) nope oh and my name is not Shirley...

Wolfwood: (stands) Good sir you’re going to hell... (Slams him into a table)

Cloud: (catches Wolfwood's hand) You are a traveling priest?

Wolfwood: Yes I am, I'm Nicholas D. Wolfwood and my friend down there is Vash the Stampede

(camera looks down at vash who lays face down)

Spike: (stands) Great you mean I can’t kick his ass now?

Wolfwood: sir you will be sent to hell unless you confess your sins... (picks up a small box and sets it on his head) I call this the traveling confessional, now you may confess your sins.

Cloud: It's a good look for you Spike.

Spike: get this damn thing off me! (pulls off the box) let’s get going to get the other two....

Vash: (stands and looks around) What is going on?

Cloud: We need to get going, we can explain later...

Spike: short version...uh six bad guys face six good guys and the universe hangs in the balance...so we are two short for the battle...

Vash: What's he saying Wolfwood?

Wolfwood: Time to play hero again vash.

Cloud: (opens the portal) let’s go.

(vash walks thru the portal followed by Wolfwood with his giant cross spike walks to the door)

Spike: I still don’t have my prairie oyster

(spike walks thru followed by cloud)

Scene Eleven: Gathering the Team: Inuyasha

(scene opens with Inuyasha lying on a branch in a tree as Sango sits underneath)

Inuyasha: What could be taking Kagome so long, she should have been back by now...

Sango: It's only been one day Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: We need to be searching for the rest of the shicom jewel shards not here wasting time waiting for her to go to school....

Sango: You sure are anxious for Kagome to return aren’t you Inuyasha?

Inuyasha: And what’s that supposed to mean!?!?

Sango: If I didn’t know any better, I would say you LOVE Kagome.


Sango: What? That is Absurd Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: If you say that I love Kagome again I'll tell Miroku that you love him.. (makes kissing faces at her)

Sango: You are such a child Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: Why don't you say that to my face!

Sango: (stands and faces Inuyasha) YOU ARE SUCH A CHILD INUYASHA!

Inuyasha: Yea? Well at least I aint in love with a Lecher!

(Sango storms off carrying her hidakos “boomerang" the camera follows her as she passes Miroku)

Miroku: Hey Sango what’s the hurry?

Sango: Mind your own business monk! (Sango keeps walking, the camera now following Miroku as he walks over and sits under Inuyasha's tree)

Miroku: I wonder what made her so infuriated.

Inuyasha: And why should I give a damn about her!

Miroku: What is the matter Inuyasha? You seem equally irritated.

Inuyasha: It's no business of yours Miroku!

Miroku: (looks over as a few girls pass by the camera) If you will excuse me Inuyasha, I sense a powerful aura around those women....

Inuyasha: Lecher....

Miroku: (the camera follows Miroku as he walks over to the three women) Excuse me ladies if I might look at you three...

Lady 1: (all three turn and look at him and Miroku grabs lady ones hand) Yes kind monk?

Miroku: You three are all so beautiful, I ask if one of you would do me the great honor of bearing me first born a child.

All Three: (all three slap him then say) You sir are a dishonorable man!

Miroku: (walks back to Inuyasha with a big hand print on his face) Shot down by all three at once....

Inuyasha: What do you expect? All three to say yes and fall into your arms? Yea Right!

(A scream is heard and Inuyasha leaps down from the tree and Miroku turns around)

Inuyasha: It came from over there!

(they both run over to where a woman runs from her house past Inuyasha and Miroku and the camera shows Vash, Wolfwood, Cloud, and Spike walk out the door, the camera looks back to Miroku and Inuyasha as Sango runs up with sword in hand)

Spike: So this is Feudal Japan huh?

Vash: It’s green...

Cloud: Yea but lets not waste time...

Inuyasha: (pulls his Tetsiga but it doesn’t change) My tetsiaga! It won’t transform!

Miroku: (holds up his staff) Then use your hands Inuyasha!

Spike: Aint here five minutes and we already got people looking for an ass kicking...

Cloud: (Draws his sword) We don’t mean you any harm!

Inuyasha: TOUGH! (leaps at Spike with his claws as spike sidesteps and punches the back of his head, Miroku slashing his staff at Vash)

Vash: Wait can't we talk this over?!?

Sango: (Runs at cloud and slashes her sword at it as he blocks and retaliates) Be gone outsiders!

Wolfwood: (lights a cigarette and pulls a gun out of his coat) Well so much for it being a peaceful trip....(fires a shot in the air and a few women scream as everyone else stop fighting and look at him) there that’s better....

Inuyasha: What was that? (walks over and looks at it sniffing at the gun)

Wolfwood: That’s my gun....

Cloud: Now that we got your attention I need to find two Weapons of Destiny, one is The Staff of a Perverted Monk, and the other is The Demonic Sword of the Half-Breed.

Vash: (Grabs Miroku staff) Hey my friend you wouldn’t happen to be a monk would you?

Wolfwood: Of course he is, can’t you tell by his attire that he is indeed a man of the cloth?

Vash: Well I don't know about all that but he does look like a monk....

Miroku: (takes his staff back) I'll thank you not to touch that.....and yes I am indeed a monk.

Spike: (Spike walks up to Inuyasha) And just what the hell are you supposed to be?

Sango: He is Inuyasha and he is....

Inuyasha: Shut up Sango! I can speak for myself!

Miroku: You will have to excuse my two companions, though Sango is lovely she does have a temper...

Sango: (Punches the back of his head Miroku falls to the ground) And just what is that supposed to mean?!?!

Vash: Boy he wasn't kidding!

Miroku: (stands with Wolfwood’s help) Thank you mister....?

Wolfwood: The Names Nicholas D. Wolfwood, (points to vash who grabs sangos hands) and thats a dead man....

Vash: You’re so hot! would you go out with me or at least warm my bed for a night? ( Sango glares at him, but blushes some. She shakes her hands free then grabs his right hand spining it behind him pinning him to the floor him screaming)

Wolfwood: The poor basterd on the floor there is Vash the Stampede...( points to Spike who is showing Inuyasha his gun) That guy I just met but his name is Spike...(points at cloud whos leaning on the building) And there is the ringleader Cloud....

Inuyasha: (Takes the gun from spike) I just want to look at it!

Spike: Careful with that!

( Inuyasha fires the gun aimed at his head landing a few feet back)

Sango: Oh no!

Miroku: Inuyasha! (both run over to Inuyasha and he sits up)

Inuyasha: Damnit that hurt!

Spike: Hes alive?

Cloud: ( Steps away from the building ) Amazing.... He must be the Half-breed we need!

Vash: (kneels next to Inuyasha) You must have a really hard head my friend, normally one who has taken a bullet to the head at point blank range dont survive...

Wolfwood: Well it must be the work of our Lord and Savior!

Miroku: True, such a miracle must be the work of the gods

Cloud: (sighs and rolls his eyes) No it isnt, the holders of the Weapons of Destany are unable to have their weapons used on them so no matter what we cant killl each other.

Spike: Whatever, now that we got five weapons, where to now?

Cloud: We need to get the last holder of the weapons, Chaos Blade of the Blue Blur.

Miroku: For what?

Inuyasha: I aint going nowhere. I'm waiting for Kagome to return and then going after the sacred jewel shards.

Cloud: Has anyone gone missing from this time era unexpanably?

Miroku: Now that I think about it sesshomaru disappeared entirely.....with no cause found for his abrupt disappearance...

Sango: Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru hasn't been seen in ages....

Inuyasha: Probly got himself killed... lousy demon he is.

Cloud: Wrong, he held a weapon of destruction. (turns to vash and wolfwood) And you two? Anyone go missing?

Vash: Yea my brother ...

Wolfwood: The guy is a maniac, has killed thousands of men, women, and children. we had been chasing him for a while and when we finnaly caught up to him he runs into a barn and disappears!

Cloud: Then he too held a Weapon of distructuion.....Spike, anyone you know of?

Spike: Yea, I had this woman cornered by the name of Presha Divione, and then Vicious stabed me in the back and hit me over my head....

Inuyasha: you were beat by a girl?

Spike: No, Vicious stabed me in the back! (everyone except cloud, spike, and vash laugh)

Vash: hey cut him some slack there are very stong women out there and it aint imposible to be taken advantage of.

Spike: So you've been beaten by a woman before?

Vash: Nope just encountered my share of strong women. (everyone laughs again)

Cloud: As funny as this may seem I must remind you that now they have all the weapons of destruction!

Spike: Oh <censored> your right... We gotta get back!

Kagome: (runs up with a backpack on) Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: (turns and holds her by her sholders) Kagome, Sesshomaru is alive!

Kagome: What?

Miroku: Sesshomaru left this dimension and teamed up with five others and is going to take over the universe!

Cloud: (opens the portal) Alright lets move out! (Vash and Wolfwood run through)

Kagome: I'm coming too.

Inuyasha: No Kagome this is to dangerous.

Kagome: I'm coming and thats final!

Inuyasha: I said no your not!

Kagome: Sit Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: (falls to the ground face first and she walks past him through the portal) Why'ja have to go and do that?

Spike: And he laughed at me for being beaten by a woman....he just got beat by a 16 year old....

Inuyasha: (gets up rubing his face as he and miroku go through) Damn it all..

Spike: my turn. (walks thru)

Sango: What about me can I come?

Cloud: Preferably not, but you look like you dont take no for an answer....

Sango: your right. (she walks thru)

Cloud: Women...Sheesh....(walks thru and the door shuts. camera focuses on the barn door for a second longer)

Scene Twelve: Gathering the Team: Sonic and the Chaos Blade

(the scene opens with Spike, Vash, Wolfwood, Cloud, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kagome walking out of a closet and closing the door. the camera turns to show them in in the old abandoned warehouse that sonic was last seen fighting shadow the team is standing on a pile of cardboard)

Spike: Ok let me be the first to say....Where the hell are we?

Cloud: (looks at the remote) this is the right place....but the reading must be wrong....it says that the weapon holder is right on top of us...

Sonic: (muffled) Gerroff o me!

Vash: Maybe: we are on top of him?

(they move and Spike and Vash drag sonic out from under the cardboard and help him to his feet)

Spike: Damn you look like <censored>....

Wolfwood: Mind telling us what happened friend?

Sonic: (coughs a bit) Thanks guys....Last thing i remember i was fighting Shadow.....

Spike: When a bright light appears and your thrown clear across the room and knocked out right?

Cloud: How the hell would you know?

Spike: (shrugs) Just a guess....

Sonic: Well you were right... so who are you guys?

Spike: Spike Spiegal of Cowboy Bebop...

Cloud: Cloud Strife of Midgar....

Vash: Vash the Stampede...

Wolfwood: And Nicolas D. Wolfwood of Gunsmoke....

Inuyasha: Inuyasha...

Miroku: And Miroku and with us are...

Sango: Im Sango

Kagome: And I'm Kagome! Pleased to meet you mister...uh....

Sonic: They call me Sonic. and trust me miss, your not pleased yet!

Kagome: um.....(blushes)

Inuyasha: What the hell do you mean with that!

Sonic: calm down fido i am just kidding....

Inuyasha: FIDO! YOU SON OF A <Censored>!

Spike: I think you and me are gonna be good friends Sonic...

Inuyasha: Why I oughta....!

Kagome: Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: WHAT!

Kagome: SIT!

Inuyahsa: (hits the floor) DAMN!

Sonic: Good boy fido..

Spike: Stay.... Good boy!

Vash: ( both sonic and spike are laughing) hey guys give the poor guy a break huh?

Cloud: Enough you two. We need to get back to Seventh Heaven and formulate a plan of attack.

Wolfwood: Yea guys lets get this show on the road!

(cloud presses a button and the group dissappears in a flash of light)

Scene Thirteen: When Heaven and Hell Collide

(camera focus changes from the warehouse to the door of tiffa's bar. the door is broken and lopsided, it looks like it could fall off its hinges at any moment. all walk through the portal and cloud stares in awe at the scene that meets his eyes; tables and chairs are overturned and broken, pictures either lopsided or on the ground, glasses and bottles broken. In the middle of the room is Link bound, gaged, and blindfolded and beaten to a bloody pulp. Cloud looks about the room as spike, vash, kagome, miroku, and sango run over to him, wolfwood surveying the damage around the room, and inuyasha sniffs around smelling the air as sonic walks over and walks outside)

Spike: Girls get the gags, Vash and Miroku get the ropes. (unties his blindfold and the girls get the gag and link shouts)

Link: Dont untie me!

Vash: (he and miroku back away) Why not?

Wolfwood: Because if we touch him this place goes up like the fourth of july.

Cloud: There is enough C4 explosives in here to take out not only this bar but the rest of Sector Seven Slums.

Kagome: Who would do something like this?

Link: It was a man with long white hair, he ordered the others to be taken by the soldiers...

Cloud: Sephiroth....

Link: We tried to fight but they over ran us, we had no chance...

Vash: (in a cold voice) Where were they taken?

Link: The Shinra Presidential office building.

Vash: (puts on his sunglasses) Lets move...

Inuyasha: The air reeks of human blood.

Cloud: Wolfwood, you, miroku, and the two girls check the other houses, get supplies. we leave as soon as you get back. Inuyasha, see if you can find any survivors.

Spike: (the Five head out the door leaving vash, spike, cloud, and link) we need to leave.

Link: I'll be fine, you all go.

Vash: We will be back for you after we get through with this, my friend.

Cloud: Lets move

Vash: I'll go check on the others...

Cloud: Good idea.

( Vash walks out the door camera following him as he moves down an alleyway hearing kagome scream, he runs over and sees them all standing outside a door sango and kagome kneeling beside the door miroku and wolfwood stsnding there saying a prayer. vash walks to the door and the camera pauses and goes inside and looks at the door as vash looks in the door sorrow and shock fill his face at what he sees, camera pauses and goes behind him as he takes a few steps into the house camera goes around him and shows blood and bodies everywhere, and painted on the wall in blood is KNIVES)

Vash: (Shouts loudly) KNIVES!

Wolfwood: Now what Vash?

Vash: ( tears fall down his cheeks as he says) I'm sorry...you all died...and it was my fault he was alive to do this...

Vash: ( stands and runs outside) Watch the girls! (camera follows vash as he goes in two more buildings the both like the first but different styles, one no blood and the other no bodys but a few limbs, he runs into the third building finding it was an armory vash hearing a whimpering and he picks up a box and under it is a little girl she looks up at him fear in her eyes and the camera flashes to the door of tifas bar)

( Spike and Cloud walk outside and Sonic and Inuyasha walk up to them)

Inuyasha: This whole place smells like blood and death....

Cloud: Is anyone alive?

Inuyasha: I smell two people, the leprican and a child...

Cloud: Marline!

Sonic: Who?

Cloud: Inuyasha go and search for her! i dont want to leave her here!

Spike: Cloud, who is Marline?

Cloud: Marline is the daughter of a friend Barret tried to rescue in Corel Village, he asked for him to raise her as if she were his own daughter....Tifa, Barret, and myself had taken her under our wing to give her the best upbringing we could....

Spike: Thats rough man...(glances around) do you smell something?

(the three turn around and the camera looks behind them seeing the door to Seventh Heaven spewing a smog like poison)

Spike: Link!

Cloud: We cant touch him or the c4 will blow!

Spike: Get everyone out of here! (cloud nods and runs off as spike and sonic run in a hankerchief over thier mouth and nose, link slumped over in his chair spike pulls out a knife and cuts the ropes Sonic grabing link and draging him out the door, and down the steps where he lays link down on the ground but link doesnt move or breath)

Vash: (runs up with a vial of liquid) Spike pour this in his mouth!

Spike: what is it?

Vash: Its an antitoxin, it will counteract the poison! (hands him the vial)

Spike: Hope this works! (pours the vial in links mouth)

Link: (coughs and sits up) what...i'm...I'm alive...

Spike: (both he and Sonic pick Link up to his feet) Yea well do that again and I'll kill you myself.

Link: Now i need a weapon....

Vash: Come on, the others are waiting for us by the armory. ( slaps link on the back and then stops pulling off a letter addressed to cloud, camera zooms in on the name then when it zooms out it shows cloud holding it, the girls bandaging Marline, link and Sonic enter the armory, Spike is standing by Cloud with Vash, Wolfwood leaning against the wall lighting up a ciggartte and Inuyasha with miroku talking)

(Cloud opens the Letter and sephiroth's voice is heard as the camera focuses on the letter)

Sephiroth: Congradulations Brother, if your reading this letter then you've either let the poorly dressed elf die therefore canceling out the detonation of the C4, or your craftier than I was led on to belive. No doubt you've learned that I have indeed taken the inhabitants of the Seventh Heaven Bar. Now how you get them back depends on you and your new friends. cooperate and hand over the portal and the six Weapons of Destiny and your friends come back in one piece. Refuse and get them in pieces! But you and I both know that you will come for them yourselves, and because of this every and i do mean every enterance including the roof will be well guarded. It's usless to come Cloud and you do realize this. I cant wait to destroy you. Sephiroth.

Cloud: (camera pulls back and shows cloud crumpling up the letter) Damn him! He is doing this on purpose!

Spike: No <censored>! so what do we do now?

Link: (walks out with Sonic both wearing all black, Link with a black hat and both carrying three rifles straped to thier backs, two hand guns on thier chests and one on each leg, two shotguns in thier hands, a bandoiler of shotgun shells on thier chests, two grenades on thier right shoulders two on thier left and two on thier waists ,and five knives one in each boot one on each leg and one on thier belt, and a samurai sword on Links hip with Sonics Chaos Blade on his hip. Link cocks the shotgun) I say we go in there and let all hell break loose!

Wolfwood: He said there would be guards everywhere! Just how are we gonna get in?

Vash: You hit them everywhere at once. How many entrances are there?

Cloud: Three entrances, the roof, the side stairs, and the front door.

Vash: We have enough people to go in each way with three people. Now we only need to make teams, two weapon holders per door and then one of the other three...

Inuyasha: I'll go with Kagome and Miroku

Vash: Wolfwood and I will take the side entrance with Sango

Cloud: Then that leaves Spike, me and

Spike: The leprican....

Link: Lets get those son's of bitches!

Spike: A trigger happy leprican.....

Sonic: What about me?

Spike: Your our Trump Card. anything happens you bust in.

Sonic: But Im one of the weapon holders!

Cloud: And your fast enough that none of us can keep up. you create a distaction.

Sonic: Right!

Cloud: We can take the front entrance.

Inuyasha: That means we get the roof....

Cloud: You guys take the elevator to the roof

Miroku: What about the child?

Cloud: We are gonna leave her at an old friends house.

Spike: When do we leave?

Vash: (pushes up his glasses) Right now.... (walks into the the camera the screen looking red then pauses)

(end of part one...)
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PostSubject: Part Two of Final fantasy and the Weapons of destany and destruction   Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction Icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 1:30 am

Scene Fourteen: Invasion of the Shinra Building

( Camera unpauses as Vash walks away from the camera with Wolfwood and Sango. Sango begins picking the lock on the side of the door, Vash and Wolfwood both pulling the Angel Arm Revolver and the Holy Handguns of the Traveling Priest, Sango opens the door and the three run in closing the door. camera pauses and unpauses showing Cloud, Link, Spike, Miroku,Inuyasha,and Kagome walk through the front. Three guards pull guns, Spike and Link draw thier guns shooting a guard each the receptionest presses a button the alarm goes off as Cloud slashes the third Kagome pulls a gun and shoots the receptionest as sonic appears before them)

Cloud: You three take the elevator on that side! We'll try and find the Jail! Sonic... Give them hell!

Inuyasha: You heard him! Lets go! (they run into the elevator and it shuts and the other three run into the other it shuts Camera Flashes to stairs as The three walk up the stairs)

Wolfwood: Vash what floor are we on?

Vash: forty-second!

Sango: Forty two floors and not one open door?!?

Wolfwood: We gotta be getting close!

( Camera flashes over to Inuyasha and the others inside the elevator)

Miroku: Kagome what floor are we on?

Kagome: We're on the forty fifth floor....

Inuyasha: Why is this taking so long?

Kagome: Because you had to be nosy and press every button in here!

Miroku: Only twenty-five more floors to go....

Inuyasha: I thought that this thing would move faster!

Kagome: Next time I push the buttons!

(Camera flashes to the elevator door as it opens with Cloud, Spike, and Link running out armed and down a corridor)

Cloud: This way!

(they turn a corner and a few guards stand there Spike punching one, Link shooting another, and Cloud stabing one. )

Spike: Its too enclosed for weapons! ( Holsters his gun)

Link: Your right! (puts his shotgun away)

Cloud: (sheaths his sword) Comeon this way! (they run into a doorway to see a bunch of soldiers all with weapons drawn)

Spike: <censored>!

Link: (Turns as soldiers block the doorway) we are so screwed.....

Presha: (walks to the front of the soldiers taking spikes guns and handing it to a guard) Take the other two to the jail floor. I want him for myself.

(guards take cloud and link in handcuffs and drag them away leaving spike and presha with a few guards as they escort them out of the room, camera flashes to Vash and the others still walking up stairs)

Wolfwood: lets take a break!

Sango: we are on the sixty-first floor and not one open door....

Vash: Yea lets rest....

(theys sit down and the door behind them opens soldiers aiming guns at them then more come up the stairs and down them guns aimed at them)

Wolfwood: so how do we get out of this one Vash?

Knives: (walks up) You don't Wolfwood, now men, take them all to the prison...

( the three are draged off by soldiers. camera flashes to Inuyasha and his team the elevator door opening and three men in suits and sunglasses walk in)

Man 1: Floor Sixty-three please.

Kagome: (hides behind Inuyasha) Inuyasha...
( the door opens on floor 63 and there stands Sesshomaru and some more men in suits)

Sesshomaru: Hello brother.

Inuyasha: Seshomaru.

Sesshomaru: I ask that you co-operate and follow us to your new prison cell.

Inuyasha: Over my dead body!

( man 2 knocks Inuyasha over the head with a bily club and inuyasha lands on the floor the guards pick him up and drag him away)

Sesshomaru: Now follow us....

(The guards take Miroku and Kagome away and the camera flashes to two men in a room with link taking out his weapons and seting them on the table)

Guard 1: Six Grenades, Five different knives, Four Pistols, Three Rifles, Two Shotguns...

Guard 2: and a partrige in a pear tree... (guard one looks at him) sorry I always liked the song twelve days of christmas....

Guard 1: and a sword tied to your hip! And we still havent checked your pockets yet!

Link:You got all the weapons I was carrying.

Guard 2: Yo man, lets just throw him in a cell.... where else could he hide a weapon?

Guard 1: Your right...throw him in with the others.....

(guard 2 takes link and throws him in a cell with Cloud)

Cloud: What took so long?

Link: they had a hard time disarming me...(glances around and pulls off his hat turning it over and two guns fall out onto the cot)

Cloud: Great, two guns..so how do we get out?

Link: (reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pack of bubble gum) Explosive taste....heh heh heh

Cloud: Ok what else you got?

(camera focuses on link as he does an evil grin and then it flashes over to Vash Wolfwood, and sango in another cell)

Wolfwood: Vash you never answered my question.

Vash: What?

Sango: How do we get out of this one? they took all our weapons...

(camera looks at wolfwood whos eyes get big and grins as mechanical grinding is heard the camera then looks at Vash whos arm has turned into a machine gun)

Vash: This may draw some attention though...

(camera flashes to Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome )

Kagome: I'm to young to be in jail!

Inuyasha: Shut up Kagome we will be outta here soon.

Kagome: Sit! (inuyasha Hits the ground) Miroku you can just suck the door into your wind tunnel!

Miroku: No I'm afraid not, if I try we will be sucked into the void instead.

Inuyasha: I said don't worry we can be out soon...

(Camera flashes back to cloud and Link with a cot loaded with 4 handguns, a rifle, a sword, a machete, a bazoka,a few grenades and plastic explosives, a few throwing daggers, and Coco)

Cloud: Ok I am already wierded out by the idea of where you could hide a fucking bazoka but a cat? Where the hell did you put that poor creature?

Link: You dont want to know....

(Camera flashes to a door faling out as vash wolfwood and sango run out)

Wolfwood: I forgot you had that arm!

Vash: So did I (laugh)

Sango: We need to free the others and get our weapons!

Wolfwood (points to a door) try this one!

Vash (Aims the gun at it) Right!

(The door falls down vash screaming and diving to the side bullets fired link and cloud run out link loaded with weapons cloud packin two handguns and the bazooka)

Link: Oh hey guys......

Vash (looks up) WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT!

Cloud: (shrugs) We saw you had a gun and thought you were a soldier.

Link (tosses Wolfwood a handgun and sango a sword) Here you two!

Cloud: Split up and search for weapons, or the others!

(Cloud and link go one way the others go the other Camera flashing to Inuyasha Kagome and Miroku)

(Camera flashes to Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku as a guad walks to the door opening it)

Guard: Dinner time you maggots (turns to the left) What the?

(guard is shoot and thrown off camera as cloud and link run up)

Cloud: Lets Move!

(they run out link taking th keys from the guard opens another door finding thier weapons)

Link:(arms himself with his sword and guns taking up as much as he can carry) Hell Yeah! Its Party Time!

Cloud (grabs his sword attaching it to his back) Ok load up! we still have to find Spike!

Inuyasha: what? what happened to him?

Cloud: No idea. We have to find him

(they run off back in the direction they just came and catch up to Vash Wolwood and Sango)

Vash: Hey guys we found Spike.... (opens the door to show spike half naked and chained up)


(everyone looks in and starts laughing as Cloud and Vash untie him once down he throws on his shirt and arms himself as sonic runs into the room)

Sonic: We need to get to the roof! they are gonna execute the others!

(Everyone gasps except Cloud and Vash)

Vash: (in a dark voice) We need to get to the roof...

Cloud: Follow me i know the fastest way!

(they run through some coridors and up some stairs to the roof)

(they race through the door and stop as they hear screams and gunshots go off)

Vash: NO! (he run drawing his gun spike and sonic on his heels they round the corner seeing what looks like a battle field after a war bodys everywhere, only edward, and jets remain standing as a guard raises his gun firing at spike, Sonic, and Vash who open fire filling the guard with lead, behind them kagome and sango fall to the ground)

Kagome: (lays on the floor with sango as inuyasha holds her) Inuyasha....I'm sorry...I shoulda...listened....

Inuyasha: (in tears) Kagome save your strength...we can get you help....

Kagome: I love you....inu..yash...a (closes her eyes and goes limp both girls dead)

Inuyasha: Kagome....kagome.....KAGOME!!!(he shouts and lays her down tears streaming down his face as he draws his blade) Those bastards....they will pay...THEY WILL ALL FUCKING PAY! (he runs off miroku on his heels)

Cloud: we cant stay here and mourn...its harsh but...we have to stop them from doing this....(he looks around vash and spike are gone too) OH DAMNIT WHERE"D THOSE TWO GO!

Sonic: Cloud. find Sephiroth. Im going after Shadow!

Cloud: Sonic Wait we need....

(sonic races off and the scene changes)

Scene Fifteen: The Showdown Spike and Shadow

( the camera flashes over to a dark room that by the window stands shadow looking out and the door slams)

Shadow: Presha is that you? (camera moves along side shadow till you can see his face and spike behind him)

Spike: Wrong Person Motha Fucker!

Shadow: (makes a startled face and turns the camera following him) Ah spike, I see you freed..


Shadow: And many more will follow! (he disappears as spike fires the gun)

Spike: What the Hell?!?!?! ( a whip wraps around his wrist and pulls him to the floor his gun sliding away)

Presha: (walks out of the shadows) Hello Spike..you look good just where you belong...either at my feet or in my bed.

Spike: (stands and gets into a stance) How could you get mixed with these bastards divione? they kill so many just to...

Presha: Just to rule the universe? think Spike, No more blood running! no more having to hide from all the bounty hunters!

Spike: Like me?

Presha: No actually i rather enjoyed our time together spike... please spike, Give up this silly hero thing and join me, we could be so happy together spike, and rule everything!

Spike: Own everything at the expense, pain,and death of others? No thanks!

Presha: FINE! you spit at my offer spike, then ill just dispose of you!

( she catches his arm again but he pulls her toward him and lands a punch on her face sending her back drawing his spare gun aiming at her)

Spike: no more games Presha! I may not get the bounty, but ill stop you from hurting anyone else! ( shadow grabs spikes gun which fires hiting presha sending her out the window) NO!

Shadow: ( spike walks to the window looking out) you killed her....

Spike: (growles) No i didnt.....YOU DID! (he turns and aims his gun at shadow who kicks it aside and throws him across the room)

Shadow: You cant beat me Spike! ( he picks up a chair and slams it on spikes back)

Sonic: (appears behind shadow slaming him in the back with a bat sending him to the floor) But I can!

(spike stands and slams into shadow sending him back some and they prociedes to beat the living hell outta him slaming him into a table spike picks up his gun and aims as shadow looks up)


Spike: (opens fire just as shadow dissappears) What the <censored>?

Sonic: Damnit.....he used chaos control! I'm going after him! (sonic dissappears)

Scene Sixteen: Enter Vicious

( a small metal noise is heard behing spike and he turns and sidesteps as visious slashes his sword just missing spike who turns and aims at him)

Vicious: Hello spike. long time no...

Spike: Cut the small talk Vicious! Your going down!

Vicious: (holds up inuyashas sword) Just like your pal here?


Sessomaru: My pathetic brother and the monk didnt stand a chance....how will you fair spike? wounded and tired, while the other two were fresh and strong? (a gunshot rings out and sesshomaru falls over dead vash standing behind him scoweling holding a smoking gun)

Vash: Looks like the tables have turned Vicious!

Vicious: oh <censored>... (he turns and runs out the door it slamming as vash and spike get to it vash shooting the lock)

Vash: lets get that prick!

Scene Seventeen:Sephiroth and Knives VS Cloud, Link, and Wolfwood

( Scene opens on the roof it raining with cloud wolfwood knives and sephiroth wepons drawn)

Sephiroth: Still putting up the worthless fight, Brother?

Wolfwood: (looks at cloud) Brother, what the hell is he talking bout cloud?

Cloud: He is sick and demented Wolfwood, Dont listen to him!

Knives: Yes Wolfwood Dont bother listen to us.....

Sephiroth: (Appears behind wolfwood and runs his sword through him) YOU WONT LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO CARE!!!!

Link: ( Runs from the shadows firing his pistols) WOLFWOOD NO!

Cloud: (Stares in horror for a momment as wolfwood falls to his knees, drops his guns, then falls face first dead) Wolfwood....YOU WILL BOTH PAY FOR THIS!!!!! (he lunges at sephiroth as link picks up wolfwoods guns)

Link: Rest easy wolfwood.....(he looks at knives as he aims and fires at link who jump rolls to the side stands and fires at knives who is hit and falls to his knees blood covers his chest)

Knives: how....how is it possible..... i can only.....die....by...

Link: (stands over him guns aimed at his head) The Weapons of Destany......(fires three shots into his head the camera pulled back to see the gun go off and knives fall back dead)

Cloud: ( slashes a few times fatuige showing on his face as sephiroth punches him sending him back) Damn....

Sephiroth: YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS TIME BROTHER!!!( three guns fire and sephiroth flys back camera moves to show Vash Spike and Link all holding smoking guns)

Cloud: (stands) Thanks guys (he walks over to sephiroth who has gotten to his knees, cloud raises his sword) THIS ENDS NOW SEPHIROTH!

Shadow: ( Appears next to sephiroth in a kneel a big emerald in his hand) Not today! CHAOS (cloud slowly brings his sword down at them) CONTROL! (they disappear as clouds sword clangs on the ground)

Cloud: DAMNIT!!!!

Sonic: (appears from the shadows) Relax Cloud... Only Sephiroth, Shadow and Vicious escaped.....the others are history....

Vash: (looks down some his face hard as stone) Come on.... We still have work to do... (he walks to the camera and scene closes)

Scene Eighteen: The End of the Begining.

(Scene opens on the headstones of Wolfwood, Inuyasha, Miroku, Kagome, Sango, Tifa, Barret, and Vincent, with Spike, Cloud, Vash, Jet, Edward, Link, and Sonic standing there coco in Spikes arms he petting him)

Vash: We will get those bastards for what they did....

Spike: Your damned right we will....

Jet: Where the hell did the cat come from?

Spike: Ya know i have no idea.... he seems to like me though....

Cloud: Barret....Tifa.....Vincent..... I will avenge you guys....

Edward: We all will.....

Link: (Cocks a shotgun with a smile) OH HELL YEAH!

Jet: Dont you have to get back to your home?

Link: Hell NO! Those Bastards never let me use a gun.....

Sonic: Well Alright then! WE GOT OURSELFS A SEQUEL!

Cloud: Everyone....Meet me at the saloon in Calico Nevada.... i need to do some research.....Meet there in three days....

Spike: What about?

Cloud: The Emerald.....

Sonic: Im commin too, i know some friends who can help us

(Camera fades to black and fades back in on a tv)

Reporter: Today durring the breaking ground ceremony in central park a rare gem was found, the gem also known as one of the seven servers of chaos or the Chaos Emerald is now located in the natural history museum in Station Square, Nevada

Sephiroth: Dont you Have one of those Shadow?

Shadow: Yes..and with all seven i can unlock Unspeakable power!

Presha: then its time we get our hands on those....

(camera moves to see Presha Shadow Vicious Sephiroth, and Ren who now wears all black)

Vicious: With the Seven Servers of Chaos We Can Defeat those Pricks and Rule the world!

Ren: And I will Get my revenge for my lords demise!

Shadow: Well my comrades....I think its time.... To see the "Good Doctor"

(Scene Fades to black And Linkin Park's In The End begins playing as the credits roll)

I will be turning this into a novel one day...
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Final Fantasy and the Weapons of Destiny and Destruction
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