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Mecha Sonic
by ~shadux

Two years since the city had decided it didn't need them anymore. Two years since they had found Eggman's body in Station Square's main plaza. And now, three weeks since the murders had started. Amy's cousin Aya. Tails' cousin Meaters. And now, Knuckles. Knuckles' remains had been found, drained of blood, just like the last murders. "I just can't believe he's gone." Sonic said, sitting there at the diner with Amy as he sipped his coffee, looking at the dark, dreary sky outside. Tails was due any minute to meet them.
Amy sat there in silence as she sipped her coffee, barely hearing sonics words as he spoke. everyone around them that they all cared for was being murdered like lambs, and it seemed that there was nothing they could do about it. After her cousin's body, Amy had invested in and carried with her a 9mm baretta, that she kept hidden behind her back and under her coat. she had taken to wearing blue jeans and white tshirt with the black jacket that Aya had given to her a week before she died. she looked up at Sonic as she set down her coffee. "Sonic, what are we going to do?"
Sonic sighed. "Not much we can do, I suppose.... I just wonder how Rouge would be taking it... she and Knuckles... before he died... they got close.." As if on cue, Tails came into the diner, shaking the rain off his coat.
"Rouge tried to kill herself." Tails said as he sat down. "She tried to do herself in with a cheap pawn shop revolver. They loaded it with blanks and told her it was loaded. She tried to blow her own brains out... all she got was a nasty powder burn, but... now it seems like she's just lost her mind."
Amy huffed slightly and shook her head. "Knuckles always said she was batty..." She moved over so Tails could sit down. She leaned back some and sipped her coffee. "At least that thing hasnt gotten either of you two yet...i dont know what i would do if i lost you two as well..." She looked down fighting back the tears that wanted to fall for knuckles and Aya, two she was very close to. she looked back up at them after clearing her eyes. "We have to find some way to end this...who knows who could be next..."
"I don't know. My family won't stop crying over Meaters." Tails said, ordering a coffee. "I can't go home to that." Sonic's watch beeped. He looked at it.
"It's 9... time for the news." He turned and looked at the diner's tv nearby. It was broadcasting another story about Knuckles. Typical. Sonic leaned back in his chair. "Vampires don't exist, Amy. Eggman's dead. We have nothing to go on. Why us, is the question?"
Amy Narrowed her eyes at Sonic's question and gripped her cup so tightly that a crack began to form in the side. "Why us? Did you honestly asked why us? Sonic it is obviously us that this thing is after, it is us who keep losing our friends, and it is only us that can handle things Sonic. The police cant do anything, they are as confused as we are, and they cant save us if they dont know what it is we are looking for. If not us, then who? And are we supposed to sit here and wait to die?"
Sonic stood up. "I'm tired of this. I'm going home and getting drunk. You're welcome to join me later." He walked out and sped away down the street.
Tails looked at Amy. "Well, he's pleasant." Outside, lightning was striking here and there in the sky. "I.... I guess this meeting was pointless." he finished his coffee. "Do you need a ride home?"
Amy stood up and tossed a few bills down on the table for her coffee "I dont know Tails...I need to stop by the...uh...store. so i think i will walk. take care of yourself ok Tails?" she turned and walked out the door and started off down the street.

When she left the sporting goods store carrying the long package, there was a small rumble, and a motorcycle pulled up. Tails leaned forward, stepping off the bike. "It was Meaters'. Beats flying.... I was worried. They released Rouge from the hospital and she hasn't called to check in with anybody."
Amy frowned some and pulled out the new shotgun and loaded it as she walked up to Tails. "Then lets find her. She may be next." She had finished loading the weapon and strapped it to her back as she mounted the cycle. "Lets roll Tails!"

Tails turned and sped down the street. The bike was powerful, exceeding 100 mph was easy. However, they weren't alone on the street. As they turned the corner toward Rouge's apartment, something caught their eye. A blur of it's own, barely recognizeable, had come from the opposite direction and made it's way into the apartments. As Tails got off the bike with Amy, he quickly went through the lobby and up the steps to Rouge's apartment. When they went in, she was sitting in the armchair near the TV. She had a bandage wrapped around her head and Knuckles' photo in her lap, sniffling. The phone was torn out of the wall. When they came in, she turned around. She tried to speak, but no words came out.
Amy looked around the apartment taking in the wreckage scene before her. she walked up to rouge after a moment and knelt beside her, seeing that she could not speak. she frowned sorrowfully and took rouges hand in her own. "Are you ok? what happened?" She pulled a pen and grabbed a small notebook from the floor just incase.
Rouge kept trying to speak. Tails looked at her bandage. "She's been through a lot. Shock, I guess. That's all." Rouge pulled her hand away from Amy's and scrawled on the notepad in cursive; Hand Inside The Puppet Head. Tails looked bewildered. "What?" Then underneath that; "Still here in the bedroom waiting...."
Amy stood up slowly and pulled her shotgun off her back before leaning close to Tails. "We need to get her out of here..." She pulled out her nine and handed it to him. "Lets hurry..."
Tails took the gun. "Come on, Rouge." He tried to pull her up. She whined and slid the chair back, clutching onto the picture of Knuckles like a child. Tails finally threw her over his shoulder, starting for the door. "Is it in the bedroom?" he whispered to Amy. The door to the bedroom was closed
Amy glanced at the note once again and nodded as she lifted her shotgun keeping it aimed at the bedroom. "Lets move," she stayed behind Tails and Rouge with her gun cocked and ready.
The door opened. Something.... or someone was standing there. The only thing she could see was an outline of a hedgehog or echdina, and a pair of blank, dark eyes. Whoever it was didn't speak or move. When she fired at it/them, she hit nothing but air.
Amy's her eyes widdened as the shot missed, the creature moved as fast as Sonic himself. "Tails Run!" She ran behind Tails and Rouge keeping her eyes open for the creature to return.
As they ran, nothing seemed to be following them. Rouge screamed and beat her hands on Tails' back in protest as he climbed onto the bike, letting Rouge hang onto him and Amy sit on the back. He tried to gun the motor, but it stalled. "<censored>.." He said. Suddenly, on the roof of the apartment building, something was looking down on them. Whatever it was, it wasn't human. It had glowing, red eyes, focused on them. It coiled itself into a ball. Tails got the motor working and sped down the street.
Amy Rose lifted her shotgun and looked around as they rode off. "What on earth was that?" She held on tight as he picked up speed.
Tails swerved through the lanes, dodging cars here and there. Whatever was after them was catching up. Fast. "Hold on!" Tails suddenly spun on a dime, turning into a narrow alley between buildings. Whatever that thing was, it missed the turn and hit a cement wall nearby, hard. Tails stopped the bike, screeching to a halt. Behind them, just at the mouth of the alley, it was getting to it's feet. It was a robotic-hybrid from the looks of things, crafted in the usual form of Robotnik's robots. It raised clawed hands at them, red eyes glowing. Tails turned the key, but the motor had stalled again, the engine was flooded.
Amy got off the bike and puled her gun. Its one of Robotniks bots!" She fired off a few shots from the rifle as tails continued to work on getting the bike started. "Hurry up Tails I dont think bullets will stop this thing for long!" She watched as the robot got to its feet. "Come on you ugly son of a <Censored>!" She emptied her rifle into the bot and then began realoading.
Tails continued to try and get the engine working. The robot was hit, which only sent it reeling back for a moment before it was back on it's feet. Obviously, it's armor was tough. Tails finally got the engine working. "Amy!" He yelled. Just as they got ready to speed away, another form sped, stopping in front of them. Tails looked back and forth. "Two of them... two... oh, god... hold on." He sped as fast as he could, managing to dodge the robot coming at them and the one chasing them. He cut through lanes of traffic and made it into the district. "What the hell is one of Robotnik's bots doing on the loose!? We blew up all of his compounds after he killed himself..."
Amy Rose shook her head. "Obviously Robotnik was done in by his own bot....and it escaped to folow its only objectives....kill us..."
"I hope that's the case. Or we're sunk." He went off the road a bit and rode the empty curb to get through the traffic. "We'll go to Kay's.... my cousin. He did a lot of computer work for me, he can help track the robots... plus, we'll have to get him to safety. Do you have anybody you need to call?"
She looked down as they continued to ride. "No...The only one left is Sonic..." She held on tighter as she fought her tears once more. "Aya was the last of my family..."
"I'm sorry." He said. Between them, Rouge was just clutching onto the picture of Knuckles and sobbing. He found a small alley to hide the bike in, throwing a discarded tarp over it, he carried Rouge up to Kays' apartment and knocked. He didn't answer. He went under the mat and found the key, opening it. He laid Rouge on the couch and looked around. "He must still be at work..." On one side of the living room was a VERY impressive computer setup. "Are you hurt?"
Amy set her guns on a table and shook her head as she walked over to rouge and looked her over checking for any wounds.
Rouge looked at her and Tails with red puffy eyes."no...th..they didnt hurt me...."
"Are you okay, Amy?" Tails asked. Rouge seemed fine, and it was the first words she had spoken fully. He found a box of kleenex and gave them to Rouge. He picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Kays. It's me. I let myself in. Look, there's trouble, when are you getting home? Well, hurry. Things are.... fucked up bad." He said, hanging up. "He'll be back soon. I don't understand why they didn't kill Rouge, but seemed so intent on chasing us. Which one of us three is next?"
Amy sat down and crossed her arms. "You mean five of us...Sonic and Kay is still out there... let me call Sonic...." She picked up the phone and began dialing his number. "Any one of us could be....no...we are all on a list...it has to be..." the phone began ringing.
Sonic picked up. He sounded tired, drunk or both. "Hello?..." He listened to Amy tell him what had happened. "Hmm. Something followed me when I left the diner. I had to try and lose it, and I sprained something in the process... it's going to take me about a half-hour to get there, will you be okay?"
Amy Rose sighed and nodded. "Yeah Sonic we will be fine, just get here as fast as you can manage. we need to figure out exactly what to do..." She hung up the phone and looked to her weapons as she reloaded them.
Tails still had the handgun. He turned it over, looking at it. "You shouldn't carry a gun, Amy. Sometimes people that don't have anything to do with it get hurt." Kays came in, carrying a sack of groceries or something. He could have been Miles' twin, but he was taller, with one tail, and darker fur. He wore a long, green jacket. He set the bag down on the table. Inside were a few things; bottled water, canned food and the like. "Looks like you'll be here for a while.... Miles, you and....." He pointed at Amy. "You... get the bat off the couch and help me block the door. You can put her in the bedroom."
Amy nodded and attached her reloaded shotgun back to her back as she moved over towards Rouge. "That may be true Tails...but until we find a way to beat these things, I dont think I want to risk not having the guns." The two of them lifted rouge and carried her to the bedroom. Amy came back out and loked to kays. "Sonic is on his way, he said he would be here in half an hour."
"There's a back door on the fire escape. It's got three deadbolts. I'll let him in when he gets there." They pushed the couch against the door and drew the blinds. Kays looked at the shotgun and smiled. "NIce choice of woman, Miles." Tails blushed.
Amy smirked and gently punched Tails in the arm. "At least someone likes my sense of style, but we are not together kay." She walked back into Rouges room and closed the blinds to hide her from outside view. "This should help keep you safe at least." She whispered to the sleeping Rouge before heading back out to join the others.
Kays went through the apartment making sure all of the doors and windows were locked. He turned on the TV, catching the 11 o clock news. "And now new evidence has emerged in the case of the Vampire murders. Police are now questioning witnesses that reported shots fired on the corner of Fifth and Main. Miles Prower is wanted for questioning, since many witnesses have reported spotting him operating the vehicle of the deceased..."
She sighed as she saw the news. "I dont think this is gonna be easy..."
"Well, now we can rule out calling in the National Guard." Kays said, locking the windows that were open and drawing their blinds. He got a bottle of water and took a sip. "What's with the bat? She looks like somebody beat the <censored> out of her, and she won't stop crying. Is she a mongoloid?"
Amy walked back to her chair and sat down as she looked at Kays. "Well between her trying to kill herself at first after Knuckles was murdered...yeah she has been sent through the grinder." She stopped and blinked a few times. "Whats a mongoloid?"
"Retard." Tails said simply, sitting in the armchair near the tv and turning off the lamp. Kays smiled. "Just a fancy word the medical staff uses." Outside the hallway, there were footfalls. Kays stopped. They passed. Too light to be Sonic's or a robot's.
Amy's ears twitched slightly as she heard the footfalls. "Should we check it out?" She whispered to the two as she picked up her shotgun. "Or just stay in here?"
"Stay...... it's probably just one of the neighbors getting home late." Kays whispered. Then it happened. There was a light knock on the deadbolt door in the back. Kays walked to it. "Who's there?" No answer. The crying from Rouge in the other room stopped. Kays stopped. "The skylight in the bedroom....." He opened the bedroom door. Rouge was sitting on the floor near the door, pointing up at the skylight, which was now open.
Amy quickly pulled the shotgun and aimed it at the skylight. "Who goes there? You got 5 seconds! 1...2....3..." she cocked the gun as loud as she could.
A shadow ran across the skylight. Tails fired his own gun, shattering the glass, which rained down. Rouge got up and ran into the living room. Tails closed the bedroom door and locked it. He stopped, glancing into the kitchen. He put his back against the corner and peeked in, then back to Amy and mouthed; "They're inside!" He slid down and hid. A moment later, two pairs of glowing red eyes from the kitchen peered through right where he had been standing. The back door's hinges had been silently cut through. It hung open.
Amy Rose, without hesitating, pulled her hammer and smashed it full force into the robots head sending it back into the kitchen, she followed it with a blast from her shotgun. "We need to get the hell outta here!" She fired again at the bot as it began to get up.
The hit from the hammer threw the first robot back. It's sensors were disrupted by the shotgun blast. The second robot swung at her, tearing a chunk out of the wall. Tails barely dodged the swing from the recovering first robot. "Here!" Kays yelled, opening the door to the bedroom and pulled down the skylight ladder, helping Amy and Rouge out through the broken skylight onto the roof. Tails, meanwhile, had been thrown back into the living room, his elbow smashed through the screen on the TV. Getting up, he swung a broken table leg at the robot as it advanced, sending it into the wall. He grabbed it by it's head, wincing as it's odd metal dreadlocks cut into his hand. He yanked a free wire, disrupting it's sensors. It crashed through another wall, unable to pinpoint him. The second robot was recovering. Tails ran for the bedroom. He was halfway up the ladder when the robot grabbed his ankle. He threw the broken part up to Kays, who caught it. "Help me!" He yelled as the ladder broke under their combined weight, leaving him hanging from the skylight by one hand.
Amy reached in as Rouge held her legs, in one hand was her shotgun the other her hammer. "Grab the Hammer!" She shouted as she put the gun barrel against the robots head. "Just die already!" She yelled as she fired a blast at point blank into its face.
The shot at that range dented the armor plating. The robot reached up with one hand and pulled part of it back, exposing the organic, dead eye underneath. It was the eye of an oddly recognizeable enchidna. Rouge screamed at the sight and dropped Amy, and thus Tails back into the room. As they landed, the robot jumped out of the skylight after her and Kays. "I guess it was after Rouge.." Tails panted. He had landed on a piece of broken glass, which had cut into his side. The first robot was still tearing the apartment to pieces blindly.
Amy Glared at the robot as she stood up wincing slightly. "So...this is whats going on...they kill our friends and turn them into bots...." She raised her hammer and tossed tails the gun. "The other two will have to fend for themselves...." She helped him up to his feet. "We need to get you some medical attention..."
"I'm fine... we can't let them get caught... Kays doesn't own a car... come on, we have to get to the bike." He pulled the glass from his side, pressing the side of his coat against it to soak up the blood. They left the apartment and found the motorcycle. Tails climbed on. "You'll have to shoot for me. We need to lure it away from Rouge and Kays." He took off. Two blocks away, Kays was still helping Rouge as they ran, dodging the robot pursuing them.
Amy aimed and fired at the robot with deadly accurate aim nailing the robot in the back of its head. "Come on Ya Bastard! We got your number this time!" The robot turned.
"Oh, <censored>." Tails said. "Amy, get off the bike.... I'm running low on fuel, I can't have the extra weight. I'll play hare and draw him away... I'll be back as soon as I can. Take them to your place, quickly..." When she got off, he sped off, the robot in pursuit and vanished around the corner.
Amy came out of hiding and hurried to Kay and Rouge. "Follow me we need to make it back to my house. Tails will meet us there." She turned and led them through every alleyway she could till they made it back to her house. quietly she led them inside and locked the door. "We should be safe for now..."
Tails didn't return. The news that night spoke of the motorcycle being found, blood, crushed mechanical parts that seemed to be from the bike, not the robot. Nothing else. Sonic knocked on the door to Amy's house. "Are you alright? I went to Kays' and the place was a train wreck..."
Amy grabbed Sonic and pulled him inside, then closed and re-bolted the door. "The bots found us...they attacked...Kay, Rouge and myself got away...but Tails had to lead a bot away from us...he didnt make it...." She closed her eyes and a tear rolled down her cheek. she sat down and set her shotgun on the table next to her cup of coffee.
"I saw on tv. They didn't find a body. He might still be alive. At least, I hope so." Kays, meanwhile, was tinkering with the torn robot part on his computer. He had plugged the wires to one of his drives and was reading out. "It looks like your friend had some heavy work done on his brain... there's a few anomalies, though... one or two parts of his brain weren't touched, he might even remember a few things... based on the way he chased us, though, I doubt it... here." he turned his computer over. Among all of the code read and everything else was a clear list of names. Rouge was next, then Kays, Amy, then finally Tails and Sonic.
Amy Rose gasped as she read the list of names. "Tails is still alive...there is still hope..." she walked over and picked up her shotgun and hammer. "I'm going to find him..."
Sonic moved to block the door. "Amy, you can't go. We have to stay together here." He said this even though he hadn't been there to protect any of them.
Amy glared at him. "And just leave Tails to die? No Sonic. You protect the other two, I will go and find Tails and bring him back if I can...besides...the list says im second to last to die...i should be ok.
He stepped aside. "I guess you're right." She went out looking for Tails, but there was no sign of him. Back at Kay's place, which was destroyed, the robots were gone as well.
She sighed as she found no more clues. "What the hell....there is nothing here...." She picked up the piece of face plate that she had blown off knuckles. "What else can i do...." When she turned, she found herself face-to-face with Knuckles, or K-3, whatever it was called. The robot grabbed her and slung her into the nearby wall, then picked her up by her middle. "Where are the other targets?" It spoke in an electronic voice.
She winced at the force that he grabbed her. "Knuckles snap out of it!" She pulled out her hammer and cracked it across his head. "It's me Amy!" She tried to squirm her way free.
The robot's head snapped back. "Amy Rose. Target 7. Does not compute." It backhanded her viciously across the floor.
"Let's see you hit this." A voice said behind her. Tails was standing there. Clutched in his hand was a picture of Kays from the mantle that had survived the fight somehow. The robot's disrupted sensors mistook it for the real thing. Tails tossed it. The robot followed the picture, through the blown-out wall and fell about six stories to the ground below. Tails stumbled forward, catching his breath. He was covered in scrapes and bruises, sweat and dried blood. "Are you okay?"
Amy nodded slightly and stood up. "I thought you were dead..." She hugged him gently. "Come on we need to get you back home. Gotta get you bandaged up"
"Do you think he.... it... is dead?" He asked. Halfway to the door he slacked and fell on his back, groaning. The wound in his side had opened back up and was bleeding.
She knelt beside him and tore a piece of her jacket and bound his side tightly. "Tails just hang on, i will get you back to my house." She helped him up and draped his arm over her shoulders. "Lets go." She helped carry him out of the building and lead him away.
As Tails lay down on the couch, bandaged from the broken glass, Kays stood up. Sonic, meanwhile, had left. "I guess we still have the other one to deal with." Suddenly, Rouge's crying in the next room stopped.
Amy had closed her eyes and had been trying to calm her own thoughts since Sonic had left. He always had been a loner but not when things got too rough. Now his friends were being hunted and killed and he wanted to go off alone. it made no sense. She snapped her eyes open once she heard, or rather didnt hear Rouge's sobs any longer. " Not good...." she said as she stood up, grabbing her shotgun from the table beside her. with a few swift steps she was at the door knocking. "Rouge, everything ok in there?"
There was no reply. Kays stood up, taking Miles' pistol and stepped in behind her. Rouge was sitting on the bed, staring blankly. The screen door was open. Rouge mouthed and pointed to the closet.
Amy walked in slowly and aimed her gun at the closet and smirked* Come out NOW!"
There was nothing there. Kays couldn't help but laugh for a moment. Something darted past the window. He fired a shot, yelling. Then again it went by. Kays went out after it. A moment later, he was thrown back into the room.
"Damn, it's fast...." The robot was moving fast outside on the balcony, darting from side to side.
Amy jumped out infront of the speeding thing and aimed her gun fireing at it square in the chest. "Take that you son of a <Censored>!"
The robot was hit and almost flung off the balcony. Kays stepped forward. He shoulder-rammed the bot hard. It went over the edge and fell, landing on the ground below. He looked over the balcony. "Damn thing's still alive!" The robot was slowly rising.
Amy stepped up to the rail and fired another shot down at the robot. "what the hell does it take to kill this thing?"
Kays ran downstairs, firing at it as he went out of the front door. It stood. A few of it's metal joints had broken, exposing the wires underneath. He ran at it. The robot turned him over it's shoulder and slammed him hard. He was knocked out.
Amy leapt off the balcony cocking her shotgun. "I will kill you this time!" she landed before kays and blasted the robot again. "DIE DAMN YOU!!"
The exposed wires were hit, rupturing. They sprayed gear fluid everywhere. It started malfunctioning, sparks and gears popping. It turned on her. "Amy... Rose...." It spoke in a cold, mechanical voice.
She narrowed her eyes as she cocked the gun again. "Thats right bolts for brains. Now lets see if i cant recycle your tin can ass!"
Kays woke up, picking up a good chunk of scrap metal and struck the robot's left eye. It's sensors clicked off. It swung blindly, as if stumbling. He struck it again, exposing it's metallic chip-brains. With one good shot from Amy, it was a paperweight. Kays got to work, tearing every wire he could find. "We did it..."
She smiled and leaned against the wall. "is it? is it really over?" She set her gun beside her. " I cant believe it..."

Robotnik was sure going to be sorry he ever fucked with this hedgehog. The blast doors opened. Eggman's underground compound, new and expensive, was recieving a makeover. He fired his guns, knocking off every bot in his path. He must have changed clips six or seven times in the process. Grenades were thrown into every room. Machines, countless machines and parts and computers were demolished. Finally, he took a laserblast to the shoulder, dropping his gun, then one to his back, knocking him down, hard. When he opened his eyes, there were at least a dozen bots surrounding him, lasers at the ready. Robotnik as well. Sonic smiled, in his hand was what resembled a handgun clip. "Ah Sonic, It seems that you finally have fallen. Your bleeding to death Sonic, and all you have left is one empty gun clip!" Robotnik began laughing heartedly at this sight. "This is just so delicious! The Hedgehog is mine!"
Sonic smirked. "You lost, Robotnik..... your two 'serial killers' are scrap metal.... and this isn't an empty clip..." For the first time, he could notice the 12 pounds or so of C4 plastic explosive attached to Sonic's chest. "I might be bleeding to death.... you're right about that...." He clenched his hand tighter around the detonator. "But I came to give you a housewarming party at your nice new factory."
Dr. Robotnik smirked as he held up the detonator and held up his hands in mock surrender. " Oh my Sonic, you have my utmost attention now. If you want to live in exchange for my new factory then that would be perfect. I can save your life. I would rather kill you myself Sonic, not see you become a suicide bomber."
"It's not suicide... if you're already dead. I am dead, Eggman. You made me... you made us. Without you, we'd be normal people with normal lives... we.... I would still have a place here in this world. I'm sure you would rather kill me yourself. But you don't get that satisfaction, and neither do your robots.... now, are we going to talk? I don't like guns pointed at me. It makes my fingers tired.."
He shrugged and raised his hand with a smile as the bots lowered the guns. "One way or the other Sonic you will die. So yes lets go ahead and talk."
"Alright. Convince me why I shouldn't push this switch and let your entrails decorate the moon..."
He smiled at his remark. " for one thing, Sonic, all you would do is ruin my base. I know you wont blow us up Sonic. so then give me the detinator and we can fix everthing."
"You know I wouldn't?" His thumb slid a little closer to the button. "Convince me. Let's say I hand it to you. What happens. I get roboticized too?"
Robotnik shook his head. "Not this time Hedgehog, its annoying to rebuild so many bases, so instead i would patch you up and let you on your way. Next time though, you are fair game."
He laughed. "You're ignoring the simple fact that you'll be dead too. The last time I checked, that would suck."
Dr. Robotnik laughed at that and looked at him stil smirking. "You dont understand one thing Hedgehog, yes, I created the mechanical Sonic. I had programed for him to destroy you and your friends, this is true. But something went wrong..." He lifted up the sleave of his left arm showing it to be mechanical. "That abomination ripped off my arm! I had to replace it with a robotic one instead. I wanted it to kill you but instead it turned those it killed into robots! it roboticized the dead to make its own army of followers! You and your friends saved me a great deal of trouble by getting rid of those pests for me Sonic, and so I will return the favor by having you patched up and set free. We both need time to heal Sonic. You for your wounds, and me to udate my arm. So what will it be hedgehog? Will you try your bomb? or will you accept my offer?" Robotnik said with a smirk as he twirled his mustache.
"See you in Hell." Sonic said with a smile as he let the detonator drop as his eyes closed. The explosion roared through the complex, ripping through the building, leveling it in seconds.
Twenty miles away Dr. Robotnik switched off his snowy moniter with a sigh. "I told that hedgehog I would rather kill him myself...Now there is only the matter of the fox and that pink hedgehog left...This world will fall...and I will reign supreme!" His laugh echoed through his base as his machines churned out Metal Sonic 2.0

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