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 The New Hero in Town

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The New Hero in town
by ~shadux

Four years have passed since Robotnik died, and Sonic was left paralyzed. The city was safe for a bit, but without Sonic, sunk into a terrible decay of crime and despair. Amy has moved on, and Sonic begs her to take his place, and it isn't until a brush with fate that she realizes she may be more powerful than a fast girl with a hammer.

The papers talked about a few terrible disasaters in the city. Somebody set fire to a downtown hotel. 122 people died. No survivors. A plane's engine failed halfway into the sky. 224 people died. No survivors. It seemed to be the work of something new. A terrorist or such. Sonic folded the newspaper in his lap and turned his wheelchair, pushing it towards the window to rest near where Amy was standing. "You know, I come here a lot." The window was at the top of a museum building, looking out on the dark city. "To look at the city I used to defend.... and it sucks."
Amy sighed as she stood by the window and looked out as night began to fall. She looked down then to Sonic." I know what you mean and how you must feel sonic...but there is nothing else that you can do anymore sonic...the city is on its own..."
"Somebody can take my place..... somebody has to. There must be somebody out there as good as I am.... was..... I can't die knowing that I left this city to die."
Amy sat down and took sonics hand in hers. with her free hand she smothed out her black miniskirt. "Sonic...there is noone as fast as you were...not since Shadow disappeared again...Tails has vanished as well...and knuckles never leaves his island anymore...There is noone left..."
"There's you...' He looked over. 'Amy, Tails had this theory... a long time ago, that as we get older, we can evolve slightly..... maybe.... ugh." He looked away. "No, I won't think like that. It's not possible..... not in so little time..... Tails and his theories...." Sonic rolled his chair back a bit. "Do you think the disasters are connected, or just bad accidents?"
She looked away unable to face Sonic. "These are not accidents...at first it was in the begining..but now...its almost as if eggman has risen again....but the only difference is he isnt showing himself...but...someone is causeing all of this sonic...That i can tell..." She faced him again. "if its true...that i am all thats left...then we are all done for..."
"Hmm. Okay, I'm going home. I'll see you tomorrow." That night, when Amy boarded a bus home, the bus crashed violently into the side of a building. The papers later said it was a mechanical failure, possible sabotage. But..... all 34 people were dead, except for one, Amy Rose. When she woke up in the ER, with Sonic waiting outside, with flowers, worried at the news, the doctor told her before he left that she didn't have one scratch on her, save for a small, almost invisible bump behind her left ear. When he left, Sonic came in, putting the flowers in a vase. "Are you okay?"
She smiled softly as sonic entered the room. "Yeah...the doctors said i might have a slight concussion and that i was very lucky that all i got was a bump on the head. but...everyone else was killed..." She said sadly as she looked down at her bed. "I...I should be dead Sonic...when the bus crashed, it colapsed on top of me....they had to dig me out...but i was fine...i dont get it Sonic..." she looked at him again.
"I..... I'll let you rest..... tomorrow, we can talk..... too much to talk about now. Maybe Tails was right... in some way." Later that night, when the nurses made their rounds on their usual checkups, the nurse's hand brushed Amy's as she refilled her water glass. In the corner of Amy's vision, she had a sudden glimpse of the nurse slipping something into her hospital overcoat. When she thought back at what she had 'glimpsed', she had seen an image of the nurse stealing a patient's morphine doses and pocketing them. True? odd? Maybe. Sonic came back the next morning. "They're releasing you. They said you're fine. The press is outside... maybe we should go out the back." He wheeled next to her. "Do you think the bus was connected to the plane? The hotel?"
She frowned some as she walked next to Sonic, her mind going back to the item the nurse had pocketed, to the crash, and the recent events. "I honestly dont know Sonic...but it wouldnt surprise me..." She looked to him concerned. "Sonic...I dont think that bus was accidental...it was intentional that it be destroyed...they wanted to kill someone on that bus...I dont know who it was either..."she sighed some having decided not to tell sonic about the nurse just yet.
As they walked down the street, Amy bumped into a few people in the thick crowds. When she bumped into a tall man in a camo jacket, she had another glimpse in her mind of a knife in his belt. Suddenly, behind them in the crowd, he stepped forward and drew out the same knife she had 'seen', grabbing some poor woman's purse and threatening her before he took off running, too fast to chase. "Disgusting how people are." Sonic said. "So, not one scratch... just the small bump?"
Amy ignored sonic as she saw the man steal the womans purse. "Get Back Here!" She sprinted off, kicking up a cloud of dust as she moved faster than she ever had before, catching up and keeping up with the thief easily. she pulled out her hammer and smirked. "Wanna drop that purse before i drop you? Or shall we just get on with the beating?
She had moved faster than she ever had; she even put Sonic in a tie with her speed. Hitting the side of a building hard, he surrendered the purse and ran off. Sonic wheeled up behind her amazed. "Amy.... your.... speed..."
Amy blinked some as she looked at Sonic. "What about my speed?" She looked around confused since she could no longer see where they had once been, and noticed that even though she had run after the man she was breathing as if she had been relaxing. "Sonic..what...whats happened to me?" She looked at him confused and scared. "I dont even remember most of what happened...I was next to you,then I saw that thief and started running...now im here and with the purse...and your here..." She wobbled some feeling dizzy like her head was spinning as she sat down on the sidewalk.
"It's okay.." He wheeled up and put a hand on her shoulder. "Come on, I'll get you a cup of coffee." The woman thanked Amy when she got her purse back. Sitting in the diner, Sonic took a sip of his coffee. "Tails told me about two years ago that he had this odd theory that a select few people evolve naturally in a single lifetime... all that they need to activate the recessive traits is a life-threatening accident. Amy, it's possible. You survive.... this little bump... and suddenly, you're running so fast..... Amy, is there anything else odd that's happened?"
Amy looked at him as she siped her coffee. "Well last night a nurse came in my room while i was sleeping, I woke up and saw her slip a vial into her pocket just before she left the room...since the accident i have been able to see things in my mind....i saw the man had a knife just a few minutes before he pulled it out to steal the purse. but before the accident...i dont really remember anything strange like that..." She sipped her coffee again and looked up to him. "Why is it that I am the one to change? Why couldnt the change happen to Tails, or Knuckles, or anyone else?
"Sounds like instinct... well, some version. Like a lie detector... you can sense and maybe get a vision of when somebody has done... or is going to do wrong. Maybe it's just good guessing... only a little more advanced?"
Amy sighed gently as she finished her coffee. "I dont know...I just dont know...I guess I dont get a choice...I have to fight...its my responsibility now..." she leaned back in her chair. "What else?"
"I wish Tails were here. We could ask him.... but... we don't even know if it's true yet, Amy. It might just be a funny coincidence.... there's only one way to know for sure, and that's to try and develop it further. Maybe find out who did these horrible things."
She closed her eyes and nodded some. "yeah. who knows, maybe we will find tails along the way." She smiled and opened her eyes but something seemed a bit different. she could see sonic....but at the same time she could see through him as well as the wall behind him, seeing a bus as it was about to pull away. "What in the world...?" She said as she watched the bus begin to start its engine. she closed her eyes and shook her head some and opened them again, her vision had returned to normal. "That was wierd..."
"Is something wrong?" he wheeled away from the table. "You know..... like I told you last night... being like this, stuck here... it's taught me a lot of things. Namely, purpose. Sometimes I wonder if I am just a mistake."
Amy looked at him and shook her head. "No Sonic, your wrong. You were meant to take on the role of the fastest hero alive....but when you lost your speed, nature passed on the mantle it seems...to the next person who could do it...i was the closest one i guess." She looked back to where he was sitting before and saw the bus once again, but this time inside the engine where a small device with a blinking light was attatched. "So thats whats been going on..." She got up quickly. "Excuse me Sonic..." She ran past him and out the door as the bus began pulling away. He blinked, not surprised at the moment. The bus pulling away from it's stop outside of the diner slowly gained speed. The engine stopped, stalled, but the wheels kept spinning. It veered, right into the path of a semi trailer.
Amy found her speed increasing just like it had before, within only a few seconds she was beside the bus. "Gotta think fast!" she said to herself as she tried to think of a way to stop the bus. On instinct, she pulled out her hammer, and within the blink of an eye, had destroyed all four tires. she then speed to the front of the bus turned to face it and raised her hammer as she planted her feet using her hammer as a brace on the bus. sparks flew as the bus slid towards the semi but it stopped just a few feet short of impact. The bus driver was thrown forward, dazed but okay. Everybody got off the bus. A siren went off somewhere.
Sonic rolled out and dropped off the curb, ending up beside her. "Amy..... you really can.... it's amazing."
Amy blinked some and looked around as sonic rolled up to her. "I..Did i just do all this?" she blinked some trying to remember. " It's wierd Sonic....I just..I dont know..." She blinked a few times then looked to sonic with a smile as she walked over taking the back of his wheel chair. " You're buckled in, right Sonic?"
"Yes.... why?" He held onto the handles tightly.
She smiled and began to push the wheel chair begining to pick up speed as she smiles. "I figured we could go for a bit of a run!" The surroundings were becoming a blur and the familiar sound of the sonic boom that followed as they raced by everything.
When it was over, they were back on the rooftop Sonic liked to sit at. "Wow.... Amy, you realize what this means?" He was smiling. "People have hope...."
Amy smiled and looked as she stood beside him and sighed. "Yeah but I never thought it was gonna be me that would have to take on your role sonic...i mean...well never mind. so how are we gonna find whos doing this?"
"I guess you'll find out when you have to." He said. "You know, the worst part is that now.... I really don't have a purpose anymore, do I?"
Amy just smiled softly. " Well I need someones help figuring out whats going on. You may not be the front line guy anymore Sonic, but you are a hero none the less. Just like you needed us, I need you sonic.
"And I need you, Amy. I probably would have given up a long time ago if I didn't have your friendship..." He looked out. The sun was already setting. "Tonight... I want you to do something... go to where people are.... let those senses work.... and find someone..... you'll know when you've found them what you're supposed to do. I'll be waiting here..."
She blinked some as she listened to his request. " Um...ok then i guess...when do i leave?" She looked out towards the city.
"When night comes." He said, turning around and wheeled himself back into his apartment.
She blinked some as she watched him go. "I wonder why Sonic is being so mysterious tonight...." She turned and looked out at the city as the sun set behind the horison. "Guess ill get to work..." She leapt off the roof and raced down the wall to the streets and off to search for the person sonic spoke of.
When she passed through crowds of people, she got senses here and there, nothing large. She bumped into a teenager; shoplifter. She bumped into an older man; jewel thief. Nothing urgent. Then she bumped into a man cleaning the trash bins at the train station and got an image of a stack of bodies stored in his car trunk.
Amy froze as she saw the image from the man. She opened her eyes wide and turned to him as she clentched her fist. she hid around the corner and watched him, waiting for him to lead her to his car. "That asshole will pay..."
He did his rounds, then went to his car. He was opening the trunk when he felt her hit him, falling down knocked out. In the trunk were various dead bodies, but one seemed to just be unconcious. A young teenager who seemed to be tortured. He stirred and looked up at her.
Amy stared at the young teenager and cut the bonds that held him and sighed* are you alright?" She helped the kid out of the trunk and turned and bound the man. "He wont get away with this..." She looked back to the teen. "We should probably get you to the hospital..." She pulled out her phone and dialed 911. "And lets get him rounded up."

When the police got there, Amy was gone. The teen told of her. There was a lot of talk. The next morning, Sonic sat near the window in his apartment, the newspaper in his lap. When Amy walked in, he turned and smiled, holding the paper up. The headline read; NEW HERO IN THE CITY. "It has begun."
Amy Rose smiled as she yawned slightly. she poured herself a cup of coffee with a smile. "Well now that the city has a new hero, the new hero needs a better look." She walked over and sat beside him with a smirk as she sipped her coffee. "The running around wearing only shoes socks and gloves worked for you sonic, but i think i prefer clothes." She said with a laugh.
He smiled. Something seemed wrong with him today. He turned and wheeled to her slowly. He reached out his hand, taking hers, then rolled back to the window almost immediately. She was struck by a sudden, clear vision. Sonic wheeling himself into the hotel that later burned down.... Sonic fiddling with the gears of the plane that crashed. Sonic at the bus depot, messing with the engines. Sonic smiled. "It's such an odd thing... when you don't know your place in this world."
Her eyes went wide as she saw the horrors that Sonic had done. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she backed away from him, letting his hand go. she turned her back to him as tears started rolling down her face. "It was you....The plane...the bus....the hotel...all of it was you....why sonic? why did you do it? so many people died...."
"But I found you." He slowly turned around. "So many sacrifices... but Tails was right... I do have a purpose, Amy." He faced her. "Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I'm not a mistake. I'm not a hero..... I'm the villain." He smiled. "Every hero needs a villain. Now you know the truth."
Amy turned to face him her eyes filled with anger. "You were the hero Sonic....you were the citys greatest savior...You defeated eggman....the city was at peace...but you started all of this....after all those years of fighting eggman..you became him...."
"It doesn't matter, Amy. What's done is done. You can continue on what I started.... and maybe one day, you'll do the same thing."
Amy clentched her fist. "no. I will never become you sonic. I will never become a villan....No matter what happens to me....I thought you were still a hero sonic...you couldnt walk..but you stayed strong...but now i see you were just a weak coward...you werent looking for a replacement...all it is...is revenge..to a city that forgot about you...."
"That's right. When I could walk, they loved me. I gave my legs.... no, I gave my LIFE to destroy Eggman, and look what they've done to thank me..... forgotten me. Well, despite everything, I've given them a new hero.... what are you going to do? Pretend like this all never happened? You can't throw away this chance."
She looked down and clentched her fists tight. "You selfish arogant bastard....I gave my life to you sonic...I gave you my heart and soul when the others left....and you tried to kill me....i was there for you...and yet you tried to kill me.....you will pay..."
Sonic disappeared after he revealed to Amy that he had become a villian, in a sense, leaving her haunted that so many people had died just to bring out her true powers. There were no more bus accidents or other disasters, and things in the city seemed hopeful. With Amy watching and stopping crime, people had begun to have hope. She stood upon a roof high above the city as tears began to fall from her eyes. she had found her new look, blue jeans and a red blouse, but due to the speed she now ran at, she had been forced to add sonics old shoes. a tribute to a hero long since forgotten. she looked out at the setting sun as she wiped away the tears. "Guess its time to go to work..." she pulled down a pair of blue goggles over her eyes that she had recieved from tails years before, adjusting the tint so she could see at any time of day with a few added tricks. she leapt off the building and using the flagpole like a springboard launched herself over the street and ran down the side of the next building.
The night went well. Two purse snatchers, a drug bust. Things looked up, until about 1 am, when she happened across a man sitting in the alley. He looked out of his mind on pills or alcohol. He looked up at her, with a smile, and held his botle out to her. "Want a sip? You're out awful late."
Amy smiled softly to the old man and shook her head gently. "No thanks, i shouldnt drink this early." She said with a shrug as she leaned against the wall. "You know your not supposed to be drinking alchohol out in public right?" She said as she lifted her goggles up and wiped her forehead.
"Ah. Write me a ticket." He joked,a bit drunk. He was obviously a wino. "You're that new hero... the one in the papers. People talk about you. They say you used to be that cripple guy's girl... the blue one. The.... Sonic, that's it."
She looked down some and fought back the tears for a moment before looking at the man once more. "Yes I am the new hero, my name is Amy. And yes...Sonic and i were together...but not anmore...." she folded her arms together. "That was a while ago."
"They say you led the cops to his apartment... they tore the place up and found a whole load of stuff that made them think he was responsible for all those people dying... but they didn't find him, did they?"
She looked down as she heard his words and nodded some. "Yeah thats right....he was gone by the time i led the police back to the apartment....and sonic was gone...he did kill those people....and he had tried to kill me...I wont stop until he has been found and put in jail..." She could no longer hold back her tears as they ran free down her face. "He admitted to everything...so i have no choice."
"But if trying to kill you was what made you like this.... isn't that a good thing?"
Amy Rose shook her head as he said this. "No its not...because so many people died...I didnt want this...I didnt want to be the hero...I was happy just taking care of sonic...but ...because I became this....I have no choice but to use my abilitys to help others." She wiped her tears away and looked at the man.
"So, he goes to jail, the big hero? And what? Sits there for the rest of his life? Maybe he can help you understand more of what's going on with you."
Amy frowned. "No, I dont want his help....He was a hero once...but now he is nohing more than a criminal...I will take no help from him. What the court decides is up to them...its my job to bring him in." She turned away from the man as she clentched her fists. "If anyone could help me...it is Tails, Shadow, or Knuckles.....but i dont even know if they are alive...One way or the other....Sonic The Hedgehog....Is Done."

(The End?)
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The New Hero in Town
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