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 Silent Hill Sonic

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Silent Hill Sonic
by ~shadux

Three years has past since Shadow died of a disease, leaving his lover Amy Rose to pick up the pieces. One day she recieved a letter from Shadow, asking her to come to Silent Hill, which was once their favorite vacation town, and has now fallen into ruin. That night she got into her Black Suburban and drove to the town to find him, unknowing of what awaits her.

"In my Restless Dreams. I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised you would take me there again some day. But you never did. I'm alone there now. In our special place. Waiting for you." The letter was Shadow's handwriting. She could almost be sure of it. Silent Hill was in West Virginia, in the mountains. It extended across the delta, on both sides of the famous Lake Toluca. They had come a few times for vacation. Shadow had really loved it there... but the town was a ghost town now. Thick fog covered the small suburban town. The road in was blocked. A car wasn't possible. It was almost dusk, it seemed, despite only being about 2 PM. His 'special place' could be any number of things, but it was probably the park overlooking Toluca Lake.
The road into town was hard and rocky. After a short while, Amy came to a small cemetary on the edge of town. The april air was surprisingly chilly. Crouched behind a headstone, looking at one was a crouched female bat in a long coat. In her left hand was what looked like a small knife. She got up, startled. "Oh, sorry.... I... I was just looking for my mama.... I mean, mother.... what are you here for?"
Amy blinked softly as she looked at the bat. "Oh your mother? Then my apologies for intruding." She looked down softly before looking at the bat again. "um...I am looking for someone....A black hedgehog...he goes by the name Shadow...Have you seen him?"
She put the knife in her pocket and shyly backed away. "With... red? Black and red?" She spoke in the voice of a frightened child. "Yeah.... but... are you really going into town? Things are bad there..... maybe you should stay away..."
Amy looked at her with wide eyes and smiled. "Yeah thats Shadow! He went into the town?" she smiled and clutched her jacket closer to her body. "So whats wrong with the town?"
"Hmm...... I saw him in the town.. that's all. He said he was waiting for somebody... there's a lot wrong. Are you really going?"
Amy smiled some. "Well then if he is waiting for me in that town, then yes. I am going no matter what. If anything gets in my way, I'll just smack them around."
She just sat down and didn't say anything more. The gate into town opened with a rusty screech. The streets were abandoned, covered in the same thick fog. Just ahead in the darkness, something walked, turning a corner. Something that looked a lot like blood was smeared here and there in the street corners and gutters.
Amy cringed as she saw the amounts of blood scattered in the streets. She pulled out her hammer and walked quietly as she continued to search for shadow.
The figure ahead suddenly vanished from sight inside of a tunnel. The tunnel was boarded up. When she squeezed through, the figure was nowhere in sight. A small radio in a pile of junk barked static at her. Through the static came words; "Amy y- here- i- waiting- you I-"
Amy gasped at the radio blinking some as she heard Shadow's voice from the static. "Shadow is..is that you? Shadow where are you?!?" The radio continued to static.
Behind her, something rose. It had the shape of a man.. but no head or arms. A torso on legs, it moaned.. somehow and moved towards her. It's chest opened, spewing black bile at her, which burned like acid into the wall near her. "Oooohhhh!!!"
She jumped back and lifted her hammer slaming it into the monster. "SHADOW HELP!" She shouted, then turned and ran from the monster.
The creature had been thrown for a loop. While it was stunned, the radio didn't answer... just more static. As she tried to run, the creature continued to walk. When she backed up, a pile of loose boards with rusted, long nails jutting from them, was knocked over.
Amy winced in agony as the nails scratched and tore at her clothing injuring her as she ran from the demon, still gripping her hammer. The opening ahead wasn't large enough for the creature to push through. It continued to groan as she ran away. The streets were littered with them now, stumbling at her from almost every corner. Finally, she came to a road map. According to the map, to get to the park where Shadow might be, she'd have to go through the courtyard behind the Sunset Apartments. As she stood looking, a small rabbit-girl stood nearby, watching her silently. When Amy looked up, she turned and ran into the distance. She blinked some before racing after the little rabbit. "Hey Wait! I wont hurt you!"
The rabbit stopped and faced Amy. For some odd reason, none of the monsters were coming around her. "What do you want......? You're looking for him, aren't you?"
She stopped before the rabbit breathing heavily. "yes I'm looking for the red and black hedgehog that is named Shadow. Do you know where he is?" Amy said as she hooked the hammer on her back once more.
"I do. He's waiting for you.... but you shouldn't find him. You never loved him anyway. That's why he died. You'll find somebody else anyway." The rabbit sneered at Amy, her words filled with sour anger and hatred.
Amy backed up a step her eyes wide as tears began welling up in her eyes. "W-what? I loved him...I always loved him...I want to find him...I want Shadow back... I dont want anyone else.."
With a dark smirk the rabbit meerly replied with a snide "Whatever. Goodbye." She seemed to run quickly.... even disappear into the fog.
The Sunset apartments were up ahead. The gate opened easily enough, but the lobby was dark, the lights didn't work. The back door to the courtyard was locked, she'd need a key. In one room, she found what seemed to be a shopping cart sitting in the middle of the room. In the basket was a 45. handgun. In the bathroom next to this room, an orange kitsune with two tails was puking in the toilet, his hands were stained in blood.
She picked up the .45 handgun from the basket and turned it over in her hand, seeing it was a glock, her eyes wide as she saw the kitsune. "Oh..are you ok...?" she spotted the blood on his hands and backed up a step checking the ammo in the firearm.
He flushed the toilet before he stood up. "I'm fine... just a bit sick.... they.... laughing at me... I mean, hi.... hi.." He wiped the blood from his hands. "I'm Miles.... they call me...... well, they called me Tails, but it's Miles, I don't like that name... they just... it was.... making fun... I..." He bent down and threw up again, then stopped. "I"m sorry... got lost in myself there..." In the bathtub was a dead body, stabbed to death. "He was turning.... into one of those..." Tails explained.
Amy gasped and backed up seeing the monster that lied dead and disembowled in the bathtub. she cocked the firearm and put it in her belt behind her back. " So Mi..I mean Tails, have you seen a black and red hedgehog named Shadow? i need to find him..."
"It's Miles..... no.." he wiped his mouth. "No..." The body didn't seem to be a monster, it looked like an ordinary person. "I have to go." Without another word, he left the room. The key wasn't in that room. When she entered the next room, nothing but dust. Finally, the suite at the end of the hall. When she opened it, something was happening in the next room. A creature that from the neck down seemed normal, but wearing a bloody apron and with a large, metal red pyramid instead of a head, was tearing an armless monster to pieces, blood flying everywhere. The Pyramid Head turned to her, but made no move to attack. It just stood there, an odd red glow around it. The key was on the dresser. Amy Rose stood wide eyed as she took in the sight. she saw the key on the dresser and began trying to sneak around the two monsters, her hand constantly on the loaded gun. Pyramid Head stared at her... or at least, seemed to. As she left she looked back into the room but Pyramid Head was gone. She headed down the stairs quietly and went back to the locked door. she gave a soft smile as the key turned and unlocked the deadbolt and slipped through. The courtyard was out back. The park was at the end. Dusk was approaching. When she got to the park, which sat near the lake, a familiar looking hedgehog sat on a bench near one of the telescopes. As she got closer... it could have been Shadow's twin, except for the fact that he was blue. She walked up towards the blue hedgehog stopping a few feet from him. "Um...excuse me? i am looking for someone...can you help me?"
"Do I look like him?" he could be Shadow.. at least it seemed that way. "Do I look like your boyfriend?" He said softly. "I'm Sonic."
Amy blinked softly and nodded as she watched him. " Yes...You look like Shadow...How did you know he was my boyfriend though Sonic?" She took a step back now more cautious of him. she placed a hend on her gun. "And by the way, my name is Amy Rose."
"I just........ Amy.... you're pretty. That's a nice name." He smiled. "I'm lost here... will you take me with you?"
She smiled softly as she nodded. "Well thank you Sonic..." She said blushing lightly. "Sure, with all the stuff running amok out here its best if we stick together... and since I have been here a few times i know a little bit about this place...so yeah you can tag along. I could use the company too."
"Why are you here?" He smiled and walked with her. No monsters seemed to be around at the moment.
She smiled softly as they kept walking toward the next area that Shadow may be at. "Shadow died some time ago...but then I suddenly got a letter from him saying he was waiting for me here...so I came searching for him...I'll do anything to get him back..."
Sonic blinked some as he thought about her answer. "He said where he was waiting? And it was the park? Did he like the park? What else did he like... did he like... the Hotel?" The Lakeview Hotel at the edge of Toluca Lake, where they had stayed on their last visit. "But you said he's dead... how could he write you?"
Amy shrugged slightly and kept walking towards the hotel where he might be. "Yeah..he was killed, but then the letter came but it didnt say where he was in this town...everything is screaming that this is a trap...but i want to believe...i want to believe that he could still be alive..." The road was blocked.. well, not blocked. It was gone. There wasn't a crater or a dip... the road was just gone.Thin air. "Here..." Sonic walked to a gas station. "We can climb the wall...." He offered. A running car sat nearby, an iron pipe sticking through the windshield. Sonic picked it up and looked at it with a sigh. "What is happening here?" He asked as he helped Amy over the back wall.
She landed softly beside the blue hedgehog and looked out over the air and shook her head some* i..i dont know...i think i was right...it is a trap being here....we need to find Shadow and escape from this horrid place...and that kid..Miles...or tails...whichever his name was...i kinda forget...." she pulled the pipe from the windsheild and climbed into the car. The car was running, but wouldn't budge. At closer examination, the engine was missing, but the car continued to rumble.
"I don't get it." Sonic said. Behind him, one of the armless monsters wobbled into view. "oooooohhhhhhhhhhh....." It threw a glut of bile. Sonic narrowly dodged, the bile hit the ground and burned a hole through the cement. "Amy!" He yelled.
She jumped aside to stay away from the acid. "Damn! Sonic stay clear of these things!" She drew the handgun she had taken from the room she had met the orange kitsune and fired at the monster putting a bullet in its head. The monster screeched and flopped back, dead.
Sonic stood up. "I.... you saved me..." Two more were wandering around the corner. "Here..." Sonic said, taking her hand and running with her into the nearest building. They closed the door behind them. It was dark again. Sonic reached for a light switch and threw it. The lights came on dimly. They were in the lobby of the Brookview Hospital. Deserted, of course. "I...." Sonic tried the door back out to the street. It wasn't just locked, the knob had vanished. "We're trapped..."
Amy looked at the door with wide eyes, and gripped the gun tighter."Sonic...we need to keep moving...or we will be sitting ducks..." she turned and began walking deeper in the hospital. "Stay close Sonic..."
The hospital was dusty and dark. Sonic found an old flashlight, it worked well. They entered a corridor of rooms. When they got to one of the rooms, Sonic found what looked like a card-key in the pocket of a doctor's coat hanging on a hook, handing it over. "I... I feel tired.' He said, sitting back on the hospital bed nearby. "I want to take a nap...."
Amy shook her head as she tugged on his arm* Come on Sonic...we cant stay here...it isnt safe to sleep at all. we need to keep moving...those monsters will keep coming till there is nothing left of either of us... please..." She yawned softly. "I know...we need rest..but we need to move..."
"No." He pulled his arm away. "I have to take a nap." He insisted. He went into one of the hospital bed rooms and locked the door behind him. The stairs ahead lead to the roof. When Amy went up, it was pitch black-night outside now. As she turned a corner, Pyramid Head slowly walked towards her, dragging a 5-foot long spear behind him, scraping the ground. She gasped in fear as she began backing up drawing her firearm. " Wh-what are you....what do you want from me?" she looked at the spear with fear filling her. Pyramid Head swung, hitting her with the blunt side of the spear. She fell over the edge of the roof and through a glass skylight, landing in a room. The door opened. The rabbit from before stood there, giggling at her. "You fell hard...."
Amy pushed herself up to her hands and knees coughing in pain as she looked at the rabbit. "Please...What is going on? Where is shadow? And is Sonic alright?" She winced as she fell back to the ground.
"Oh, Shadow's fine....... he left you another note.. it's in the room across the hall...' When Amy went into the room across the hall, the girl laughed and locked her in. "Gothca!" She ran off. Suddenly, a grotesque creature appeared from the ceiling, hanging upside down, it's ten-foot tentacles swung at her, eyes wide open.
Amy Rose stared in fear and reached for the gun but it wasnt there. She remembered that it had fallen away when she fell from the roof. She grabbed the hammer from her back and twirled it as she narrowed her eyes. "Guess its back to my old ways." She said as she took up a fighting stance waiting for the first attack.
The creature bared it's fangs and it's long tongue snaked out,wrapping around her ankle and lifted her up, shaking her back and forth. Suddenly, a bullet tore it's tongue to pieces. Miles was standing in the doorway, holding his gun and hers. "Come on.."
Amy landed hard on her stomach and after a moment she pushed her self with as much force as she could to escape out of the door that Miles stood at. she rolled onto her back and looked up at the two tailed kitsune. "Close the door quick Miles!"
He slammed the door shut and threw the latch on. He held her gun in one hand, his in the other. "Death....die...deserve.... to die..." He snarled, lost in himself.
Amy looked up at him as she stood up, wincing painfully as she got to her feet. "Miles...thank god...you saved me..." she winced and gasped in pain from the attack and fall from pyramid head on the roof.
Miles looked at her. "You're making fun of me..." He decided, a dark look in his eyes. He thumbed back the hammer on his gun, still holding hers. "Aren't you?"
Amy looked at him with fear in her eyes as she dropped down to one knee wincing and gasping in pain. "Miles...no I'm not...I'm not making fun of you...please...Miles...please dont do this..." she began trembling slightly.
"Like all of them." He muttered. "All of them in school... work.... making fun of me... laughing at me..' He raised his gun at her. CLICK. out of ammo. He raised her gun. WHAM. He fell over unconcious. Sonic was standing behind him, holding a length of pipe.
She smiled as tears ran down her cheeks, she looked at Sonic. "S..Sonic...you...saved me...I thought...I thought Miles was...he saved me...then..he tried to kill me...but...your here.."
Sonic picked up her gun and handed it to her. "Did you find anything that might help us? Or... do we have to go somewhere else to find Shadow?"
She shook her head slightly as she put her gun back in the place behind her back. she winced as she stood up and sighed. "No..this rabbit keeps talking about shadow..but she keeps leading me into traps." She reached behind her back and noticed her hammer was gone. "Damn..i must have dropped it when i got locked in with that monster..."
big_damn_captain: He sighed. "Well, there must be other places...." He opened the door to the basement. "Quickest way to get to the eleavtor.. we can get back to the main entrance and out to the street." The basement was a maze of long, dark corridors and hallways. "What else did Shadow like? Did he like the Hotel across the lake?"
Amy sighed softly and continued to walk keeping her eyes sharp. "Well he used to enjoy the tallest and the darkest buildings." she sighed softly and closed her eyes.
"We could go to the hotel across the lake, but we'd have to take a boat, and the only ones that still work are behind the museum...." He said with a sigh. Suddenly, as they turned a corner, the elevator was about 80 yards of hallway ahead. Pyramid Head was satnding behind them suddenly, spear raised, running too fast. "RUN!" Sonic screamed, running with her.
She drew her pistol and ran as fast as she physically could, firing a few rounds at his body, her other hand holding her ribs. "Damn what is with these things? they just wont die!"
Pyramid Head was barely slowed. The elevator doors were closing ahead. With a final push, Sonic shoved Amy through the rapidly closing door. He tried to get through himself... and only his arm made it through. The doors jammed. The last thing she saw above him was Pyramid Head raising it's spear. Sonic screamed. Blood splattered the inside of the elevator, his arm slid out of the elevator. The doors closed. His screams subsided and the elevator rose to the surface.
Amy screamed loudly and pounded hard on the elevator doors trying to force them open, but her wounds kept her from using any real force. "Sonic! Sonic! Nooooo!" she fell to her knees sobbing as she tried to wipe off his blood.
The doors opened. She was back in the lobby. Outside, it was still night out.... but no creatures seemed to roam the streets. The walk to the hospital was a short on. When she entered, the first thing she could see was the large hole in the floor of the main hall, a deep, dark hole that seemed to go for at least a half-mile. Exposed pipes and vents made the climb down a litle easier. Framed over the doorway in the underground tunnel was a portrait of Pyramid Head. Scrawled in blood was ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER.
She looked at the portrait of pyramid head and snarled, she put a bullet in the head of the picture with a smile, before looking down the hole. "First Shadow...then Miles...then Sonic...i will not stop until i bring back Shadow...and end this damned hell..." She began climbing down the hole and made it to the bottom. "it ends now..." The door opened to what looked like a small, underground room. Sitting at the table in the middle, coloring, was the rabbit.

She saw the Rabbit and glared at her. "You....You are the reason that all the other had to die...miles tried to save me...but sonic had to stop him because he went nuts...then Sonic was killed because you led us straight into that demons hands...now where is Shadow?"
She looked up, looking as if she didn't know what she was talking about. "I saw him earlier... he was in the cell in the Labyrinth.. but you'll have to be careful.... the monster's around there.."
She pulled her gun and cocked it. "fine if thats the way that these things are gonna be...then fine. as long as i can get shadow back,"

(To Be Continued)
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Silent Hill Sonic
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