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 Amy Roses Return

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Amy's Return

Amy has returned to Station Square after being missing for three years and presumed dead. Two days before she disappeared, Sonic, as usual, turned her down for attention. This seemed to be one cold shoulder too many, since she planned on leaving the city. However, instead she was captured by Robotnik and spent almost three years in one of his cells, being tortured daily, not for information, but just for his own sick fun. After a while, she realized that Sonic would not come for her.

Three years later: Amy returned to the city. Not a whiny fan-girl anymore, but a mature young woman, more sure of herself but carrying baggage. The Freedom Fighters had disbanded shortly after Amy disappeared, and the city has become decayed over time.

"So it is you..." Sonic said softly, blinking. He stood rooted to the spot, not sure of what to say. Night had come to the city. He'd been sitting, like everybody else that showed up early enough, in a seat close to the stage in the middle of Rouge's nightclub, watching the bat herself dance. Drunken fools cheering, laughing, tossing 20-ring bills at her. He had seen her for only a moment, but she had ducked out the door when he stood to leave, Not looking forward to walking out in the rain, he followed the girl out the door having seen her leave as quickly as she'd come in, probably just curious to see where Rouge had ended up. "People were talking. They..... they said you were back. I didn't believe it..... Amy.... it's you..... we all.... we thought you were.... well, you're......" She turned and faced him her quills having grown longer, now reaching past her shoulder blades, a few quills hanging in front of her shoulders. she was clad in a pair of blue jeans and white t-shirt with a warm brown jacket on. her blue eyes looked him over as she frowned at him, a small scar visible on her cheek, only one of the many reminders of her days back in that hell that Robotnik called her cell.
"Well Sonic...Seems as if you all were wrong..." she turns from him again hugging her coat tighter to her "I probably should be dead...but I'm not am I? You have hardly changed at all Sonic..." She began walking down the street as thunder clapped loudly overhead rain beginning to drizzle from the heavens. He stepped after her, kicking up a fresh puddle that had grown around him in the street.
"Amy, wait.... I.... you can't just walk away now.... you're back... there's a lot to catch up on.." He shivered slightly, wrapping his own coat around himself a bit. "I'll buy you a cup of coffee. The diner on 3rd street's open 24/7 now... c'mon, Ames." He thought maybe calling her by her old nickname would help some. He knew something was wrong, but couldn't place it. "A lot's changed." She stopped as he stepped before her she looked up at him her icy glare seeming to pierce through his very soul as water began running down her cheeks and hair the lightning flashing only making her icy glare seem every bit more fierce.
"If you never call me that again then fine...I will get a cup of coffee with you..." She looked down at the sidewalk again freeing him from her piercing glare "Your gonna have to buy...i don't have any money yet..."
"I planned on buying...." He said softly. There was another thunderclap. He jammed his hands in his coat pockets. The diner was two blocks away. When they got there, very few people were in there to keep them company. He went to the counter and paid for two coffees, coming back clutching the mugs. As she sat down in one of the booths, he sat across from her, sliding over her coffee. He started to pour sugar into his. He was adding his fifth packet when he finally spoke. "Angel Island landed in the sea. Knuckles has sort of been in a daze since.... he lives in town, just wanders around.... Tails still works in the Ruins.... Cream, well,... I think she missed you most of all. You can already see Rouge decided to move on.." He looked up. He slid his hand over, hoping she would take it. "Why can't I call you Ames anymore? You used to like it... well, three years ago." She pulled her hand back and sipped her coffee black, savoring the flavor of the old slightly burned liquid. she sighed softly "I heard about Angel Island...as for Tails...at least he is working still..." She looked up again her icy eyes locking on his "I am sorry cream was hurt by my...dissappearance...and as for you calling me...that...name...Never again sonic...i cant believe you would dare call me that...all those times you gave me the cold shoulder? Did you ever look for me? Did you ever even care?" She looked down again before she drained her coffee. "Thanks for the coffee Sonic..." She stood up turning to leave.
"Amy, I.. things were dif-" He stood up as she was turning to leave. "Wait, I... Amy..." He grabbed for her sleeve, getting air. Outside, the rain had stopped for the moment. "Of course I cared... I cared..." She let the door hit him when she walked out. He pulled his sleeve out of the doorjamb and followed her onto the curb. "I always cared. I missed you terribly. I wish you hadn't left the city. You didn't even write... we just assumed you'd moved on and found someplace better..... we all fell apart, Amy. People don't need us anymore, I guess.... but you're back... you're back and that's good....." She turned and faced him again her icy eyes hidden by shadows, her fists clenched tight at her sides. the lightning flashed, illuminating her icy eyes showing her full anger and rage that had built within her. "If you cared Sonic...you would have learned the truth...you would know why I didn't write....Why i couldn't write...You never cared Sonic...and now you blame me for the team breaking apart?" She turned from him again hiding the single tear that fell down her cheek drying swiftly by the wind. "If you cared...you would have come..."
"Amy, I don't understand...... what happened to you?" He couldn't help it. He grabbed her arms. He stopped when he saw the look she was giving him. He pulled his hands back, as if not wanting to touch her. The scar on her cheek. The sudden move pulled back her sleeves. More scars. "What happened to you, Amy? What happened?" He didn't understand. He didn't WANT to understand. She looked at him again, her eyes hard and cold as she pulled her sleeve down once more hiding her scars.
"You want to know what happened? Three years ago i was about to leave...i was moving away...because you didn't care...but i never got the chance to leave." She pulled up her sleeve showing more detail of her scars that covered her arms, "It is true i disappeared but not by choice Sonic...Robotnik....Robotnik did this all and worse to me...I escaped only three months ago....two years, eight months, and five days I spent in that hell...and after the first six months i knew...i realized that you were not coming....you would never come..." She turned and began walking away. "In a way...you did this to me Sonic..." He lowered his head at the mention of the name. He lost feeling in his legs. They buckled beneath his body. He fell to his knees in the rain. He closed his eyes.
"Amy... I'm so sorry.... Amy, please...." He watched as she turned to leave. "If I had just known.. If I had known... you were suffering... if I had known.... god, Amy, please........... I would never hurt you..." He pleaded, even as she started to walk away. He tried to stand up. Too fast, he slipped and fell into a puddle, covering himself in muddy water.The rain had returned with a vengeance. He got shakily to his feet, now soaking wet. "Where are you going to go!?" She stopped as he said this, she had thought about it but came to the same conclusion. she had no where to go. she turned to him again looking at him seeing the mud dripping from him. Shaking her head slightly she sighed.
"I don't know where I will go Sonic...but I have survived on the streets for three months...its allot easier than...my previous housing arrangements...." She looked at him again frowning some, but her icy eyes no longer glaring at him. "We need to get you somewhere dry or you will catch a cold Sonic..."
He looked at her softly. He choked back tears. He couldn't help it. He felt a lump in his throat that wouldn't leave. "Don't worry about me, am-.... Amy.... I'm worried about you... come on, we can go to my place..... if you want to." He started walking towards his apartment, hoping she would follow. He didn't say a word the whole way there. When he got to his door on the fifth floor of the apartment building, he turned the key in the lock and let her in, closing it behind him. Outside in the hallway, some body's argument had left the room and was getting louder by the minute. The apartment was old, but clean. A bit of dust here and there. He took off his wet coat and sat down on the couch, turning off the TV he had left running when he had left. When she sat down, he was looking down, now heavily interested in the shag carpet. "Amy... I can't change what has happened... if I could, I would, I know that. We needed you. We all felt the loss when you were gone.... and you were hurt... because of me." He wiped tears from his azure eyes with his hand. "I don't know what to do anymore."
She looked at him her eyes softening slightly but her face remained hard and determined. using her finger she lifted his chin so he would look her in the eye. "We can't change the past Sonic...But we can change the future. You don't know what to do anymore...But i do...Finish what we started. He thinks he won Sonic...He knows he beat you...and because of that he now ruins the rest of the world..." She stands and stretches some as she pulls off her jacket showing her bare arms covered in scars that ran up disappearing under the shirt but continuing slightly at the base of her neck. "What you do now is up to you...but he hurt me, Sonic...in more ways than you will ever know...so for that, I will finish this. He destroyed everything i knew or loved or cared about...Look at yourself! He got to you too and you never even realized it..." She sat down once more shaking her head. "This time i end him...once and for all..."
Sonic looked at her. He rested his chin on his hands. "You can stay here. You can have the bed. I haven't slept in it in a month... I'm too tired to make it, I just crash on the couch. No funny stuff, I promise." When she mentioned finishing Eggman, Sonic smiled. "One thing at a time, I guess. He'll show his face eventually. Now, tomorrow, I have to talk to Tails about what's going to happen... what we're going to do. Before you say anything, you need to know I'm going to help you on this, Amy..... if I can pull Tails out of his funk, that is. I didn't tell you about Meaters, did I?" Meaters Prower was Tails' younger cousin, who had been murdered two nights ago.
She shook her head as she sat there watching him. she brushed a lock of her hair behind her shoulder as she crossed he legs. "Isn't Metters Tails' cousin?" She tilted her head some as she looked at him, confusion on her face. "Did something happen?"
"He was murdered. It's happened twice in the past month. First one was Sandra, Rouge's cousin. now Meaters. They were both beaten pretty badly, but the final touch was that their blood was drained.... Tails is still a bit shaken up over it. As usual, not enough deaths to care about it just yet for the PD."
She shook her head some and sighed. "So that is what that bastard was going on about..." She looked up at him her eyes seeming a bit softer now. "Robotnik kept gloating about his newest creation...the one that would help him retain his dominance over the world..." She put her gloved hand on his. "We need to be careful Sonic...it seems he isn't through with us yet..." She stands up slowly and grabs her coat. "Sonic...you need to sleep...i can take the couch if you want... "
"No. You take the bed. I'll be fine." He sat up a bit. "He can retain it if he wants. When things get serious, we'll know. We'll know, and I'll be ready. Get some rest. Good night." He said without any thought. He took her coat and hung it up with his. He made sure the door was locked carefully and laid down on the couch, struggling to fall asleep. Rest hadn't come easy to him lately.
She nodded slightly as she walked into the bedroom. after a few moments she walked back out and carefully laid a warm blanket over him, and with her now bare hands gently brushed his cheek smiling softly. "Good night Sonic....Sleep well..." With that she walked back into the bedroom quietly closing the door, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small P.D.A. She sat down on the bed and pressed a few keys in a certain sequence on the P.D.A keyboard before turning it off and slipping the thing into her pants pocket. Sliding off her boots she stood up and slipped off her wet jeans laying them over a chair to dry as well as her wet t-shirt. she looked in the mirror seeing the scars that covered her body including the lone one along her stomach. she shook her head and turned off light before laying down in the warm bed and closing her eyes.

When Amy awoke the next morning, Sonic didn't look like he'd slept. Well, there was plenty of evidence that he hadn't. He was sitting with his knees tucked against his chest on the sofa, watching more news specials. "Rita's dead." He said softly. Rita had been Cream's sister in law. There were soda cans and trash scattered across the coffee table from his late night. He looked at her. "Did you sleep alright?"
She sat down beside him dressed in the clothes that she had worn yesterday. she looks at the TV her eyes cold once again as she watched the report. "Damnit...he struck again...." She looks at sonic and nods softly. "I slept better than you obviously..."
"I couldn't sleep anyway. Now, last night you said something about Eggman. A new invention. Do you really think he's behind this, or was that just talk? Because as far as people are concerned, there's some serial killer running around sucking every body's blood."
She shook her head as she looked down. "Yeah...I know for sure it is him...." she stood up and walked towards the door grabbing her coat.
"Where are you going?" He set his legs down on the floor. "Amy...."
She pulled her coat on frowning. "I am going out..." She pulled a short pistol out of her pocket and checked the rounds in it. "I have to finish this..."
He stood up. "Amy. You're nuts. You can't just walk back into Robotnik's fortress with a gun and expect to get anywhere...." He stepped between her and the door and put a hand on the gun in her hand. "We'll fix this together. He wants you to blindly come after him. Think about it. We can do this together."
She shook her head some. "No Sonic...not Eggman...His creation...I need to end what i started...." She slips the gun in behind her back in her belt.
"We don't even know what's going on, Amy..... I'm not letting you go out there alone and get yourself killed. Think about it. If Eggman is behind this, he's taunting us. Waiting for us to slip up. For all I know, I could be next. Tails. Knuckles. Rouge. Whoever. We need to make sure they're all safe and figure out why this is happening."
She stopped and turned to him her eyes darker as she glares at him once more. "Tails is the next target...I need to stop this demon before he gets to Tails...you can come if you want but if you do stick with tails...he is safer with you..." She turned and opened the door. "Just stay out of my way when this demon comes....this one is my responsibility..."
"Demon? Amy, what do you know?" He slid aside and let her open the door, staying right behind her the whole way out. "Did he tell you what he was planning? Did he tell you the order?"
She stopped briefly. "Sonic...there is more going on that even you wouldn't be able to realize...but for arguments sake...yes..i know the order...yes i know whats about to happen and no...i cant tell you..." She continued walking until she reached the street. She looked around before spotting a lone car parked up the street. She walked towards it and opened the door smiling as she sat in the drivers seat.

Sonic cocked a brow and slid into the passenger seat. He would let it rest for the time being. As Amy drove, he looked from her to the gun at her belt. Ever so gently, he slid his hand down. Without her noticing, he pushed the safety button on the gun back in. Just in case. He thought to himself. "Where are we going?" he said.
She stared at the road as she sped along down the road reaching speeds of over 150mph. "Tails is working in the mystic ruins right?" She touched a few buttons on her steering wheel the car picking up even more speed. "We need to get to him before that monster does..." She pressed another button and the car spread wings and lifted off the ground as a jet kicked into high gear.
Sonic was thrown back against his seat. "Mind me asking where you got the ride?" He asked as they lifted off. He quickly did his seat belt, having a feel landing wouldn't be pleasant.
She looked at him with a smile as she guided the now jet towards the mystic ruins. "Managed to steal it from Robotnik when i escaped." She pushed the jet even faster.
He was thrown against the seat belts. Finally, he held onto the edges of the door. The landing outside of Tails' workshop was rough. The sun was just coming up. "Looks quiet."
She stepped out of the car pulling out her 9mm and looked around. "your right... find tails..." she walked around the outside of the shop looking for anything out of place. "Somethings not right..."
He walked up and rapped on the shop door. "Tails!?" There was no answer. Things were too quiet. He stopped, looking down the dirt path that served for a runaway. Nothing there either. He pounded on the door harder. "Tails!?"
She walked back to the front of the shop and walked to the door with sonic checking the door, finding it locked. "Stand back..." With a hard snap kick she broke the door with ease. "TAILS?!"

The inside of the workshop was a mess. Bookshelves and computers were strewn about. Files in piles everywhere. The lights were dim or broken. "Tails!?" Sonic ran forward. He bent down and found Tails' unconscious form under a pile of junk. He shook him. "Tails, wake up..." Tails stirred.
She walked over seeing tails. she looked around seeing the destruction.she looked at Sonic. "GET HIM OUT NOW!" She turned only to be tackled by a pink and blue blur landing hard outside. she stood up wincing as she looked at the pink and blue furred hedgehog with red eyes comparable only to shadows and the same ringed gloves. "Hello...son..."
Sonic stopped. He pulled the just-awakening Tails from the junk and ran. Speeding up as he went, hitting the other hedgehog as a blur, sending him sprawling. "What the hell is going on!?" Sonic called out, hands on his hips.
Amy stared at the younger hedgehog before her, he was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans, shoes that looked almost identical to those that shadow the hedgehog himself wore. "This is my son Sonic...." The pink and blue hedgehog chuckled softly. "Yet you are no mother to me. You are beneath me." She raised her gun cocking it as she aimed it at his head. "You think because you have the DNA of Sonic and Shadow that I am beneath you? I brought you into this world..and I will take you out..." He chuckles softly. "My father brought me into this world when he carved me from your womb..."
Sonic didn't say a thing. He just stood there, shocked. "Amy.... a child... you...... what's going on?" He looked from her to the other hedgehog.
He looked to sonic with a sinister smile. "So mother didn't tell you Sonic? My father's reason for capturing her? Well its because he..." She pulled the trigger. SHUT UP!!!" She opened her eyes as the gun didn't fire. "Oh...<censored>.." She looked up as her son kicked her in the gut sending her flying back but with his speed he caught her by the neck taking the gun from her and smiling. "The safety is on mother..." He threw the gun aside and threw her down to the ground. "My father used her like the <Censored> she is...just to give birth to me...the weapon that will finish off all of you...then the world...I am Derrick Robotnik." She coughed some as she sat up.
He finally understood. "You're the one killing us. That's why... Amy... I......" He looked down with a soft sigh. Then he looked back up. "Well, I'm going to finish this." He said. He bent down and picked up the gun, looking at it. "You can call me father. You can call me whatever you want." He clicked the safety off and raised the gun. "But I'll call you dead." He pulled the trigger four times, hitting Derrick in the head with every shot. When he was dead, he walked over to Amy, the gun still in his hand. "You were protecting him. You didn't escape. Robotnik released you to lead me to him."

She stared at the corpse of her dead child and frowned sadly. Your wrong sonic...he wasn't calling you father...He was calling Robotnik his father..." She Looked at the corpse for another minute then looked at Sonic. "That...thing was created in me...i needed to destroy it....It was my responsibility..." She frowned as she looked at him. "We should probably get going..."
Sonic smiled softly. "Created in you. Destroyed by me. You protected it. Maternal instinct, Amy. I understand...." He raised the gun and fired once putting a bullet in the center of her chest. She stared at him wide eyed as pain racked through her body from the wound. Amy closed her eyes with a sigh as blood poured from her wound. "Goodbye, Amy." He felt a single tear drip from his cheek. He looked back at Tails. "I need to get something from the basement." Tails just stood there in shock as he watched Amy lay there bleeding.

A half hour later, Sonic smirked to himself as he let himself into Robotnik's underground robotics factory. He was alone, but he wasn't a guest. Two bots approached him. He opened his coat and smiled, taking out his pistols and fired, cutting them down in a heap. The next few bullets were for the next bots. He dropped the empty pistols and pulled out a sawn-off Remington. With two blasts, he scattered another group of them. Coming down the hallway, he pulled the pin on a handful of grenades and threw them into a nearby manufacturing room. They exploded, destroying half of the machinery. Alarms went off, warning claxons. He laughed like a maniac as he cut down every bot in sight. Finally, as he was turned, a laser blast hit him in the back, knocking the wind out of him and stunning him. He landed on his back, still clutching what looked like a clip of ammo in his hand. Suddenly, bots were all circling above him, their weapons trained on him. He watched Robotnik himself, the fat man, lean over him. The bots were ready to fire at his order. "Hello, Dr. Ivo." Sonic said with a smile. He was too happy.
Dr. Ivo Robotnik sneered as he gently stroked his large bright orange mustache. "So Sonic, I am surprised at you! Really Impressed. First you murdered Amy, and yet i must admit you were only partially right about her. She WAS working for me, but not to lead you to Derrick. Her mission was to stick with you and round up all of you so i could destroy you all. But I must say that she had turned her back on our deal the first night she stayed with you! So Sonic how does it feel to know that you murdered an innocent girl?" He begins laughing and looks down at sonics hand. "And you think that last clip will help you defeat me?"
Sonic stopped laughing for just a moment and held it up. It wasn't a clip. It was a small, black detonator with a small, red button on top. His coat had fallen open in the fall. Underneath two more belts of ammo and grenades, about 15 pounds of C4 Plastic Explosive was wrapped to his chest with duct tape. "Nice new factory. I thought I'd give you a little housewarming party........ now, are we going to talk, or do I need to put your entrails on the moon?"
His eyes widened and he smiled as he raised his hands, the robots lowering their weapons. "So you wish to talk with me sonic? i am impressed with the evil that even you can possess. Well then i say lets talk." He began twirling his mustache again.
"Let's." He couldn't feel his legs. The laser blast had probably severed his spine. His arms were going numb. He still held the detonator high. "Your little creation did what it could, but I figured things out. Your little long-term plan... Amy, all of it. You got what you wanted, though, Eggman. Wasn't that your real goal? All these years, the schemes, the plots, weren't they just you trying to destroy me? I guess we can both say.... you have destroyed me. But you didn't realize something. You made me, Eggman. If it weren't for you, I'd be a normal guy with normal problems......" He gritted his teeth. "If it weren't for you, I'd still have a place in this world."
The Eggman Smiled widely as he looked at Sonic. "You destroyed yourself Sonic. As for my creation, Derrick was working as a charm. but because Amy failed her mission. Derrick was supposed to kill her. Thank you for dealing with that traitor for me Sonic. Once Derrick was terminated, I feared that i would lose my chance to kill the traitorous <Censored>. You were supposed to die before Young Metters, even before Derrick was released. But she kept reporting that she couldn't find you. Didn't you wonder why she tried to leave rouges bar before you noticed her? She was trying to protect you Sonic. You did have a life Sonic. But you are throwing it away right now. Your dying Sonic. But i can fix that. Oh yes I can fix you good as new! I wont say it hasn't been fun for me, all the schemes, you kept me on my toes Sonic." His watch began beeping, he looked at it frowning and looked back at Sonic with a smile. "It seems that you cant even kill someone right Sonic."
"I was dying a long time ago, Eggman. Maybe it's time somebody finished the job..." He felt a single tear come to his eye. "There is nothing to go back to. The world doesn't need us any more." The hand holding the detonator stopped shaking. "Now, let's hear the big reason why I shouldn't press this switch and take you to hell with me."
Eggman smiles some. "Because Sonic, you will kill Amy as well. I can fix you Sonic. Do you really want to lose it all? do you think that by killing me you will end my reign? you think i haven't taken precautions to in case I die?" He kneels down and looks at Sonic* Amy will be here in a matter of minutes Sonic, and if you blow us up now the reaction would surly kill her with as injured as she is." He stands up and shrugs. "So what will it be Sonic, kill her, yourself and my physical body? Or be healed and allowed for you and her to leave? i would rather kill you myself, and have you continue to test my skills than it end this way."
Sonic smiled. "You put her through too much, Eggman. Too much, too much. If she lives through it, maybe she'll heal. If not... well, I've done her a favor..... you see, you did worse to me, in a way, but I don't care anymore......" He raised his thumb over the button to the detonator. The robots around him, their scanners beeped. Their guns raised again. "Ruin and redemption. That's what it's all about. You will die, Eggman. You don't have any more children to carry on your name. No more bastard children from Amy. None of your sperm are going to survive this one." He raised the detonator high. "So <censored> you, Robotnik. You lose. I win." He was vaguely aware of the laser blasts tearing through his body. It didn't matter, because he had already pressed the button. White plumes of fire devoured him. Eggman. The room. Everything. He didn't even have time to scream.... but it still seemed like the perfect ending.

Three Months Later:

The wind blows gently through the trees of the cemetery as Amy Rose and Tails stand together, hand in hand, before a large tombstone shrine to the hero who had sacrificed himself to end the tyranny of the Eggman empire. The hero had seen through the bluff of the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik Aka: Eggman, and had destroyed the man facility of the Eggman Empire. The Gun Federation had waisted no time in over running the remaining factory's and thoroughly wiping out any remnant of Eggman. Amy closed her eyes as a tear fell down her cheek, Tails hugging her close to him. "Amy...How did you escape the blast?"
Amy shrugged slightly and opened her eyes looking at the tombstone. "I heard the blast and felt the building shuddering as it began to implode on itself...I had no choice but to run for it...i dove out the first window i could...i barely made it...but Sonic...he..." More tears began to flow down her cheeks as she hugged tails close. The sun began to Shine brightly, Lighting up the sparkling shrine, it reading "Here Lies the Worlds Greatest Hero. He shall forever be missed. Sonic T. Hedgehog.

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Amy Roses Return
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