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 Diablo's Adventures with Demons

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PostSubject: Diablo's Adventures with Demons   Diablo's Adventures with Demons Icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2010 4:28 pm

The red hedgehog rushed past the the robots leaving them as dust....
He passed the rest of them but couldnt cope last few......
He tried his best to continue but ultimately failed....
He was caught and since that day he couldnt live his life the same he he turned into a monster.
He looked the same but his heart turned dark.

He turned from a hero to a villian in one hour here is how it happened.

It was a pleasent morning in station square and Diablo the Hedgehog was happy. He wanted to save his friend a three tailed echinda called roxar.
Sora was kidnapped by the ultimate villian DarkRush the Ultimate Demon of Destruction. The demon killed people to achieve his ultimate goal to get the seven chaos emeralds and truly unleash his inner self.
Diablo sees a glimpse of his friend falling from an airplane.
He rushes towards wind valley and has a bit of hope to save his friend
will he save his friend or not

to be continued.........
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Diablo's Adventures with Demons
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