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 Pokemon Battle Revolution

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PostSubject: Pokemon Battle Revolution   Pokemon Battle Revolution Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 12:19 pm

This is my review of Pokemon Battle Revolution! Before I start off, I would just like to say that this may seem more like a rant than a review!


Gameplay for this game is... basic Pokemon gameplay... turn-based traditional RPG style. However, it makes it MUCH worse! My first complaint is that the battle are very slow! This makes the game very boring. The reason for this slowness is the animations for each attack! They take forever to do, and YOU CAN'T SKIP THEM! The older Pokemon games on consoles were a lot like this, but were more fun, thanks to mini-games that were a lot of fun to play! This ame doesn't have those! Oh! And if you don't have Diamond or Pearl for the DS, you are pretty much screwed! You have to import all of your Pokemon from those games! I will admit that the game gives some Pokemon you can use, but they are all low-leveled and suck! And there is this announcer who just gets on my nerves! His voice is just so annoying!


There isn't really much story to this game! You arrive at some island (I can't even remember the name... I wouldn't even turn on the game for this review... that's how bad it was!) and your main goal is to defeat all of the people who are like gym leaders... that is all the story there is!


The main hook for this game is it's impressive graphics that no other Pokemon game can match! However, this doesn't make the game any better! Moving on...


Yes, that is right! There is barely anything good about this game to talk about! I give this game a 2/10! This is THE worst Pokemon game of all time! Do anything you can to avoid it! If they would have just spent more time on it, it could have been great! Shame on you, Nintendo!
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Pokemon Battle Revolution
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