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 Gold/ Silver

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CDB Water

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PostSubject: Gold/ Silver   Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:22 pm

In celebration of the remakes of Gold and Silver in production (Heart Gold and Soul Silver), I have decided to do a review of Gold and Silver!


Note that I haven't played through this game for a few years, so the story may be a little bit off, but it will be pretty close. You are a young boy (Yes, you have to be a boy, but you can be a girl in the next game: crystal)that lives in New Bark Town in the Jhoto region. You walk down stairs, and your mom tells you that Professer Elm wants to see you. Before ou go in to see Profeser Elm, you see a boy looking in the window admiring Prof. Elm's pokemon. If you try to talk to him, he pushes you away. You go in, and talk to Prof. Elm. He tells you that he wants you to pick one of three Pokemon, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile. He says he wants you to visit Mr. Pokemon who lives on Route 30 near Cherrygrove city. Mr. Pokemon had found a mystery egg, and thinks that Prof. Elm can tell what it can hatch in to. You go to Mr. Pokemon's house, and he gives you the egg. Then, he introduces you to Prof. Oak who is visiting from the Kanto region, and he gives you a PokeDex (Here's a little tid-bit: when I was little, I thought that Prof. Oak was a mean trainer that was making fun of you. Note that I couldnt read then, I was 3). As soon as you go outside of Mr. Pokemon's house, Prof. Elm calls you and tells you that something terrible has happenned! You hurry back, but on your way out of Cherrygrove city, the boy you saw earlier looking in Prof. Elm's window runs into you, and challenges you to a battle. He has one of Prof. Elm's pokemon!!! That must be the terrible thing Prof. Elm was talking about!!! You win, he tells you that his name is ??? (Really weird name, isn't it?). You go back to Prof. Elm's lab, and you make up a name to tell the police officer (When I was little, I named him Misty because I watched the anime a lot then, and thought he was Misty.), and then you go on a journey trying to complete your PokeDex, collect all of the gym badges, and be the Pokemon Master.


The gameplay is awesome, just like any other Pokemon game. Do I really need to explain? Who hasn't played a Pokemon game at least once?


This is my favorite game of all time! This game is so awesome, I have to go off of the scale. I give this game a 11 out of 10! If you don't play this game, you are just hurting yourself, BADLY. In fact, its like banging your head against a wall so hard, you get a concussion. This game is just that good!
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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: Re:   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:40 am

Nice. Although I like Crystal more than the original Gold and Silver, well because It was my first game. And the extended features.

OH and Merry Christmas. santa
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Gold/ Silver
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