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 Pokemon Platinum

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CDB Water
CDB Water

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PostSubject: Pokemon Platinum   Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:20 pm

Pokemon Platinum is the third Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS based in the Sinnoh region. Platinum has probably been one of the most hyped Pokemon games, and for various reasons. After people saw various low quality images rendered from Japanese magazines and motion ads (in Japanese, of course). People saw it to be a whole new thing from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl versions. Everyone saw how Platinum used the DS’s 3D technology to create the distortion world, and many other features, making just as much hype as Diamond and Pearl did.
Gameplay - 9 /10

Like any other main Pokemon RPG game, the game starts off introducing you to the game’s region’s professor. He tells you about the world of Pokemon. He then asks you your gender, and then your name. Afterwards, he ‘sends you off into the world of Pokemon’, and then appear in your bedroom. You go downstairs to see your mother, talk to her, and go outside, see you’re rival, blah, blah, blah... Well, you get the rest. A lot of people would refuse to get a game that is a sequence to another in the series if they knew the gameplay was pretty much the same as the previous, but why do people get Platinum anyway? Because it is Pokemon. Pokemon has some sort of spell on people that make them buy their games. Or, it could just be because they are all so equally great.
Story - 8 / 10

What can I say, it’s Pokemon? No really, they did a splendid job once again. Even though it has the base storyline as Diamond and Pearl, it is still a completely different thing. I must say though, it is a lot like Pokemon Emerald. The bad guys (in this case, Team Galactic) are after the two deities (Dialga and Palkia) of the region and capture them they need some sort of item. To get this item they need to do a task of some sort. Once they have finally got the two deities where they want them, the third deity appears and stops this from happening. But in Pokemon Platinum, you must chase after the third deity (Giratina) into a new dimension called the ‘Distortion World’, which co-exists with the normal world (or whatever you want to call it). Once you find Giratina, you battle it and capture it (or defeat it if you’re stupid enough). During this time, you must defeat all the Gym Leaders, and challenge the Pokemon League to become the champion before your rival, whilst at the same time; you must complete your Pokedex for the region’s Professor Professor Rowan). Even though this is the same case in all the main Pokemon RPGs, everyone loves and everyone doesn’t know why.
Graphics – 7 / 10

Now I could ramble on about the graphics for ages, but I have to stick it to a paragraph or two. The graphics aren’t bad, but they aren’t the best the Nintendo DS can pull off. It is an improvement from 3rd generation, trying to give a bit more of a 3D feel, but they screwed it up a little. First of all, if you are to move down a platform (e.g. down a staircase), any object on the level you just came down from will look all screwy and messed up. Another thing is why the heck are they still using those gosh darn 2D battle scenes?! They could make stupid over world stuff 3D, why couldn’t they make the battle scenes 3D? It’s like saying “Let’s make it that when you play Zelda All 3D and bustling with movement, but when you get to a boss fight, you are stuck in a 2D sort of thing where you move turn by turn attacking, using the same repetitive action over and over!” What were they thinking?! Otherwise, the overworld graphics in some areas are pretty good, especially the new Distortion World and Battle Frontier.
Sound & Music – 9 / 10

I don’t have much to say about music. The music is great and you could listen to it for hours without getting bored. The music matches the areas / scenes perfectly and they probably couldn’t have done a better job. Each legendary Pokemon battle gets its own battle music, which is cool. The only thing that annoys me is listening to the battle music over and over whenever I encounter a wild Pokemon. That’s why most of the time; I just turn the sound off.
Other Criteria – 10 / 10

By other criteria, I mean other stuff you can do. Platinum has many different features you can do if you get bored training Pokemon all the time. The main one is to complete the Pokedex. This will have you for hours, maybe days, or even weeks, seeking high and low, locating and capturing every Pokemon to complete the Pokedex. A new feature, returning from Emerald, is the Battle Frontier. With all new unique facilities, this will have you there collecting records at Battle Tower, or using your knowledge at the Battle Factory. It’s a great feature that I think should have been in Diamond and Pearl. There are also many other features like competing in the Super Contests, Having fun Underground, and many other little things that should keep you occupied.
Summary - 8.6 / 10

Pokemon Platinum is a great Pokemon game with loads of fun and plenty of stuff to keep you occupied. If you like Pokemon games, this is a must-have for your Pokemon game collection. The only thing that could be improved are the graphics, which didn’t live up to the Nintendo DS’s full potential.
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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: Re:   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:57 am

Nice review, I love Platinum so much more than Diamond and Pearl.
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Pokemon Platinum
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